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Weekday Drinking Thread [4 to 7 November 2019]



I went to a little wine club run by a shop in Worthing that specialises in natural wines. Tonight it was all about Chenin Blanc, and we had these beauties:

All delicious, but the stars for me were the ones on the end. To the right was a Californian from Santa Barbara made in a french style. Quite peachy but still with apple notes. Full and rich on the palate, creamy texture but still brightly acidic. Made by Lofi wines from the Jurassic Park Vineyard. Absolutely delicious.
Star of the night was the sticky on the left. Made from a blend of 2006 and 2010 vintages. Honey, orange, vanilla, caramel. Reminded me of a tokaji aszu. Amazing wine.


Passed by Johanneshof just outside Picton, New Zealand and popped in. A small winery with a good reputation for aromatic white. I believe it won the Decanter Best Wine for its Gewurtztraminer in 2005, which is included on the fine wines of Air New Zealand list today.
Having sold all of their Riesling and most of their Gewurtztraminer from the 2018 vintages we were able to taste their Pinot Gris and Botrytis Riesling (described as being produced like a Trockenbeerenauslese but selling at the cellar door for around £18 per half).

Both wines we good although clearly need more time in bottle. My notes were:

Pinot Gris - Clear and bright. Intense yellow, gold. Clean nose. Medium intensity. Spicy, lychee, white plums. Clean palate. Off dry. Rich, mouth filling. Medium acidity. Lychee, dried apricot, honey. Hints of spice and pepper. Medium finish. Nice wine - pleasant on its own or with fish or chicken with a cream sauce.

Botrytis Riesling - clear and bright. Intense nose. Honey, lemon, orange and dried fruits. Very young. Clean palate. Sweet. Good acidity. Rich but not cloying. Honey and citrus fruits. Long finish but very young. The full components are not yet balanced.

Suitcase now includes a bottle of each plus a Gewürztraminer and a bottle of their Blanc de Blanc Sparkling (they still riddle by hand). Not sure how many will make it home!


Looks amazing! :+1:

Was the ‘La Dilettante’ a Vouvray Brut? I got one in my wine rack, but never tried it before. What were your notes about it?


It was indeed! Really very nice. Definitely on the dry end, as you’d expect, but with a hint of sweetness coming through. Citrus leading the way with a hint of sharp green apple in the background, bright acidity and clean as a whistle. Delicious on its own, but really came to life with a sliver of goats cheese!


…Oh, and very slightly nutty - possibly almond!


Sounds good! And just what I would want from a Vouvray Brut :+1:
Might open it over the xmas period. Got it from Ten Green Bottles, btw.


Ah, looks like they’re buying from Les Caves de Pyrene as well then.
Incidentally, if you haven’t been over there already, I’d absolutely recommend a visit to Bottle and Jug Dept. It’s conveniently right by Worthing station, so easy to find. Tom, who owns the shop, did his WSET 3 with me last winter, and is a top bloke with a real passion for natural wines. His real ale selection is pretty good too :+1:


Thanks for the tip! :+1::+1:
Looks great - and I’m always on the lookout for interesting wine shops!


Any thoughts on how the 2018 compares to the 2017? I’ve got a bottle of each vintage coming in my next order!


The normality of a dry Monday to Thursday was out of the window as I ‘hosted’ the local 41 Club (ex-round table) annual wine tasting. Ive been a guest for several years and the host for the last two years…I am budget constrained and it has to be wines the attendees can easily purchase! I did explain about the wine society and its wide range and ethos

Appero - Amets Prosecco
Starter (prawn cocktail) - Louis Latour St Veran
Main (rotisserie chicken and vegetable medley) - Les Andidies Saumur Chenin Blanc & Kirkland Alexander Valley Cab Sauvignon
Cheese - M&S 2007 vintage port

All went down well …the Cab Sauvignon was served blind and no one came close on guessing it (country, region, grape, price)…so tells you something of the level :wink:


Not drank them together, it took a while to open up in the glass, but was lovely, not that different, perhaps a little fuller.

Would like to try them side by side.