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Weekday Drinking Thread [4 to 7 March 2019]



I think you’re right! :laughing:


I had a much more recent vintage of this last year and found it similar to your description. Everything you expected was there but I found myself having to search for it. Thoroughly enjoyed it but would probably try something different next time for the price


Had some pretty hefty reds this week which has made getting up in the morning a bit more difficult. But worth it. :sleeping:
This on Monday night because the B-I-L likes Grenache blends and he was up from London.
2012 Miguel Torres Priorat Salmos
And this this last night which I thought nailed the rich and full-bodied style.
2010 Two Hands Shiraz Samantha’s Garden Clare Valley
Both were great!


Ah the end of another working week, each week is worse than the previous. However I digress, I am just about to have a glass of this rather excellent Picpoul.


This tonight:

A 2017 Cabernet Franc from Lodi. I bought it for the other half, as he’s a fan of the grape. We both are, so it’s a present I get to enjoy too, luckily! The chap on the label looks like many a man in Brighton, so maybe that influenced my purchasing choice a little, as I know nothing whatsoever about this wine.

Here’s to discoveries! :clinking_glasses:


Love the decanter!


We love it too! Despite it looking somewhat like a vase :grinning:
The price was even lovelier - £6.99 at Homesense…


I like the decanter but I love the label; “Cabaret Frank & the tale the miraculous & marvellous moustache.” Whoever came up with that deserves a serious prize.


Happy made-up anniversary. They are the best kind :wink:


Was a little concerned with the poor review online for this wine, but I guess there may be some bottle variation. It took a couple of hours to open up in a decanter, but the quality is there. Kirsch soaked cherries and mixed spices, lots of mature fruit flavours. Quite mineral and not in the great category, but authentic and interesting pinot noir. Light but with good length and flavour concentration.


Yes! You can tell this is a New World wine!.. can you imagine such a silly label on a Chinon…?! :grimacing:

But as for the wine in the bottle - well, it’s beauuuutiful! It’s unmistakably Cab Franc, for its gorgeous floral (violet) notes and something rather leafy which I thought was menthol. There was also plenty of red fruit on the nose, and some sweet tobacco. The palate is fresh and delicious too; the fruit straddles the red/black territory I would say - some ripe red cherries, but also blackcurrent, mulberry and maybe even plum. Medium and supple tannins, and the tell-tale acidity on the finish which ensures this isn’t just another fruit-bomb. Absolutely luscious and moreish! :heart_eyes:

@Bargainbob, if you happen to stop in Butler’s - make sure you bag one of these. It really is a smashing wine! :wink:


With roast chicken. Been enjoying these, the only Burgundy I bought EP that year and the first white, slowly getting more confident in this campaign. It’s quite ‘tight’, and feels like I should leave some for a few years to see but not sure I will have the strength.


A little late to the party but this was in great shape on Wednesday night. Anyone any intel on when is TWS getting some more Tempier?


That label really is something else. Pleased to read the contents were somewhat more tasteful !

FWIW, I had a couple of glasses of cab franc too…

Lots of character and personality for a relatively small outlay ( £10.95). Spicy sourly ripe dark red berries and a touch of graphite / pencil lead. Lovely weight and balance. Acidity provides most of the structure, ripe tannins a little bit of grip on the finish. Does a similar job to a decent Beaujolais or villages Burgundy. Excellent QPR.
Edit - my ability with French is schoolboy at best. Needless to say the vineyard name, as I translated it, made me chuckle


Ahh, interesting! We are yet to try a wine from this domaine - but got this one patiently waiting its turn:

I note that @Bargainbob gave it a really good review- and I trust him implicitly! :wink:


Ah, thanks to you and @Bargainbob for the heads up. Will try and grab a bottle when I pick up a mixed case* at the showroom next week.

*11 bottles actually ( like a lot of people here I had to leave space for a ‘golden bottle’ ).


I’m not generally a huge cab franc fan but that one is a lot of fun from what I recall. Juicy and fruity and delicious. Half an hour in the fridge wouldn’t hurt it at all!


That’s good to know! :+1:
Generally speaking we drink Cab Franc at about 13-14 degrees. Seems to make it taste fresher, somehow. Not unlike a Beaujolais, I guess…


Couldn’t agree more about half an hour in the fridge.

To quote the back label on the one I have. Serve at 14-15 degrees.