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Weekday drinking thread [4th -7th Feb 2019]


So what are you drinking this week?

I’ve started a bottle of this:

Another local french supermarket purchase. Only a year older than the Guigal Gigondas I had a couple of weeks ago but a totally different beast. Much more approachable, still plenty of tannin and structure without being a bit of a thug (read robust) like the Guigal. It’s the same grenache, syrah, mourvedre mix with some added cinsault. Much more fruit forward giving balance to the tannin and a long smooth finish. Really rather lovely!


Moved on to another 2015 White Burgundy,

Very happy with this mixed case so far.


Destined for no wine today, but after a bad day decided to open a

Towards the grapefruit end of citrus fruits imo, very clean, light and refreshing. Probably a bit cold initially and more flavours coming through as it warms up a bit. Good decision!


Had the rebottled second half of the borthwick PN from the weekend which had held up very well and if anything gained a bit of heft with some air. Total bargain as it was £9/bottle IB


Slow start to the week but broke our fast with this

Light fruit driven and a dry finish, perfect for Pesto night!


Attended a wine tasting of Consolation wines last night - an interesting selection of tiny production mono-variatal wines from Roussillon (http://www.consolation.fr/en/)

We tasted the following:
Rock 'n Rolle Vermentino 2016
Files de Mai Macabeu 2017
Miranda Marsanne 2017
Red Socks Carignan 2014
Wild Boar Syrah 2016
Dog Strangler Mourvedre 2014

The standouts, and the wines that I ended up buying were:
Files de Mai Macebeu - not a grape variety I had come across as a single variety still wine before, though a key variety in Cava production. It was relatively fresh but with decent complexity and a lingering finish - likely to be an excellent food wine

Dog Strangler Mourvedre: again, not a wine that I had really had as a mono-varietal before, but very complex and showing wonderful balance, with the tannin’s definitely present but not overpowering. The Alcohol content was high at 14.5%, but was well balanced so as not to be noticeable (though you might notice it the next morning after sharing a bottle!)


Macabeu is pretty common as a single variety in Catalonia (Spanish and French), and most white Riojas are also 100% Macabeo (aka Viura), so you may have had some before!


Sorry for further sidetracking this topic… An interesting article about Viura / Macabeu from 9 years ago (free for all).



Yes, I have had it in White Rioja, although usually as part of a blend rather than single varietal. I have not had much experience of other Catalan wines however, so this was certainly a first!


I like Macabeo - great acidity! There is plenty of it in the ever-wonderful Le Soula blend from Roussillon (regularly available en primeur from TWS), who also sometimes have Tomás Cusiné’s old-vine Macebeo from Costers del Segre too. And Domaine Treloar in Roussillon also make a lovely Macabeo, La Terre Promise (at Cambridge Wine Merchants and the fabulous Leon Stolarski Fine Wines, ( think).


…is wonderful stuff. Though to be fair, macabeu is only about a third of the blend.


Last night, inspired by @cerberus’s most excellent thread on the ageing of riesling, we had this one -

1975 Schloss Eltz Eltviller Sonnenberg Riesling Spaetlese
First off, I have to confess that (theoretically) this is probably cellared too long. I simply forgot about it. But thanks to @cerberus I thought it would be worth broaching. The year was not bad, and the producer was good back in the day.

But it was still alive and kicking! Absolutely no trace of any oxidised notes. The palate as you might expect, has now broadened out to include a lot of those beeswaxy sort of notes, and on the downside, it does lack the focus that it would have had around 20 years ago. But it is still very definitely a Rheingau riesling. Sweetness has very much receded now, and it is more of a just-off-dry wine.

Actually, rather enjoyable in an “ageing minor aristocrat” sort of way!

The ageing of Riesling

It’s the only way I can think of enjoying an ‘ageing minor aristocrat’ - this looks rather fantastic! Very jealous! :smiley:


I received this as a present so cracked it open. I have not had a Douro red in ages and this was amazing.
I would definitely get more👍


Mark Haisma Viognier 2017! I’m impressed :wink:!


Alpha Zeta Corvina 2014 tonight. A slight risk given its age but absolutely spot on. Still juicy and fresh. No airs about it, just a solid midweek wine.


Nothing tonight but this was a great bargain we enjoyed on Monday. Simple ripe balanced Beaujolais, nothing fancy but hit the spot nicely!


Brought this little doozy home tonight after a wine course. Very nice it was too!


The first of the 2015 EP case and it’s very good. Warm, generous, long and ripe, tannins harmonious already. Proper winter warmer and satisfying without being heavy or hard work. The kind of wine that makes you fall in love with cru southern Rhone all over again.


Used to enjoy this many moons ago. I did think of buying it, but thought it might be a bit OTT for me these days - not the case?