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Weekday drinking thread [7 to 10 October 2019]



I wouldn’t be surprised if the 2016 is even better than the 2013. Hopefully TWS will have some stock to release at a latter date, as per 2013, if so, I’d certainly buy a bottle to try. And then probably regret not buying EP in the first place.


I also added Saint Joseph Chateau Saint Cosme and Crozes Hermitage Cuvee Gaby Domaine du Colombier to get my full northern Rhone quota in 16 and 17


That’s good to know. I very much enjoyed the 2011 so will open my sole bottle of 2013 some time soon.

The Pinot Nero rosato and the Alicante from the same producer are well worth trying too, should TWS stock them again.


Thanks for the update on the La Rosine.

I bought both the 2016 Syrah and Viognier EP. Not been that impressed with the Viognier thus far. Not enough stone fruit for me. Pleasant but nothing special. Think some of the Southern Rhone whites that are a bit cheaper offer better value.

Oratoire Cairanne, Maby Lirac, Cazeux Vacqueryas & Montine Grignan Viognier spring to mind as better value to my palate.

Hoping for better things from the Syrah. I’m yet to withdraw.


Last night was a CNDP Blanc picked up from Waitrose on a 25% off deal.

Had with tuna steaks and med veg.

The wine was alright. We didn’t finish it off and isn’t that the best indicator? Will tidy it up this evening.


I have a similar opinion of the viognier, which I bought EP in 2012 / 13. For my tastes, both had an overtly buttery texture and the fruit flavours, as you mentioned, were more tropical ( guava ) than the apricot / peach I would have liked and expected.

I think the syrah has a lot more to offer and that it’s odds-on you’ll like it when the time does come to eventually broach a bottle.


I have a sole magnum of the 2016 Syrah, for which I have high hopes as enjoying my case of 2013.

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