Weekday Drinking Thread [9th to 12th January 2023]

A Jura Pinot Noir this evening, to accompany leftover roast duck bits from our Christmas meal (which will be shortly stir-fried):

Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference, Arbois-Pupillin Pinot Noir, 2020

After our Tesco’s Le Cigare Blanc at the weekend, this is another good shout from a (usually) dull supermarket wine shelf :+1: Someone is having their ear to the ground… The winemaker is one Jacques Hauller, and a bit of Googling suggests he’s the winemaker for Domaine Maire Henri. Wink Lorch gives an interesting summary of the ups and downs of this producer in her Wines of the Jura, if anyone is interested.

Nice ruby with a garnet edge, the nose is a pleasing melange of very gentle wood-smoke, pomegranate and wild strawberries, a lovely whiff of decaying leaves and dried rose petals. It’s not unlike a nice walk in an autumnal wood with the comforting smell of woodsmoke.

Light – but with some substance on the palate, it combines crunchy and fresh red fruit (cranberries, wild strawberries, pomegranate) with a nice savoury edge and a touch of smokiness. Acidity is medium – nothing sharp or mean here - and the chalky tannins have a nice grip. Finish is medium with a savoury aftertaste.

A delightful wine and currently reduced to £11 from the usual £14, so I’m going back for more. I believe you liked it too, @Richard…?

Happy weekday drinking to those who partake! :slightly_smiling_face: :wine_glass:


Yes, very much.


Back in France for 3 weeks to join ToH; will be doing daily snow dances, there was a fall yesterday but still not nearly enough to be bothered with, but my ski gear is all lined up in the hallway just in case of a reversal of fortune.

Zero chance of a dry January here otherwise.

Last night ToH cooked a Gordon Ramsay recipe with loin of lamb; having to substitute the broad beans for flageolets but otherwise a rough approximation, but the photo in the recipe seems to have omitted the pecorino.

My choice of wine was an amber wine from Brda, Slovenia, close to the Friuli border - a cellar door purchase at the Klet Brda Co-op. A blend of Ribolla, Malvasia and Sauvignonasse (which is the same as tocai friulano). Didn’t quite hit the mark, I was looking for something with a bit more tannic bite and cooked fruit flavours, but it came across as a moderately pleasant white wine (blind - could have been a rosé); so I’m not sure how long the skin contact was. Didn’t really match the lamb dish.

There was a bit of St Mont left over from the weekend to polish off with some cheese, this is one of Plaimont’s current labels doing the local Intermarché’s promotion shelves. As you’d expect it was for a give-away sub €5 price, a blend of CS, Tannat and Pinenc, but is a very decent satisfying all-rounder.


Decided to whip up a Chicken Alfredo last night, a bit extravagant for a Monday but hey ho.
So dug this out ….

Soft tannins, slightly sharp, black cherry on the finish and overall delicious with our dinner - sorry got stuck in before pics.
Back to damp Jan tonight😉


Xinomavro Naoussea, Ktima Foundi 2017

Red berries and subtle floral perfume. Pretty punchy stuff, driven by it’s acidity and cranberry-like tannin. Medium bodied, more redcurrants and cranberries, something dense and sweetish lurking in the background a bit like marshmallow root. Can’t wait to get the stifado out. Proper miserable weather out there.

Added later: interestingly this smells fairly floral, gentle and quaint, yet has fairly harsh acidity and tannin. It’s like some other wines in reverse (the ones you avoid smelling). Good, though.


January seems to be getting wetter by the day…

Aveleda Loureiro 2021
This is excellent! I lovely aroma of melon, lime, apples, pears it is so fresh and still quite fruity without being anything other than extremely dry. Everything I look for in modest Vinho Verde. Only £8.35 in the Roberson bin ends.

2018 Edoardo Miroglio Mavrud
We enjoyed a rather more mature Mavrud courtesy of @Fenman at a Cambridge wine dinner (at The Old Bicycle Shop) a while back, although perhaps not enough to rush out and buy more. I bought this from the Roberson’s bin-end sale - and it’s really rather good. Hard to describe the aroma, but something about it reminds me of bananas. I’m also being reminded of Pinotage. There’s a rather compelling feral and ferrous nature to it. Will see where it goes… Another Roberson’s bin-end, this time £11.03.


Jean-Claude Lapalu Eau Forte, 2018 (top pic) and 2020.
2018- turning garnet. Gorgeously full nose of, funky, plenty of cherry as well as being earthy; a little herbal. Rich in the mouth, plenty of crisp acidity, savoury. Very slight sense of spritz that gives a feeling of pepper spice. Good medium length finish. Gorgeous.
2020- More ruby red than the 2018. Bright cherry fruit on the nose with some herbal notes. Rich and savoury, lovely acidity too. Good finish that hangs around, very lovely indeed.
Becoming more of a fan of Lapalu’s wines



Opened at the weekend , finished last night …. Love these expressions of Listán Blanco…(there’s also a little PX and videuño thrown in).
Fresh with wet stone and :lemon: lemons . Chalkiness and struck March with great length and body .
Right up my street. I only drink a couple bottles of year of this stuff and their Vidonia but there’s still some real crackers coming out of Tenerife and I e been a fan of Canary wines for ages . :upside_down_face:


Birthday meal at Andrew Edmunds

Hmmm, so about that Burgundy 2021 EP offer.


Thanks for the tip. I’ve ordered half a doz. You never know with Mavrud - it can be pretty indifferent, but when it’s good it’s very good.

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Also a fan of wines from Tenerife, esp Vidonia.
I foolishly asked someone if it was possible to pick them up in (relatively) nearby Madeira, but was told in no uncertain terms that such Spanish things were something of an abomination in Portuguese territory. Mind you, the Azores wines don’t seem to be available there either.

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I had their red at the weekend. Don’t really want to admit how delicious I found it because it’s still on sale and I can’t afford any more right now what with Rieslings and Barolo…


Was very nice though :yum:


I have a case in reserves :wink:


Any idea how they age? ISTR buying a load of La Solana a few years ago and forgetting about it. Probably 2012 or something around then. Hopefully well! I wonder if I can even find it now.

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I don’t know. I think wine on the more natural end of things can go either way. I don’t think I’d age a whole case, but definitely interested to hear how your box has fared.

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Last night I cooked a wild duck I’d brought over from Norfolk; a mallard I assume. Sautées, braised celery and broccoli to go with. I roasted it in a roasty bag after browning the breast skin, for 35 mins. The remains and the carcass is destined as the stock for tomorrow night’s sauce for the goose when we are seven…

Bit of a saga about the wine - I’d had a mixed half case of Jura wines sent from Jean Bourdy and needed no excuse to crack open the bottle of crémant; it was delicious. I then picked a biodynamic dry Mavrodaphne from Cephalonia (Sklavos Orgion) I’d bought on my travels, but it was pretty horrible, such a shame. Not corked but so stinky farmyardy / Bretty it was undrinkable. So the emergency replacement, the Lagrein, was swiftly recruited and normal order of things was restored. Lagrein is a casually delicious but not for deep thinking variety - not that tannic, but plenty of body and dark fruit, and obviously similar to its 1st degree relative Marzemino; less acidic and nervy than its parent Teroldego. But great with duck !!


Wow that’s dark meat

Lagrein is good with duck, eh? I shall be giving that a try this Winter then.

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I think the Elena Walch is the best lagrein I’ve had so far.


Fabulous Beaujolais here last night - Chateau Thivin Les sept vignes 2016. Was a wonderful partner to bread / cheese / pate / salami / remoulade etc.

Lots of dark stone fruit, particularly cherry. Yum.