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Weekday drinking thread [7 to 10 October 2019]



Opened the third bottle from the Tokara Mixed Case I recently withdrew from reserves. This time it is the 2010 Director’s Reserve red, a wonderful Bordeaux blend. Still some attractive black fruit, chalky tannins softened, but still very much present, good acidity… Nice balanced offering. I am more than happy with this mixed case… one of each left.

What are you drinking this midweek?


Finished the Minervois St Eulalie from the weekend. 24 hours more aeration has made a difference. Smoother, more integrated, and it’s a while since I’ve seen such a densely coloured wine. Will still keep for a few years I think. In the meantime, my advice would be to decant it several hours ahead.


A 2017 Zweigelt for us this evening, from a Wagram producer I really respect – Ecker Eckhof:

I know Zweigelt is often cited as a good summer wine (especially lightly chilled) – which is definitely the case, but I find it just as wholesome and apt for a nice autumnal evening. Maybe it’s the slight forest floor whiff, bringing to mind brisk walks in the fresh autumn air?

In any case, this one got lovely dark berry nose as well as damson, with a twist of pepper and maybe even a bit of freshly turned soil. The palate is robust yet fresh at the same time, and the berry fruit intermingles with spice, and a floral note in the background too. There’s a lovely liquorice twist on the finish. Soft, slightly chalky tannins frame this all rather nicely all very well knit together!

A pleasurable mid-week tipple, and hopefully should go nicely with a Chicken Basque.


A bottle of this tonight with chicken stir fry:

Turned out to be a great pairing, the wine is delicate, but aromatic and slightly off dry and put me in mind of something Alsatian.


That’s a great compliment for a (lovely!) English wine! :+1:


Must try a good zweigelt some time - maybe you can recommend one, Inbar? Not a cheap one, one that shows what the grape I’d capable of.


Stir fry with this. Attractive and fairly priced, not unlike a Pfalz Kabinett.


Opened a bottle of this to accompany (shop bought) fish cakes.

Not even heard of this grape before the release of Bin 003, certainly never tried one. I can’t make up my mind. It reminds me of other grapes in different ways. It’s crisp, zingy and aromatic with nice ripe fruit (so Sauvignon Blanc, Albariño, even Viognier), medium length and body, and pretty versatile with food I’d imagine.

However, I’m not totally convinced. What is Ribolla Gialla personality and what is it capable of? This wine doesn’t answer those questions, but it is a nice starting point.

In short, I’d be happy if someone brought a bottle of this round to drink now or later, but I’d also be happy to take my second (and only other) bottle to someone else’s place to drink now or later.


I ordered one of these, but haven’t drunk it yet. This is extremely cheap for a Ribolla, so i doubt it will show what the grape is capable of. It’s a high quality grape, which in the glory days of Venice cost double any other grape. Seems to lend itself particularly well to natural winemaking. Need to keep yields low.


Last glass and a half of the Kumeu River 2016 with comfort food, Omelette Arnold Bennett, tonight…


Mmm, Omelette Arnold Bennett. Long time since I made that - so much work and washing up putting together all the sauces, but so good to eat. Sounds like a good wine match, too.


Well, the Ecker Eckhof we had tonight is a very good example of just how charming this grape is (paid £13.50) :heart_eyes:

Other really good examples are Rabl Titan £17.99 in Waitrose Cellar (sometimes reduced) - ages pretty convincingly too - though I personally prefer a youthful Zweigelt. Willi Bründlmayer is good too, as is Schloss Gobelsburg, which was recommended to me by an Austrian friend.
Not sure if you heard of Weingut Tschida? Quite an experimental chap, apparently - loves natural and minimal intervention wine, but I have never tried his wines, so can’t recommend. Finally, I really enjoyed a Zweigelt blend by Ecker Eckhof called Donate Grosse Reserve - I had this 2012 about a year ago, I think, and loved it! Admittedly Zweigelt is only 10% of the blend.

@JosK might be able to recommend more! :+1:


@suiko For a fantastic zweigelt try “Rot” from the Schwarz Weingut. Costs €47.95 in Austria. It blew me away.


Thanks. I’ve been feeling I should investigate Austrian reds a bit more, and especially after my trip to Slovenia in the summer - the thing is I never go there, and it’s a bit of an uphill struggle for me to get into wines from places I don’t go (too many wines, not enough time, only one liver…)


This was a pleasant surprise for the price…

…and enjoyed with a roast chicken dinner. TWS notes sum it up well. Savoury style, black cherry, raspberry and herb on the nose and palate, no heaviness or over ripeness, good balance and a light supple texture. It exceeded my expectations for a sub £10 Pinot.


In anticipation of “hopefully” Mr.Leah’s return for a few days tonight I need to open something … I’m not quite sure about this , but I gave my friend a bottle of this last week and she reckons “it’s ace” :rofl:. Is it still not a little young ?? Has anyone tried any yet ? Will be served with a big fat steak :cut_of_meat:.

Comments welcome :pray:


Had one of these a week or two ago. Gave it a good long decant and found it thoroughly enjoyable. :+1:


Get it open now!


Tiz both young and ace! :wine_glass:

I had one around 2015 - attack of the tannins - and another earlier this year. Still very densely structured but the quality came through loud and clear both times - bona fide Pauillac nose I thought. Delicious. I’m leaving my last two bottles for a good few more years to see what happens next - but don’t let that stop you opening one now :+1:


The great community has spoken !! It’s open ! Mucho grasius :pray::pray: