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Weekday Drinking Thread [7 to 10 January 2019]



Time for yet another drinking thread- albeit, sans festive sparkle.

This evening we’re planning to open some sparkling Shiraz! This one, to be exact:


I’ll be making some venison pasta, so hoping this will compliment rather than overwhelm. The only overwhelmed thing in the room will be me, what with the day I got ahead. :woozy_face:

Hope everyone is having a nice Tuesday! :clinking_glasses::grinning:


Finally opened a bottle of Niepoort Batuta 2005 last night for my birthday meal:

Been waiting to open it for a while, was lucky enough to meet Dirk Niepoort on a Travels in wine trip a few years back - always in awe of his wines and his choice to make them.


Happy birthday! :smiley: and how was the Batuta?

Niepoort is also one of my favourite producers of both reds and whites. His white port is also quite special, and he’s been doing some fab stuff with the Baga grape in Bairrada.

Hope you enjoyed it!


Thank you :slight_smile: The Batuta was good still quite fresh, still have about a 1/3 of a bottle which my wife and I will have tonight to see how/if its improved. One thing I did find from speaking with Dirk and his wines is that he aims for finer tannins which is why there is usually quite a long time in barrel for his wines as some Douro wines can be a bit full on in the tannin department!

I was lucky enough to try basically all of the wines he offers and also a 1985 vintage port which was still fresh. I enjoyed the Charme wine he produces, also like all of the oddball wines he makes - he was making Ice wine using a large outdoor freezer from some grapes one of his growers had found. They didn’t know what grape it was, found out it was a random patch of Riesling which was now very Auslese!

We do currently stock his white Port at the moment:


Need to buy some Tawny Dee and Ruby Dum when I get a chance as well!


Here’s one worth reporting on -

No, that’s not the vintage! It’s the year the vineyard was planted, and this is a field blend of 23 different varieties, some highly obscure and some which are probably unique to the vineyard and whose names have been lost. The vintage is the small numbers in the corner of the label.

For the record, its full name is 2016 Domaine La Tour Boisée (Minervois) “Plantation 1905”. It’s very much a quality South of France blend - if you regularly drink those you would probably spot it. Though on the palate the flavours go beyond the usual Grenache-Carignan-Syrah-Mourvedre spectrum. Structurally it has Carignan as a component and the rather unique tannins of this grape are there in a supporting role.

Not expensive, and this probably counts as a “natural” wine though it isn’t sold under that category. But interesting and a bit of fun midweek.


We saluted a cheery goodbye to wine (well, until Friday) with this bottle last night, which I’d been meaning to try since @Bargainbob recommended it in the best great-value wines topic:


OH BOY! At that price I’ll be buying a few bottles of this, for sure. It was just really fresh but with a lovely texture, very easy-drinking indeed, and lovely with ricotta and spinach stuffed chicken.


Glad you enjoyed it! We have 3 more bottles of it coming tomorrow, which will make it 11 bottles since we discovered it in August. It’s an absolute bargain!


I had a bottle of that in the Loire explore case a while back - great value :smiley:


This was an absolutely wonderful bottle of 1990 Rausan-Segla, shared with my good friend yesterday evening who is also a society member. Wonderful bouquet. It was amazing to still taste the great density of fruit after almost 30 years. This wine has evolved very nicely and is ready for drinking. If you like to drink the great fruit, pop the cork!


I opened this last night to accompany roast leg of lamb


I only bought one bottle, a shame, as it was excellent.

I have just decanted this, to drink with the remaining lamb which I have made into a hotpot. I bought two of these, and am pleased I did, as I had a quick taste and it’s super. It should be even better in a couple of hours too.



Not sure what’s happening to the links today @laura , they don’t seem to be loading properly, any idea why?


Yes I’ve noticed the same. The URLs seem to be shorter than the ones that have loaded correctly in the past.


Thanks @Leah. I normally get the picture showing up in my draft before posting and they weren’t showing, just the link…but as the wines were out of stock I tried removing the Historic word, to show the wine bottle picture, which has worked in the past, but it didn’t today, so I edited it and typed back in the Historic, and that didn’t work either!


I had some “funny” activity last night to do with the certificate of the site and it blocked me out of both the community and the website so I’m wondering if this is related in any way :thinking:… Maybe not ….Hopefully it will be fixed tomorrow.
Anyway… back to weekday drinking, I just had a small glass of this as half the bottle went into the hotpot…

And I have this for a glass later when the kids are down and I’ll be able to hear myself think again… must be a full moon tonight :see_no_evil:

Has anyone had a varietal Arinto before??


@Leah yes, me too, something about the security certificate not being valid, the http web address stuck out in red. I logged off, and tried this morning, and it was back to normal. You’ve been having a few funny goings on recently, with th water bottles, I hope that desists soon for you!

I am fond of the Baccolo, and always have a few bottles handy for pasta or pizza, very smooth and versatile. Enjoy your hotpot, and your Arinto, which is a wine I’ve not heard of before.


Ha yes @ChrisB, seems i wasn’t the only one it happened to last night … I clicked into it and got this message ! Least it wasn’t the “others” playing tricks on me :wink:!
Arinto comes from the Vinho Verde and I think Bucelas areas but is normally found in blends so I’m interested to try it on its own . It’s supposed to be fresh lemoney and sometimes tropical so we will see :blush:!


My wife is currently drinking this with a lentil, garlic, onion, thyme stew and a celeriac steak coated in magic mushroom powder.



Yes, very frustrating! Have reported it but not heard anything back yet - hopefully we’ll be able to get it sorted tomorrow!


This is currently my favourite Arinto/Bical blend:


Where did you get yours from?


Groovy! :woozy_face:

Where does one find such a thing? Asking for a friend…