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Weekday Drinking Thread [5-8 November 2018]



What, no weekday drinking thread yet? :thinking:
I’ll come to the rescue, then…

Been to a NZ tasting yesterday, run by the Sussex Wine School. The aim was to show that – surprise, surprise- there is more to NZ than Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. So we tasted 8 mostly lovely wines, but the ones that stood out for me were:

This was quite a shock to both nose and palate. Nothing like what I expected. I had the other Greywacke, but there’s something about this wild yeast which adds another layer of complexity (sorry for stating the obvious!). The nose was yeasty, bready, with hints of herbs and passion fruit. On the palate it was weighty, a little sour and definitely more savoury than fruity. It reminded me a little of the Rotgipfler I brought to the BYOB last month. A wine that can definitely age a little further. Certainly not your ‘bog standard Marlborough SB’!


This Riesling was fantastic! A touch of kerosene/rubber on the nose, with a whiff of citrus and lime. Lime is also very much present on the palate, but there’s some ripe stone fruit there too, and a touch of apricot that was strangely reminiscent of a dessert wine. Lo and behold, the notes later stated that about 10% of the total volume had a ‘botrytis affected component’. It definitely added an extra dimension to this delicious wine.

Of the reds we tried, these two Pinot Noirs were cracking wines!

This one had a lovely nose with cherry and bramble fruit and a very discreet touch of oak, with sweet hints of vanilla. The mouthfeel was gorgeous and silky, the fruit was bright with just the right amount of acidity and the finish was long. A really elegant wine.


This one was a bit funky, with wild strawberries on the nose, dark cherries, but also mushroom/forest floor notes. Again, it had a lovely mouthfeel, with crunchy wild red fruit but was much earthier and more ‘umami’ on the palate than the previous one. It also had a lingering finish with a well-balanced acidity- I must get my hands on some!

Was less moved by a 2016 Trinity Hill Syrah (very short finish, despite lovely fruit), and although I enjoyed a 2014 Dog Point Chardonnay, it felt a little out of balance and had a distinct struck-match whiff, which I don’t dislike – but which was rather overpowering in this one. The fruit was quite tired tasting, if that makes sense…? Perhaps it wasn’t kept well, or maybe even coming to the end of its life, I don’t know.

All in all, it was a real fun tasting, with some new discoveries!

Happy Mittwoch, all! :clinking_glasses::blush:


A great read, thanks @Inbar

Would you say the Riesling was off dry or dry? I have a bottle of this and the Dog Point Chardonnay laying down. Loved my first of the Dog Points- sounds like perhaps a good time to drink up my remaining bottle…

A couple of showroom tastings for me yesterday

The Nuits St George was very light. I expect a bit more structure to be honest. Very elegant, very subtle but not for me at £60

The Cullen was (obviously) a lot more bold and ‘up front’. Quite young tasting, drinking like a fairly easy going new world red now but hints that it could develop into something more interesting


Abstaining until the Domaine Weinbach dinner tonight in Glasgow…


Definitely off-dry, but with a tingling supporting acidity to make the whole thing very balanced. I really enjoyed it.

As to the Dog Point, which vintage did you have? We tasted a 2014, and it did seem a little like it was past its peak. I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it - in fact, I was one of the only ones in the room who felt it had quite a unique taste (the guy next to me couldn’t even finish the tiny tasting portion!) and I liked what fruit it did have. It just felt a little out of balance.


It’s the 2014 I have / have had. Probably drank the first bottle 9 months or so ago and really did enjoy it!


Thanks to a pointer from @inbar , I succeeded where three Majestic branch managers had failed.
Lidl have a generic Fronton which is not bad at all…all my previous experience was from Guy Salmona’ s Laurou estate.
Not as good as the single estate
example but served slightly cool, the aroma of violets, flavours of crushed black currant leaves and a spicey finish.
The spiciness was far more pronounced when Infinished the bottle the following day. Apart from the finish this zFronton did a fair impression of a decent Beaujolais Villages…bring on the goats cheese thimbles and copious examples of charcuterie.
On this showing the Fronton deserves to be judged on its own merits.


I’ve been eyeing up that Cullen so good to hear your thoughts , thanks @NickP


I very much liked it without being blown away. I’m unlikely to buy any but then I tend to lean towards Aussie Shiraz than Cab blends so maybe that’s just my taste…


I also had it - at the Society lunch in July, with the cheese course. Although it was a pleasant, well-made wine, it didn’t make my heart sing. A good wine, but one that for some reason didn’t leave much of an impression. But palates differ… :wink:


Well put @Inbar. Hard to sum that up any better for me

Tonight’s drinking - about to embark on a heartburn inducing post-meeting wine reception. By the smell of the bottles they’re opening I think I’ll have a beer!


It’s been a very busy day, including a fairly important job interview. Now I’m home, in from some pretty awful weather and in the mood for something delicious and warming. This should do!


Hope it went well, @Bargainbob! :crossed_fingers:


I have a couple of bottles of the Cullen Cab Sav 2013 and have opened one, difficult to tell if it was to early but it was quite straightforward not as expected as most Margaret River wines I have had are a bit more subtle than their eastern counterparts, I also have one bottle, the price is prohibitive for more of the Cab Sav Vanya 2015, this was sent to me from Aus and was a later vintage than I wanted so will not be ready for some time, Cullen have not had the best of reviews for their base wines recently so it was interesting to hear what you thought.
Winechief has some Cullen so perhaps he can throw some light on the wines as he has more Aus goodies than anyone else.


Thanks @Inbar! Our VP is quite hard to read, so I hope (rather than feel) it went well too… :thinking:


I have a soft spot for Cullen. I’ve been there and dined under the eucalyptus trees…

I bought back a Kevin John Chardonnay 2011 that I drank over the summer and it was sublime.

I’ve a Diana Madeline slumbering away as well.

The 2013 KJ that ‘we’ stock is calling me.


I never actually got round to opening something nice for my birthday last month, so a random Wednesday in November seemed as good a time as any to open my penultimate bottle of this:

Still my number one eagle-eyed bargain: the Co-op in Radstock had them on clearance for just over £7 each. I bought all five, natch, and have been (im)patiently spacing them out since I got them five years ago.

In 2013, lots of sweet fruit and oak, tannic as you like.

In 2014, dense and muscular nose, the fruit playing second fiddle to the leather and spices.

In 2017, still quite structured, with pipe tobacco, cedar and more savoury dark fruits, but losing its way in the glass a little.

Today, still that wood-and-tobacco thing, with blackcurrant and maybe even some fruitcake poking its nose out at first. Definitely a bit of the spice rack, too. More red-fruited on the palate, tannins much softer now, nice lingering finish. The fruit’s slowly giving way to liquorice and parma violets in the glass but it’s all quite lovely and fragrant.

Not sure how much more it has to give beyond the age of 10, but I appreciate that its evolution may have been accelerated by amateurish storage and a handful of heatwaves.

Nevertheless, this is the first wine that I’ve properly followed as it develops over time, and I’m loving the geekiness. This is what it’s all about.


A chicken casserole with this tonight (2016 vintage) which I haven’t tried before.


Sounds delicious! :grinning::ok_hand:
Happy belated birthday, too! :tada:


Had a bottle recently. I enjoyed it. For a tenner. Let us know what you think.


I had great plans to open something nice tonight, Mr. Leah was due home but unfortunately all 3 choppers were cancelled to his ship due to bad weather in the North sea…:roll_eyes:, tomorrows not looking good either nor Friday, but I live in hope and have just opened this Edelzwicker……… Now what’s on Netflix :no_mouth:.