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Weekday drinking thread [7th-11th May 2019]


I don’t know how cold it is further north in Scotland, but I tell you something, it’s been Baltic in the North East today . I pulled this wine out of the garage and didn’t even need to chill it :confused:!

I absolutely love this wine. It’s a Bordeaux blend of Semillon and Sb . It has that fabulous intensity from the Semillon with dusty chalky roundness with ripe fruit and fennel . I need to buy more :yum:.


There’s a bunch of plants in my garden that have come up a bit early with the warm winter and early spring, and that have now been well and truly zapped by the recent frosts. Ho hum. If they’d only asked me I could have told them to wait a while yet!

As for drinking, I’m currently finishing off the last of my 2010 Ch Beaulieu (just lovely) ready to open the Kadakas for Thursday’s tasting!


Last week my dad went on a jolly to SW France as part of his 70th birthday celebrations (which seem to be lasting all year), and tasted at a few wineries. He brought us a couple of bottles this weekend so tonight I had a small glass of 2016 C de Cauhapé Jurançon Sec, which was delicious (I’ve only had a few wines from Cauhapé but have loved them all). More complex and a longer finish than the Chant des Vignes I got from TWS (in handy halves), but retaining the Cauhapé family resemblance. Then the last splash of a bottle of Chateau Bouscassé Argile Rouge 2014, a blend of tannat with cabernets sav and franc, and fer servadou. It had a delightful nose of black fruit, dried fruits, wood and baking spices. It tasted young and tannic at first (unsurprisingly), but smoothed out with air and was good with or without food.

Happy drinking everyone!


I would also recommend the Man O’War red bdx blend.


The Ironclad? Yep, that’s a belter! Also looking forward to trying the Syrah (Dreadnought) but have been advised there is no rush on that one

All their reds seem available with a little bottle age which is nice

Agree @Leah - that’s a lovely white. One of relatively few wines we’ve been served as a pairing and have ordered up the next day!


Was actually thinking of the Estate Bordeaux Blend, but no doubt the Ironclad is even finer!


Ah I didn’t know they did an Estate blend. I’ll look out for it, thanks!!


Joel Peterson dinner tonight. This just came out. Sublime, who would have thought of a 20 year Zin…


Back to moderation after a boozy weekend… sharing a half of this with veggie sausages and sweet potatoes:


Leftover wine from Sunday evening, when my mum joined us and needed a glass of something - anything - for the final episode of Line Of Duty:

It must have been given to us ages ago because it’s a 2015 and the shop floor turnaround is pretty damn swift on stuff like this.

Not as bad as I’d feared: a pear-drop sweetness on the nose, bit more lemony-tangy on the palate, similarly tart finish but all in all perfectly drinkable for a wine-lake pinot grigio.

Nevertheless, I’ve decided to put as much of it into this evening’s risotto as I can get away with, so as to have a clean vinous slate for tomorrow’s tasting :clinking_glasses:


A glass of this

Then a glass of Lena Filliatreau picked up last summer in a supermarket

A subtle nose and taste of lead pencil and dust. Lovely stuff!


and this…


It’s cold, wet and windy and while my mind might be wandering off to a Summer Cellar it was a big robust red that was required tonight. This hit the spot.


Tonight 2014 Segla from Roda. Ripe red fruit and leather. Their young lesser aged wine, it comes together well in the glass.


An old friend came round last night so something a little better was required to celebrate!

Enjoyable, solid colour hardly any faded rim, blackberry and plums on the nose a bit of chocolate in there as well, cassis and berries on the palate, very little finish, decanted for an hour or so, no more time as my old pal left announcement of his visit late.
Not particulary exciting and at around £35 pounds you can do better in the market, many cru bourgeois are cheaper and better.


This was my favourite from last night - ethereal and delicious.

Nice to meet you by the way, hope your head isn’t as sore today as mine!!


A restrained week so far as I’m trying to save a few units for tonight’s kadarka tasting. I did enjoy these though…

The Fino is an old favourite. Reminds me of Hidalgo’s Pastrana with its depth of flavour. If TWS stocks another wine which delivers this much flavour and complexity for £8 then please point me in its direction !

The Beaujolais was excellent, and for my tastes, the best vintage of this wine I’ve tried. All sappy red fruits and complex earthy mineral notes. Lovely freshness and drinkability too. Everything one could wish for and better than many a cru.

Also had a 25ml taste of this yesterday…

Well, it wasn’t bright orange and didn’t smell of booze soaked orange citrus fruits or marmalade ( like other natural wines I’ve tried ) which was a good start. Lots of unusual but compelling flavour and a wonderful textural quality. Anyway, good enough that I couldn’t bring myself to spit and also had to buy a bottle for further exploration. I just hope it doesn’t wear thin when there’s a full bottle to get through.


my head is okay… probably because I was still drunk in the morning

Good to meet you, too. It was a great dinner and Joel is such a likeable character.


Trigaio Feudi San Gregorio Lidl £7.99

A bit of a bargain to go with Pasta, following on from the Falanghina last week. Weirdly no indication of vintage on the bottle I have.

Its a lovely fruit forward example of the Aglianico grape. Floral spicy nose with a hint of violets. Crushed red and black berries on the palate. I’m going back to get a few more if I can find them. Puts me in the mood for proper Taurasi and Greco Di Tufo!

Much, much better than the M&S Aglianico del Vulture.