Weekday drinking thread March 29th -April 1st 2021

Our wine free start to the week did not get far given the fab weather.

A quick bbq of Lincolnshire sausages, tomato salad with this…

When cold the dry finish and hint of soft summer fruit is lovely but with temperature this begins to develop a slight sweetish finish.

But on day like today who cares just fab with freedoms around the corner…I hope.


My reasoning too. After burning a few calories on a ride earlier and having just started poaching a gammon joint it would be remiss not to do it justice…

…my two midweek AFD’s will just have to wait.


Alright for you folk darn sarf, up here it’s been raining pretty much all day! :frowning:


But you do have some spectacular scenery @MikeFranklin even on a dull day!


You’re right I do but it looks much less spectacular through a veil of raindrops.

[I nearly typed veil of tears, which might have been equally relevant!]


I was just about to make a comment about you being “darn sarf” and complaining about the weather, so double checked our relative latitudes and I think it’s pretty much equal!

Still I’m nearer the Baltic and have spent the day staring at the inside of a cloud. Meh!

Allegedly it’s spring…


It’s the end of my 3 month dry spell and what could be more responsible than opening a half bottle of 8.5% German wine?

Being more specific, it’s Donnhoff’s 2011 Niederhauser Hermannshohle Riesling Auslese Goldkapsel, and it is gorgeous. Complex, perfectly balanced golden nectar.



Well done, @Aspedini! :clap::grinning:
Welcome back to the wet side… And resuming activities in style! :+1:


@Aspedini, wow, that’s a spectacular wine for a Monday but after your dry spell, not only well deserved but a great way to start again without, hopefully, any detrimental effects the next day !

@MikeFranklin I’m sure you’ll get some great weather in due course and. no doubt, be able to get some good hiking in.

@Alchemist, maybe solace can be found in some Swedish herring ?

Dinner turned out well here…

.,.but some of you might be thinking where’s the sauerkraut ! As much as I like it I’ve never actually made it so stayed in my comfort zone. I’ve posted about the ‘Brandluft’ Riesling 2017 from Boeckel before but, in a nutshell, it’s a really good example of its type and great VFM. Ripe orchard fruits and lime, a touch of kerosene on the nose, lovely weight of flavour with fresh acidity providing balance and cut to the fruit.

All in all, a very satisfying way to spend the time, on what is usually, my least favourite day of the week !


Many of you will be familiar with Duncan Savage, ex of Cape Point who were well known for their stylish Suvignon Blanc. This is from his new venture.

My first impressions are that it doesn’t taste too much of Sauvignon Blanc - and that’s good! More pointed spring cabbage than asparagus or gooseberries. In fact it’s relatively quiet all round, at least to begin with.

Second impressions are of something a little more SBish on the nose. Very subtle gooseberries, but also green peppers and some citrus fruit (all of them!). A wonderful acid line through it (reminds me a little of Grosset’s riesling). Classy clean finish, although not massively long. It’s really very good indeed. Definitely one of the best South African SB’s - as you’d expect coming from the master.


Monday night with the remains of Saturday’s venison casserole brought this -


I have some of this resting offsite at L&W…what year are you drinking?

I think this is the first and only vintage so far - 2019?

Actually no - it’s 2020!

I also have a 6-pack c/o Lay and Wheeler


I must have the same…was planning to leave it a year…

That would be wise.

Sounds lovely - I would love L&W to book mine into reserves so I get to drink it this summer :confused:

Well, you may have to settle for autumn! :wink:

Or you could buy one from Swig and leave the rest in storage…

As we’re headed back to a low of zero next week time to enjoy the sun…

Rosé saved from last summer…deeeelicious, a fabulous light red berry finish. Light and dry.
Perfect for late lunch…

Cars washed and lawn mowed before all this btw…

I hope this Rosé returns for summer @laura?


This is what I like best about TWS - small mixed EP cases which you order, instantly forget about, then out of the blue appear as if from nowhere like Manna from Heaven. This is what Mr Postie aka DHL delivered to me today and don’t they look luvverly. Only another 5 years to wait, then…