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Weekday drinking thread [7-10 September 2020]

This tonight with a lemon and prawn orzo pasta adapted to the ingredients at home.

Totally convinced me to get a case of the next vintage and forget about it for a good few years. So good right now, with some bees wax and honey notes developing. Nice tropical fruit, too.


From where ?

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If it is ever available…


Is it particularly hard to get hold of? I got a case of 2017 last year from TWS without any difficulty. Now I’m worried 2017 was a duff year!

A decent Aussie Shiraz purchased at M&S. Benefited from a longer decant but started to settle after two hours or so. Fruit forward with a lively acidity to keep it fresh. Tannins provide length in the finish but perhaps not as integrated as could be

Not a bad midweek drop


Last night I wanted a wine for approx 50% drinking and 50% cooking so decided on a cheapish Bordeaux:

Sadly this fits the cooking requirement better than the drinking one. The nose was quite promising with lots of dark berries and plums and a nice mature touch of forest but on the palate it was severely disappointing; very out of balance with little tannin and so much acidity that it was like biting into a lemon. Okay not quite that bad but you get the picture, though some might say it was very fresh! Acceptable with food but not on its own. Will be interesting to see if it has mellowed after 24 hours in the eto.

Last night needed a treat. Entirely for self inflicted reasons mind you!

In an attempt and a last gasp of summer I drank a bottle of Caves de Donnas 2016. Picotendro (so Nebbiolo) from the Valle d’Aosta. Fresh, Fresh, Fresh! Cherries, red currents and ultra-high acidity. Light enough that the mallow gives an ever so slight dairy feel to it. Heating was on and wine was lightly chilled served with a tutti salami pizza.

Not got the complexity or finesse of most other Nebbiolo based wines but it made me so happy.


Further to my post in the Weekend drinking thread [4th -6th Sept 2020]

I finished that bottle yesterday and it was as good as on the first day. Then I opened a different bottle of Weinert

Which I think is equally good. It is a blend of the same grapes as the Assemblaje Especial NV, and again very much to my taste with very delicate tannins and restrained acidity, but a lot going on and a long finish. I have the 2013, 2015 and 2017 of this wine and at some stage will do a vertical tasting. I understood from the Zoom meeting about Weinert some two months ago that they did not make any wines in 2014 and 2016 due to severe mildew problems. Another Zoom meeting about Weinert is planned for the end of this month, including a tasting of 3 of their wines.


Didn’t post at the weekend, but we drank these two

Really enjoyed both. The riesling worked great with curry and then pig cheek/jowl (see various posts on another thread not too far from here). It was a touch drier than many kabinetts I’ve had recently, which I think I prefer on the whole. I’d love to know what it tastes like in 5 + years, but I only had the one and there are too many other things out there right now.

The Pelaverga was light, herbal and fine cherry. Not quite enough acidity to enjoy with the pig cheek, so we drank all the riesling (sorry @JamesE, none for the Mystery Bottle) and the Pelaverga was polished off last night. I’ll be waiting eagerly (probably another 12 months) for the next vintage.


We seem to be on a nice roll of lovely wines at the moment. I’m sure one will disappoint sooner or later - but thankfully, not this evening:

… a delicious Rotgipfler from a very consistent producer - Heinrich Hartl III (were there two of them before him? Who knows!).

In my humble opinion, Rotgipfler (an offspring of Roter Veltliner and Traminer) is one of the best white varietals in Austria - yet still seems to be a bit of a secret. As far as I know it’s only grown in the Thermenregion - happy to be corrected- and it usually produces quite ‘beefy’ wines for a white grape, with tropical and citrus fruit flavours, good minerality and a broad mouthfeel.

This one is a very good example, and is true to type. Pale straw in the glass, the nose has notes of quince, very delicate blossom as well as riper more exotic fruit (guava, pineapple). On the palate, the initial hit is of tropical fruit as well as ripe pears and a honeyed back note, then it moves on to citrus notes and spice, especially on the finish. It’s rounded, medium bodied and creamy, but with zest and pepperiness which keep it balanced and fresh. Rotgipfler always reminds me a little of white Rhone blends in terms of its flavour and texture, so might appeal to people who like these wines. Such a lovely lovely wine and well done to Waitrose for listing something rather obscure, but so enjoyable! :clap:

Black cod on the menu, which should work nicely with the wine - or so we hope. :crossed_fingers: :grinning:


Finishing off one of the new wave California wines we had at the weekend. Called “Love Red”. Pretty unusual blend of carignan, valdigue, Syrah and cab sauv. Delicious pepper and cherry, other dark fruits and well integrated tannins. Some green plant elements as well but subtle. Thoroughly enjoyable a bit chilled. Only 12.5% so not overpowering midweek.


This sounds really nice. Will it age?

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Not this example, I don’t think, @Andrew20. Though it will probably be just as nice, if not better in a couple more years. But top examples can age beautifully. The best I’ve ever tasted personally, and which I took to a BYOB society dinner once, is a Johanneshof Reinisch one:

I still consider it one of the best whites I’ve tasted! :grinning:


I immediately remembered this one when reading the first post. It was definitely the wine of that night.


Having loved the Sarria Rose this summer I picked up a bottle of the Crianza from Stevenage at the weekend.

Predominantly Cabernet Sauvignon with Garnacha and Graciano. Whilst the Rose was one of my favourites of the summer this was a bit meh for me. Nothing special; full bodied and lots of jammy backcurrant, I guess it’s decent at £8.50 but there’s better out there for an everyday res at this price.


Sounds great, thanks for the heads up. Hopefully it will be in stock the next time they have a sale. I’ve never tried a Rotgipfler before but I thoroughly enjoyed their Zierfandler, another new grape to me, earlier this year.


I missed that one! I wonder if it was also made by HHIII?.. The two grapes are often blended, as Zierfandler got more acidity, and Rotgipfler gives the nice roundness and tropical fruit - a little bit like Marsanne and Roussanne. The most famous example is the Gumpoldskirchen appellation. I wish TWS stocked these wines… :nerd_face:


Yes, it was from Hartl ( and Waitrose ). Broadly flavoured, it reminded me of unoaked Chardonnay but with notably racy acidity ( as you mentioned ) and a fresh zesty finish.

It’s well worth trying should they list it again but I’m guessing your Rotgipfler may have taken its place.

Thanks again !


The 2018 of this:

It’s been a while since I explored Lidl’s wine shelves and this was only £5.99. Friendly, floral nose, perhaps slightly confected; a little sugar on the palate to confirm this, but with a nice weight, bit of acidity. Hmmm.

It’s fine enough, and if it helps me forget that it’s Wednesday afternoon then it’s a job well done, but it’s also reminded me that for the same money the Old Vines in Young Hands is a much better wine :wine_glass:


I had the 2015 version of this last night, with a lamb and tomato casserole.

Powerful, big, rich, blackcurrants to the fore, but with everything in balance. Really good indeed, and I have another bottle left.