Weekday Drinking Thread (9-11 May 2023)

Just a quick post of some leftover wine from Sunday. I really love the Society Ruppertsberg. Great combo of citrusy and classic aromatic profile. Nice high-ish acidity that makes it super gluggable when cold.


As spring / summer is still pending we reverted to a tried and trusted formula……our take on a Lancashire hot pot.

The wine was opened 75 minutes and decanted 30 minutes before drinking. Delightful soft and plummy and well worth the price .


Should be an alcohol-free day really but when I got in from work after a long day the rest of the family was watching the Eurovision semi-final so a drink was essential.

Dveri Pax Benedict, Slovenia, 2021

Not many more refreshing, crisp and pleasurable whites on the list under ÂŁ10 IMO. Strangely the label on my bottle is different to that shown on the site listing.

Then with Felicity Cloake’s vegan ragu (which I highly recommend), a new everyday favourite, Martin Wassmer, Spätburgunder, Markgräflerland, 2018 (link to the 2020 currently in stock). Very fresh cherry flavours, soil and undergrowth. Coped well with smoky chipotle flakes.


I’m lagging, haven’t even got my weekenders up yet on the other thread!!

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Thought I’d share a selfie of us posing outside Dveri Pax winery in 2017, it tells a story.

We turned up, super-friendly welcome, 5 or so bottles open for a relaxed tasting and wine chat, had the place to ourselves when… commotion. Witness those two large coaches parked outside which disgorged a group of boisterous French tourists… Oh well it was good whilst it lasted. We moved on at that stage.


Trying the Rustenberg Chardonnay from Tesco and I will certainly go back tomorrow to see if they still have it available. For ÂŁ7.50 a bottle on offer - terrific!

As per label it has flavours of citrus, pear, and pineapple. I was also looking for another descriptor but what I think it amounts to is that it has considerable depth of flavour, much more than I expected. It’s very fresh and fruity, and with a very full flavour. Leaves my mouth tingling on the finish. Lovely!


I’ve become a big fan of this Chablis, originally discovered thanks to a glowing review from Jancis.

An excellent balance - it is just what I want when I’m in the mood for “a glass of white wine”. Apple, lemon, grass, a hint of oyster shell - it ticks all boxes for me.

I understand the reviews suggesting there should be more going on for the price but I feel differently. This sort of balance has value and isn’t easy to find.

I liked the 2019 but this - the 2020 - is better: punchier; sharper. Not quite the glory train that is Billaud but a lovely wine nonetheless.


Fedora Zelen 2020

First Zelen grape experience from Slovenia.

Yellow pale gold colour.

Fresh herbal, lemongrass, waxy nose.

Pear, citrus and herbal on the palate.

Good balance acidity wise and good length.

Characterful. No regrets at ÂŁ7.50

One to have as a white on the go for the week

Cheers all!


Humagne Rouge, AOC Valais, Switzerland 2019

Butterscotch and summer fruits on the nose. Really quite good, opening up more

Same on the palate but a little too dry on the finish, expecting a riper follow through

First Swiss wine and Humagne grape variety.

Vivino is loving how I am trying all these new styles and keeps giving me badges :slight_smile:

Courtesy of Vida Wines at a price that makes experimentation easy (no affiliation)

Warning comes with a scruffy cork


Ah! We enjoyed ours last week - also from Vida Wines, but sadly bought last year at full price :grin:

Swiss wines make me happy for some reason…


Gosh your tasting note blows mine away! It’s really developing in the glass here too and I am increasingly echoing your tasting note. Definitely spiced plums. The savoury finish maybe more stylistic that I need to acclimatise to.

At these sale prices I have perhaps been a little flippant!


Trollinger as suggested by @Inbar (I think?) after my recent notes regarding Trollinger’s Italian cousin Schiava.


And a REALLY good wine, in the glass a strawberry red - and yes, I always drink my wine at a table with tulips in a jug.

Nose is light, this is really all about the palate which is German Spatburgunder-ish in terms of body, spice and fruit… combined with (perhaps) a Loire Pinot N for bright freshness and a long finish.

Yet of course not P.N at all. And a definite re-order.



Yet another winner from Plaimont. Messes with your brain a bit, though. A deep, inky purple colour, looking like it will have some weight to it, but it’s actually quite light bodied, clearly youthful, and only 11.9% abv. Cherry and a bit of strawberry on the palate, medium to high acidity and a dry finish. If you’re looking for a lower alcohol red give this one a try.


So pleased you enjoyed it! It’s a delightful Trollinger/Schiava/Vernatch :+1::grin:

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…also a.k.a Black Hamburg from UK vine nurseries… I grow one in my back garden !!

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Any plans to turn it into wine…? :grinning::grapes:

A quiet week perhaps, following multiple bank holidays?

Feteasca Neagra, Lechburg, Transylvania, Romania 2020

Blackcurrant, powdery parma violets, pepper on the nose. Really good

Fairly high acidity, the first red wine that I think that ever warrants gooseberry amongst the dark fruit majority.

Fairly light transparent / body wise

Quite characterful. One of the oldest wineries in Transylvania, Romania

Continuing the Vida wines, world tour, which has been excellent!


Chateau Dutruch Grand Poujeaux 2009. Lovely smoothness and freshness to this, it has a polished-ness, with red berry fruits, a touch earthy, some tannin left. Relatively light and easy-drinking with enough going on to be interesting. Nice.

Edit +24h- this has mellowed out and softened, showing some gentle tertiary characteristics. Finish still on the short side, but still very drinkable.


Ha ! if only… provided I can keep the blackbirds, pheasants and wasps at bay it manages to produce 8-10 decent bunches which most years ripen enough by end of October to be edible as a table grape. The trick is to tie each bunch enclosed in a perforated cellophane bread loaf bag once veraison starts…

Koshu grapes come to mind… :slightly_smiling_face: