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Weekday Drinking Thread [7 to 10 January 2019]



To put me out of my Quasimodo misery, I’ve opened this! Whoever hasn’t tried it… you really must. Here’s to wine Wednesday …


Domaine des Ratelles Muscadet with fish and chips. A delicious pairing for a lazy Wednesday night. Yum.


Having tried this and loved it, we bought a few bottles for friends which were swapped for some nice Chablis. I’m sure they’ll love it


I hope you’re not talking from experience…:grimacing:

But yes, I can totally see why it might not be everyone’s cup of tea :blush:



I love this as almost a house wine. Don’t drink Bourgogne, drink this!


This wine has been mentioned by a number of people over the last few months, and this evening I tried it for the first time.

The link still isn’t showing the pictures, so it’s the St Chinian Domaine Raynier 2017 @£6.50, to save having to click.


It more than justifies the numerous plaudits in my opinion, what a cracking bottle of wine, and it was the perfect foil to the toad in the hole. Surely a contender for the TWS wine with the biggest bang for your buck, an absolute steal. Smooth, fruity, a bit of pepper, very easy, uncomplicated drinking.

Many thanks to all those who recommended it, really enjoyable.


Just in case the picture doesnt open, this is a 2002 Vina Aliaga Corpus from Navarra picked up as a bin end. I’m told it’s 100% Garnacha and despite its age, this still has plenty of life left. Nose of hot tarmac, spice, vanilla and wood almost mask some red fruit. In the mouth it’s robust, chewy, (fine tannins) and has an element of the farmyard. Still youthful in appearance and with dark fruit (reminding me of the burnt juices from a plum crumble) and medium + acidity. I started out disliking it for its assertive nose and insistent nature but sip by sip I’m being won over. One to contemplate.

Yesterday finished an Omrah PN 2013 which was simple but pleasing in a rather straightforward way.


Big fan of Bleasdale wines in general. I drink 95% old world but love the Chardonnay you mention, the Wise One fortified and especially the Frank Potts blend


Opened this last night:
DFJ Vinhos Gran D’Arte Alicante Bouschet, Estremadura 2006,

And wow this is a different sort of wine! So dark it’s almost purple (Alicante Bouchet is one of the few unusual grapes that have red flesh as well as skin). Bouquet could almost be described as pungent (in a good way), a total blast of dark berries and something else that I couldn’t identify almost makes you pull back from the glass in shock, though not unpleasant shock, just surprise. On the palate it’s smooth, no noticeable tannin, blackberry fruity and slips down very very easily with a short but pleasant finish. A quite unusual and very moreish wine.


A whole thread dedicated to this wine here.


I was given two bottles of the RS 1990 as a gift when I left my first being in charge job in 1996. After 22 years of waiting, we had the first bottle this Christmas Day with a fillet of beef. It was very nice (although the tannins are now quite subdued) and remarkably fruit filled for its age. Definitely one to drink now and not to keep. Is it worth the current £120-140 asking price? To be frank, we didn’t think so.