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Weekday drinking thread 9th to 12th Nov 2020

Yes, TWS does offer it every now and then. It’s a serious wine with a lot of body and long finish.


Decided to try my 2017’s to see if this could be a Christmas contender , happy to report that YES , whilst this has a good life on it over the next 5 years or so it’s fantastic now . 100% Roussanne with orange zest, white flowers and stone fruit . The flavour intensity is big and the length wonderful .
I will be savouring this over the next few days :heart_eyes::wink::star_struck:!


I got a bottle of the Automatico in my mystery case so good to know you both liked it. May try it with the risotto planned for tomorrow…


I tried the 2018 at the weekend. Still a bit to oaky for my tastes so will probably wait to open another bottle until spring. But by the 3rd day it was opening out. Fruit coming to the front.
Is the oak very obvious taste wise on the 2017?

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All the best for the op @Andy999. Hopefully you will be gambolling around pain free very soon.


@Wineman74, WAs it the Marsanne prestige or the Roussanne you have ? There is no oak on the Roussanne 2017 . Its right where it should be for drinking now and with a long finish. There’s enough structure to take it another 5 years or so.

It was the Roussanne. Maybe my taste buds where a bit off as I’m sure I could pick up oak. Maybe it just needed to settle down a bit. Will try again next year. But will will more than likely try one before then!!!
The 2017 sounds great.

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Maybe they used some oak in the '18s, who knows but what i do know is you will be in for a pleasant surprise :wink:


Look forward to seeing how the wine develops. I have to admit I don’t know much about Rhône whites. But had heard that this estate makes some really good stuff. Will be good.

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We aren’t really midweek drinkers here, but are going on a Zoom later for my BIL’s birthday celebrations so opened this, one of his faves.

Lovely wax and pear on the nose, the mouth is not very complex but a good mid week easy drinker. I remember being more impressed with the 2017, but to be fair I have come a long way in my wine knowledge in a year. Still, great value for 8.50 GBP.


Good luck with the op @Andy999. One of my team had one right before lockdown and she was up and at it quite soon afterwards, said it was the best thing she ever did.


A bottle from my recent mystery case purchase, this is a right old load of fruity fun and has got me thinking that I need more Alsace back in my life.

Has anyone here tried this?


Enjoyed this from the recent Waitrose offer, we were drawn to it because of the geography and the offer price. Always wary of celebs and wine with the possible exception of the Big Easy…that being said this opened up well and was both fresh and had hints of stone fruit on the finish. For the price :+1: and for the sentimental connection :+1::+1::+1::+1:

With cold Guinea Fowl.


Thanks for well wishes. All seems good so far. Due to go home tomorrow and looking forward to a well-awaited glass or two of something special!


Don’t we all? Except possibly @robertd because I’m not sure he could get any more in!


Tonight I had two small glasses of this with paprika pork, rice and runner beans.

Some mixed reviews of this vintage. It’s not as generous as the 2015, and the cherry flavours tend towards the sour as much as the sweet. Nice savoury tannins. Bit ‘hollow’ and there is a slight bitterness on the finish (stems, pips?) but it’s not unpleasant IMO and I think it’s a perfectly good pinot noir for the price.


The 1999 Musar has changed a bit on day 2, more blackberry than plum, maybe a bit smoother. Longer finish as well. Just a hint of farmyard which adds complexity without being offputting. Yummy. Cheers!


JLL says this about the Tunnel Roussanne

Roussanne (1997-2002, 2005-06) from granite soils on Barras, 50% fermented, raised 10 hl tronconic oak vat (new, 3 years, 8 years old, the richest plot crop in new oak), 30% steel vat, 20% 4-5 year 228-litre oak casks 9-10 months, malo completed, filtered, first wine 2003, “drink this young”, 5-10,000 b

Also specifically of the 2017
shiny yellow; the nose has a cooked lemon, peach-apricot aroma, white and wild strawberry, flowers of spring, oaking involved.


This tonight

Second bottle of six. First was so unmemorable I didn’t make any notes. Twelve months later much more interesting. Soft but distinct whiff of the cabbage patch on the nose along with red cherries. In the mouth, smooth tannins, cherries plus something feral/meaty. Pale rim rounded the edge. It feels like this wine is at its sweet point, although sweet it is not. Plenty of acidity too to keep it lively. It is OK without being anything better. I can’t remember how much I paid but after a disastrous dabble with the 2008 Burgundy vintage this was an improvement. It went pretty well with our venison casserole leftovers from the weekend. I’d still rather have a Au Bon Climat PN!


:rofl: but undoubtedly there’s some envy here too. If I was limited to one areas white wines Alsace, or a country in the other case, would be on a list of two. It isn’t hard to guess where the other might be.