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Weekday Drinking Thread [4 to 7 March 2019]



I enjoyed that one, a bit like barrel aged Santorini white (oak plus salty notes), but nothing like the sort of wine you were thinking about as you say.


Dinner with colleagues tonight at Hispania:


Delicious jamon iberico and cochinillo washed down with these magnums:

A glass of this with dessert:

Good evening all round :grinning:


Had a sip of The Society’s White Burgundy 2016 from a half bottle. Decent drop, I might have been overly negative about it in the past… Also a glass of old wine Agiorgitiko (in the eto since Saturday), may be my favourite grape variety from what TWS does not stock, amends can be made @Freddy


Is this the one you brought to the BYO in October? It was such a beautiful and elegant wine! :heart_eyes:


Yes it was, still a few left. Getting better IMHO. Elegant is definitely the word.


With all the talk of Muga 2015 cracked open this tonight…delightful but ready…




Tonight it was pints of Carlsberg at the Brixton Academy for Kamasi Washington. In this instance, aaaalllllll about the music :notes::notes:


Lionnet makes very rustic style Cornas.
I would not dare open it before its 7-10th anniversary…
At least that’s I felt when I opened mine (2011 vintage ) in 2016…


Good advice thanks, into the old eurocave then😢


I actually emailed the domaine after being tannin-bruised on the 5 year old 2011 terres brûlées to have an idea of drinking windows
They replied the cuvee was concentrated hence to allow 7-10years from bottling


Winter 22/23 to check them out then…


Dont worry, theres some on the way :slightly_smiling_face:


I didn’t make that connection at the time but you’re right, it did.

Thankfully an open bottle of manzanilla in the fridge rescued the situation.


Glass of D’Arenberg Roussanne Money Spider 2017 for lunch today. Very impressed.


It’s a really decent Roussane, I’ve had it a few times and really enjoy it.


Just decanted a 2003 Barolo to drink with porcini pasta later on. Cantine Rocco Ripalta, not an expensive wine as I remember. I had a bit of a spill while decanting but almost unbelievably it landed right in a wine glass that happened to be just there. Not too much going on right now but will see how it is in a few hours.


As you do…almost unbelievably. I’ll make sure I spread my wine glasses in the kitchen evenly… :slight_smile:


Good-value, soft, savoury, mid-weight (and mid-week) claret, right there :+1:


Just ordered this on my ‘wines to audition for the everyday rack’ tryouts.


I enjoyed a very nice Mondeuse in Morzine last week while eating out on chalet people’s night off. Mondeuse Arbin, Fabien Trosset [75cl] 35,00 €
Gorgeous bouquet of raspberries, violets. Took a bit to open out in the glass, but it was liked by all three of us who drank it.

Also had a really good Crozes Hermitage with lunch on the slopes on the last day. Details are a bit fuzzy though…restaurant on the slopes in Les Gets with a very decent wine list and fairly priced. Great Rhone selection. Blue run down fortunately…