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Weekday drinking thread 9th to 12th Nov 2020

This might need merging if someone else is posting simultaneously. This here tonight, just enjoyed with sockeye salmon, and yet more, roasted veg and filled pasta. Perhaps not the most compatible ingredients but I hate waste…

…a Rustenberg Stellenbosch Chardonnay 2019. Yellow gold in colour. Buttery melon, peach and citrus on the nose. Similar on tasting, rounded creamy flavours, lovely freshness, and a touch of spice. A delicious midweek wine that paired well with the food. IIRC it was around £10. I know I’ve said this before but Rustenberg’s varietal range offers excellent typicity of flavour, no matter the grape, for the money.

Er, I don’t think I’ll be easing off tomorrow either as crab’s on the menu !

Edit - the back label mentions marzipan on the palate. Maybe I’m suggestible, but to be fair, it’s hard to disagree.


I like this wine but think it will improve with a few years if you have the patience.

Going for hip replacement tomorrow and struggling with my second dose of “preload”. Essentially it’s a glucose powder dissolved in water and isn’t that good, especially the second one! Can’t avoid the feeling that there’s some wallpaper glue in there too, or something similar. Not sure if wine tonight is a good idea. Maybe just a small nightcap of something.


All the very best with that I hope all goes well and with the physio afterwards too. As an aside, one of my friends recently got knocked back to February with his.

The back label suggests the same but it was the cheapest available option here. Either way it’s a winner.


Good luck with the op.

These drinks are pretty vile, and yes, I think wallpaper paste is a fair description of what is in there…


(2018 version)


Which is one of my staples, and it was a fabulous combo. Even the 2 year old approved.

(The pasta, not the wine, but give it time…)


Opened this on Sunday with roast pork, but finished it last night (including a small sample going up the road as mystery wine #65)

After the disappointing Mencia (see weekend drinking), I was seriously concerned I’d contracted COVID-19. This was so austere straight out of the bottle, intense acidity and very little fruit. However, given a little time it really opened up. Gorgeous nose, even better in the mouth. Still very tightly-coiled, I’d expect this to develop very interestingly for at at least another 5 years, just wish I’d bought more than 1.

Very pleased to have bid for the Gobelsburg Riesling EP offer earlier this year, but will be leaving it until 2023 at the earliest.


Bit of haddock, some green beans, mash and a bottle of this…

Really classy and balanced, a lot of wine for under a tenner, to think I had written off inexpensive white Bordeaux as a bit dull! Lovely texture from the Semillon and grassy flavours from the sauvignon.


Just finished another exhausting work day… my brain feels like a mess.

On the plus side, there’s a bottle of Cab Franc to enjoy with hake, Puy lentils and chorizo, so there’s some consolation:

This is a 2017 St Nicolas de Bourgueil from the late Frédéric Mabileau. Still can’t believe he is no longer with us… :worried:

TWS notes are spot on here. This shows such typicity of place and grape - it couldn’t be anything other than a Loire Cab Franc. It’s light on its feet, with a nose and palate full of bramble and sour cherry fruit, a whiff of the old school desk, a vegetal/grassy note as well cedar/tobacco and the fresh soil of the potting shed. Acidity is bright but settled and rather gentle, tannins are chalky and give it a nice oomph.

It’s savoury, it’s full of generous red fruit, it’s gentle but it leaves its mark with good length. A wonderful expression of a fantastic grape, and just what the doctor (shrink?) ordered.

Happy Tuesday! :clinking_glasses:


That reminds me that I had a bottle of this earlier in the year and was meant to report back, but forgot.

My thoughts were very similar to yours, although that’s probably less helpful now…


See my comments on other thread about wine infanticide. I’ve done it with Riesling too. Unforgivably recently.

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One of the great things about these threads is the insight from others on bottles that I have at home. So, thanks to…

@inbar - sorry to hear about your mind melting day, although they’re becoming a distant memory here, I can only empathise. Thanks for the notes on the wine though as it’s on the drinking list ( almost opened it on Sunday but a 2010 Chinon won out ).

@Brocklehurstj - it was a toss up between your wine and the one to be mentioned in a moment. Great to hear it hit the spot, albeit, with some air. I’ll leave my single bottle for a year or two. Thanks !

Anyway, with crab, caramelised fennel, chilli, basil and bucatini…

…an Alsace Riesling ’ Brandluft’ 2017 from Boeckel. Bottle six of twelve and it’s developed beautifully over the last twelve months. Now beginning to show some light kerosene aromas on the nose along with the lemon and lime citrus, spice and mineral notes when the first bottle was broached this time last year. Taste-wise, it’s now richer, spicier and more rounded in flavour with developing golden apple notes in addition to the citrus flavours first encountered. Balance and weight of flavour are spot on and the fresh, tangy, spicy finish is just lovely :grinning:

I’d guess the kerosene notes will develop further with bottle age, but for my tastes, I’ll be drinking the remaining bottles sooner rather than later as I’m not a fan when they dominate the fruit.


Solo dinner tonight, because no one else will eat devilled lamb kidneys (completely their loss!) with rice and sauteed mushrooms.

With the rest of the Mazioli Cotes de Provence red, Coravined a few weeks ago, and the last glass of the Jaume CdR which I drank too much of on Sunday.

Satisfying. Wine was good match, Syrah and pepper in the devilled bit. Grenache to soften.


The Brandluft sounds much more approachable and in need of drinking, given the quantity you have remaining.

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It’s my partner’s birthday today so we started with a small glass of Tesco finest NV champagne (half bottle, bought a year ago) which was surprisingly good, quite light but very dry and with a bit of biscuit too.

Then with @Inbar’s veggie wellington

we had a glass of 1999 Musar

Amazingly unseeped (or whatever the word is) cork, I’d double decanted the wine at 0830 then left it open all day. Still plenty of life in this bottle, smells and tastes of plum, pepper, and other spices (maybe clove). A bit of barnyard but not as much as I was expecting, actually pretty clean. Fresh acidity and smooth tannins, worked well with the food. Look forward to more over the next couple of nights. At the risk of talking nonsense, I’d describe it as elegant.

Hope everyone has a good week!


Happy birthday to your partner, @tfpywfpy! :tada: wine and (dare I say?) food sound lovely! Hope you had a fun celebration :grinning::wine_glass:


I haven’t posted in this thread for a couple of weeks as I’m drained after work and haven’t been feeling very well. Enough said.
The Portuguese white encruzado was quite decent. Full bodied, good fruit and nice nose. The mrs liked quite a bit.

Tonight this lovely St Laurent. A real sense of energy, bursting fruit, lovely perfume and a refreshing finish. Recommended!


Have you tried the five soldiers?


The wellington was a triumph, thanks for the recipe! Rich and deeply flavoured without being too heavy. I made Delia’s flaky pastry to go around it which is straightforward and delicious in its own right. It all met with Madame’s approval, and I was told I could make it again, so hopefully she’ll stick around for another year.


It’s the kind of challenge I’m more than happy to take on. One bottle every three months, job done !

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Unfortunately, no. I’ve only read about it but it sounds more serious and structured than the one I tried.

IIRC, TWS did list it but I bought the, cheaper, Buzzard Kloof Syrah instead.