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Weekday Drinking Thread (7th-10th June)

And thus the Titanic foundered



I’ve had six of those Guffens-Heynen recently delivered and you’ve got me very tempted to broach one…


I’ve got a bottle of that, not yet opened.

Definitely source bottled. Easy to instantly tell with SA wines, look for seal on neck.
Seal = bottled in Cape, no seal = bulk shipped.




(In theory bulk shipped wines can carry a seal because sample bottles are supposed to be returned to the Wine & Spirit Board in the Cape for tasting and should they pass then a seal is produced, those seals then have to be shipped back and affixed to bottles. As the wine have already been bottled and gone to distribution - and may even be sold or on retail shelves, and as the seal would have to be affixed by hand, it doesn’t happen.)


Peterm good evening, thanks for your reply, that was my take on it as well, though it seems that you have to watch for forms of distraction, as I believe you pointed out, there is a great hoohaa about the great sustainability of the bulk system yet no highlighting about it at all, wonder why that is?. Have noticed that in the latest mag from TWS that there is no mention of it in relation to the SA wines on offer that you had mentioned in an earlier post, must be hiding it under a bushel. Any way the Miles Mossop is getting the full Safari treatment 5 nights in a row, bloody damned cold, out of chilled silver, with Bbq duck breast and chips. Need I say more.

Peterm you might think I’m six mad but went for the full Safari, it’s fair to say that there is no such thing as a normal bottle of Mossop, great millage in every drop. This is a full case study requiring the utmost concentration.

Glad you enjoyed it. I’ve still not opened mine. I love Chenin but we have white once a week with Friday’s fish and Mrs M wants savvie.

I have to make a midweek pizza to have a different white

Miles once gave me a bottle of Tokara he’d made. It turned out the be corked :frowning_face:

BTW - if you put an ‘at’ symbol in front of a user name, that person gets an alert with a link to the post – like this @TinVin

@peterm thanks, not to savie with this computer stuff, sorry to hear about the Tokara, hopefully better luck with this one.Mrs vin says no more Chenin for a while.