Weekday drinking thread [9 - 12 December 2019]

What are they?

Prunes wrapped in bacon, on toast. Very tasty. Angels on Horseback uses oysters instead of prunes.

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Post-dinner treat of warm mince pies, brandy butter and Marc de Muscat.


Second day of Macon-Vergisson and it seems even fuller than yesterday. It says 12.5% on the bottle but that surprises me and it certainly feels more. 12.5 seems relatively low nowadays.


I didn’t bother with the toast I’m afraid but popped prunes wrapped in bacon into the oven on automatic so they were ready when I got in for my tea … I’ve no idea when they were first invented but it feels like a Victorian gentleman’s evening snack: decadence on a Monday evening and the salty richness is extra yummy with the Reisling


You might like to try Mrs Kirkbride’s Cumberland Rum Butter. Obviously I’m biased but it’s a upgrade on brandy butter unless of course you don’t like rum.


I will have to give that a go - looks great, and I like the idea of nutmeg. Might be next year, though, as I’ve made enough brandy butter to last me out this year now!

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Very gentlemen’s club. They’re great with port as an alternative to cheese at the end of a meal.

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You really should! I made it last year thanks to @JayKay ‘s recipe and it was FABULOUS :wink:

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Mrs A took the executive decision this time and ended up opening this:


Really delicious Calabrian rose. Melon, strawberries and cream, bitter herbs on the finish. Simple but so, so drinkable, and a great match for antipasti. Will definitely buy more in time for next summer!



Stir fry night, with some Romanian Feteasca Regala. Simple grapey, zesty flavours with Vinho Verde like spritz and salinity.

More of a summer wine perhaps, but coped well with oriental flavours. Would also be great with seafood. Worth the tenner it cost me.


A 2018 Cattin Pinot Noir this evening, which we recently enjoyed at the Alsace Growers tasting:

It’s even lovelier than we remembered. It’s got a wonderful nose of rose petals, forest berries, cherries and a whiff of wood-smoke and spice. Light to Medium in body, the palate is fresh and lithe with notes of raspberries, cranberries and bramble and a delicate twist of cinnamon/nutmeg on the finish.

Yes it’s not complex or layered – how could it be at this price (£10.95)- but if you like a Baden or a Pfalz Spätburgunder, and you enjoy the lighter and fruitier end of the Pinot spectrum, then do give it a go! It’s as joyful as a Christmas carol, and a perfect easy quaffer in this bleak Midwinter! :christmas_tree: :wine_glass:


A perhaps slightly unseasonal Picpoul de Pinet


but the freshness pairs beautifully with smoked cod. My palate bounces one way, then the other!


Already been a busy week, and it’s only Tuesday! After the youngling went to sleep, a cheeky Cantonese chicken with egg fried rice, washed down with the Society’s finest Exhibition Gewurztraminer.


The joy of having a well stocked cellar! I love that we can drink whatever takes our fancy even if its “off season” :wink:
For me tonight, its a regular midweek quaffing wine while I catch up on some admin… #Yamn
This is most definitely making it easier :sweat_smile:


And perhaps I should try that. Some years ago BA used to serve an Auzells Macabeo on their flights and I found it super-acidic. It put me right off any wine which seemed to feature the grape too strongly, though most cava is fine. But I’ve also noticed it blended in various other wines which I’ve enjoyed. Perhaps my memory is worse than the reality, or maybe BA just served a particularly poor one!

I would think this is the case. This one is quite aromatic and very easy drinking, acidity medplus :wink: but also has a slight soft texture .A good solid wine.

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That’s not too shabby for a’quaffing’ wine Leah! :christmas_tree:


Although I haven’t tested the theory, I once read in one of Hugh Johnson’s wine guides that the only drink that tastes better at altitude is tomato juice !