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Weekday Drinking Thread [5-8 November 2018]



So now they’re listening to The Fall, which is a good enough excuse for me to hide upstairs. With my Riesling, of course.

It’s a good Pfalz Riesling - Aldi are doing something right! Lovely nose - flinty, limey perhaps a touch of stone fruit, and very focused on the palate, with citrus and peach notes, a good amount of minerality and acidity and a medium to long finish. All very well balanced. Amazing value for the price!

The Patrimoine beer was also very nice - I only had a little sip, mind. In a blind tasting I would say it was Le cidre de Normandie. Is this a good thing for a Saison beer? I don’t know. It was very drinkable, though, and when I asked the girl what she thought she looked terrified and said “erm… fruity?..”. That’s right. Apple-y.


That’s just the mood lighting. I’ve been saving this for a special night.


The last time I heard this line was in Annie Hall, and that didn’t end up well!..


So where’s the WSET-style formal tasting note…?

This reminds me - I have a JP Chenet Malbec in the racks, waiting for a special occasion. I’m actually a little bit scared of opening it.


@Inbar nothing wrong in listening to The Fall - an acquired taste admittedly but between 1979 - 1990 probably saw them live more times than any other band


Ah yes! Well, I’m as experimental in music as the next person, but never managed to develop an appreciation for dear old Mark and his musings. But horses for courses, right?.. :wink:


Teenage lipstick pink with translucent rim.

Confected petrol on the nose with notes of sherbert dib dabs, fermented strawberries and candied apples.

Cloying mouthfeel, low acid and slight reminiscence of MD 20/20 by the canal.

Short sharp finish of shame and regret.


Three Hail Marys should clear that.


Don’t worry my wife thinks I am completely mad in my liking for this particular band. Of course I am curious as to which album they are listening to - I just can’t help in asking…sorry


Hip Priest and Kamerads… Means anything to you?!.. :thinking:

My other half and I have many shared musical loves, but our roads diverge when it come to bands such as Half Man Half Biscuit, Bogshed or, indeed, the dear old Captain. It might just be my tinnitus playing up… :crazy_face:


Of course - early Fall can’t be beaten - please pass on my best regards - I think they have good taste👍 others probably wouldn’t agree though😄


Ha ha! Will do! If you were here, they would have probably hugged you with delight (judging by the amount of empty ale bottles on the table!) :wink:


I’m sure I had that in a young Pataille Marsannay once! :rofl:

Yeah but not that :open_mouth:


Yep Freeman’s Bay from Aldi. Not a patch on my Neudorf and Greywacke favourites, but it would still be good value at £9.
Will stop in and get the Riesling on Saturday

@onlyawino Sounds like a good number of the tasting group might like the Zin. Especially the one who asked “will you be showing any sweet wines” bless.


This guy did…


Gosh, looks like we’ve been a boozy lot this week! Discovered another English gem last night in Sticks n Sushi in Canary Wharf - Albury Estate Classic Cuvee

Lovely effervescent little number, lemon, apples, a touch of sweetness. I continue to enjoy the looks of amazement on folks’ faces when they discover what they’re drinking is English and not French - and it made the Taittinger they brought later pale in comparison…


Must try Calpol as a mixer. Thanks for the suggestion!!


Thank you @DrEm - what a lovely clip. I could say so much more about both John Peel and The Fall but I have been too off topic already last couple of days. I will only say that I met John Peel (one of my idols) in the early eighties in McDonalds near to Oxford Street and he was one of the nicest men you could hope to meet. I listened to him almost every week night between 10.00 to 12.00 and he got me into lots of different bands - a true legend (and I don’t say that lightly)