Weekday drinking thread 6th Aug - 9th Aug

So here we are on Tuesday evening and no one has drunk anything at all so far. Must be the heat.
What are you enjoying tonight and the rest of the week?
We are enjoying this…


Another community recommendation for us, last night and tonight

Quite herbal. Very nice


I’m looking forward to trying this, got a few with my last order.

It’s a good-un. Probably a touch better today than yesterday which suggests to me it’s got a while left in it!

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It’s come up on the last few years of EP and I was very tempted by the producers in this area and their pedigree as well as the location. I now have a goodly flight of vintages and also a Domaine Rostaing version too. Trying very hard not to dip in too soon.

I also saw it EP but it’s on TWS list - single bottle price was basically the same as EP, taxes and storage so thought I’d try it out

Yes, heard a lot about Ogier and enjoyed their CDR so had to be worth a punt

We had our usual dry Monday, but a fabulous evening at the Summer Fine Wine tasting this evening… Still buzzing from the choice on offer - we discovered some real gems that will no doubt make it to the wish list. Here are four that left us speechless…though there were many more!

What a wonderful evening! :clap::heart_eyes:



This with lasagne. And some left for tomorrow. Soft juicy and delicious. A bit floral even. Great Sunday lunch type claret.


Good to hear about that Grüner @Inbar as I’ve got myself the 1 precious bottle. My first foray into serious GV. How do you think it’s drinking now and any suggestions that it would improve with age? Would you liken it to anything that you’ve had in the past or is it quite unique?
We’ve been dry in our household since Saturday night so I think tonight is the night to rectify that. Just not sure what with :thinking:


I had the 2015 vintage of this which I got as a bin-end a couple of months back:

I was so, SO impressed. It was really fresh but with roundness, and it was lovely with a chicken salad. Haven’t bought Muscadet in years and will definitely be buying more now!

EDIT: Ooh just spotted that Lebanese red you tried yesterday @Inbar! :heart_eyes: Can you tell me any more about how it tasted?! Looks like something I might be interested in adding to the wish list…

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In my opinion this Grüner is really special, @winechief! I tried it first at the press tastings in June, and it was a firm favourite. It’s definitely a weightier Grüner- weightier than any I tried so far; the flavours are quite concentrated, there’s a noticeable malo nose, which corresponds to the creamy texture. On the palate, it’s got that hallmark Grüner ‘spice’ with ripe stone fruit flavour, and a very long finish. I would imagine it would sing with food. As for aging - I reckon it can easily wait another 3-5 years- though it’s drinking beautifully now, for sure! Hope this helps… :grinning:


That Lebanese was my other half’s red favourite of the night. He even preferred it to the (equally beautiful) St. Emilion - though he apologised to the glass of Claret profusely (he’s quite sensitive like that!). It had beautiful nose of cedar (Lebanon and Cedar… perfect match! :wink: ), smoke, ripe black fruit and spice. The tannins were smooth although very much ‘present’. It was very well balanced, and simply delicious! We are definitely going to order a few bottles - I can see it as a perfect bottle for the Christmas table! :heart_eyes:


Oh wow, that’s a nice description. The kind of wine to make me look forward to the weather changing to more autumnal, cosy style. It’s on my wish list! Along with quite a few other bottles you’ve recommended… :smiley:

Haha, and I’m sure the Saint-Emilion didn’t mind too much. Can’t win 'em all!

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I have to confess to always enjoying muscadet sur lie (having started the thread with an aged one!). I’m specifically making a fishie dishie tonight to go with it. They are just very good value wines

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Combining two threads I’m at Soif the sister restaurant to Terroirs. As luck would have it, it’s ORANGE WEDNESDAYS! :heart_eyes:

Currently enjoying Trago Largo Bianco from Alicante, waiting for a friend to arrive. Might get a bottle of something light and red for my Onglet later, maybe from Beaujolais or Alsace, but will let them guide.


I found the staff at Terroirs to be very knowledgable, especially when sat at the bar.


This was delicious. Was warned it was “the most funky” of the Alsatian pinot noirs. But “fruity funk.”

It did have the natural wine vibe… Murky, a little lively, touch of sour… But it was recognisable as pinot noir, though a little challenging, and pretty morish. Oddly better on its own than with the steak.

Food was delicious btw. Service was perfect.


Sounds intriguing, @danchaq! :face_with_monocle:
I think Alsatian Pinot is an underrated red. Your example sounds particularly funky and maybe a bit different, but I often find Pinot from Alsace to be earthy and understated fruit-wise. Yum! :slight_smile:

This was opened on Monday and the last drinkable half-glass enjoyed this evening…

Rasteau Côtes-du-Rhône Villages, La Ponce, Domaine des Escaravailles 2006 - still with lots of life and tasting absolutely delicious. Unfortunately, it was the last of the case… :anguished:


This was very tasty. A PN from Brauneburg, Mosel.