Weekday Drinking Thread [9th to 12th January 2023]

Hmmm. Interesting. I’ve not had that problem with their website! And there’s nothing coming up as wrong with it using McAfee Webprotect … I might look a little more closely later.

I’ve heard good things about Chez Mumtaz too and plan to visit one of these days.

Amrit also nearest to us … and doesn’t appeal to me either.

As for the one Tom Cruise visited, once upon a time, no thank you!

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The Nemea Reserva Semeli is a stunning bottle for what we paid, wish I’d bought a dozen rather than just the 6. It’s opened up considerably since the first bottle I tried probably close to a year ago. Black currant fruit more forward now but not over done, lovely balance and elegant.


Same here - got 6 and would be happy to have more. We’d better keep an eye out for it returning to the list!

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I have 6 of the Semeli too and had rather forgotten about them. I haven’t yet tried one and just had a look at the description to see if there was any reason. Ideal food match “haggis”; well, there’s always an explanation if you look carefully!

I’m keen on Lapalu too - did you get this from TWS? I don’t remember ever seeing his wines on the list, but may easily have missed them.

He didn’t visit the restaurant on the site where Veer Dhara is now. It opened opposite the Blacksmiths Arms where Beech House is now. We went once there and never went back, the cooking was clumsy and the tables were in rows so it was like eating in a canteen. Then one day the doors were padlocked and there was a sign in the windows saying the landlord had seized back the premises because of allegedly unpaid rent.

We walk past the new location on the path from the churchyard every time we go to Prime or Chez Mumtaj. They had the same canteen ambience, though they’ve now curtained the window so one can’t see inside anymore and it may have changed. But there are too many others I would go to first.

We are very lucky in having so much dining choice in this city

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No got them from L&W- https://www.laywheeler.com/our-producers/jean-claude-lapalu

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I need to work on my grammar!


Some nice older vintages there

Tried the Edoardo Miroglio Mavrud last night, and really it’s very good (and a steal at the price). Lovely nose and a complex but well-integrated finish. I wonder if it will get better? The label suggests it’s a keeper. Difficult to get good Mavrud outside Bulgaria. They tend to cut it with Merlot etc to make it closer to what they think foreigners want. Plus they can almost certainly get more selling to high-end Sofia restaurants than by exporting. Interestingly, EM is an Italian, although I think his winemaker is Bulgarian. His top wines are labelled Elenovo. They seem to be part of a trend in the country of turning the vineyard into a spa/hotel/restaurant complex.