Weekday drinking thread 3rd to 6th October

One of my comments on the 2012 drunk last year was that it was a little thin and lacking in complexity. I had a worse opinion of a previously drunk bottle of 2013 but figured it was a little unfair judging only on a 2013 in Bordeaux, but the '12 still left me very unimpressed.

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And nearly two hours later: The Gr Poujeaux 2014 is … still thin, lean and elegant. I’m thinking the tannins are not resolved so perhaps needs a little more time in bottle - but only a couple of years?

More in the French style where BDX are often enjoyed younger. A very good ‘food’ wine & absolutely spot on with Lancashire Hotpot. A very good glass of wine.

Having said that… it’s not a ‘Grand Vin’ by a long chalk.


Grilled some fresh Hake steaks with Greek fish seasoning and this very popular and well priced TWS offering.

Perfect with spicy finish on the sauce.

Dry and warm enough ( just) for an outdoor cook down here.


Taittinger Comtes de Champagne 2006.

Nearly at the bottom of the box now, and in case you all think this is rather high maintenance for a school night then yes it is but as it was £35 a bottle during one of M&S more inexplicable pricing moments then it will be opened when marking an occasion, weeknight or not.

Such a good wine, kindly and complex, airy and stubborn, suffused with contradictions and making sense of them. And it makes you happy.




Bloody hell !! What an absolute bargain !!! This is how to do a Thursday night :clinking_glasses::clap::clap::clap::clap:


It was bonkers, a few years ago they sold off loads of champagne, Pol Roger 2008 £25/bottle and this, which started out at £55/bottle and I got one, then decided I had to get another, went back and it came up on the till at £35. Needless to say I emptied the shop.

And it is so soft and moreish. The Comtes is one of my favourite deluxe champagnes, I’ve never had a dud one and they never seem to run out of steam, I had a ‘98 quite recently and it was gorgeous. Chin-chin.


A first for me last night - a rose made from Sangiovese (Pacina from the Colli Senesi):

It was a warm night but ever so slightly cooler than the past few weeks and it called for a glass of rose, but something savoury and also tangy and a little rough (something to go with the street corner bar in Tel Aviv where I was drinking it) and this was just great and is now added to my list with Xinamavro and Pinot Noir as my preferred rose grapes.


So yesterday evening I was lucky enough to be invited to an evening of wine and dinner with the theme Bordeaux 2009.

The whites included an intriguing Tronquoy-Lalande 2017 (St Estephe), which had sauvignon gris as part of the cuvee, and Lafont Menaut 2017 (Pessac Leognan) which is a full sauvignon blanc; and champagne Ployez-Jacquemart Cuvee Granite 90eme Anniversaire.

The reds included:

Pavillon de Margaux 2009
Ducru Beaucaillou 2009
Clerc Milon 2009
Cos D’Estournel 2009

and Rieussec 2009 with cheese and desert.

Every single wine was superb. Of the reds, the Pavillon de Margaux was singing and ready to drink with black berry type fruits, intergrated tannins, complexity and very smooth to drink with a long finish. The Clerc Milon had a similar profile but was a bit more restrained and will benefit from a further 5-10 years of ageing, it is full of promise though, and was certainly a very nice wine to drink. The Ducru was also superb, and also needing further patience, keep several more years before opening is my advice. And finally the Cos was still a bit closed, but clearly a top quality wine, also needs more time and will undoubtedly improve substantially. I concluded that for premium Bordeaux 2009s some are starting to get ready, but in general keep longer for several years, with the expectation of further improvement.

The Rieussec was probably the best Sauternes I have tasted so far, such intense flavours of apricot and honey and so complex and with a finish that just goes on and on.

I still struggle to believe how lucky I was to be part of this evening!


Actually, just reviewing my previous comment, I think very unimpressed is a little unfair. It would be more true to say that I’m just not much moved by it and have other Moulis at around the same price point that I prefer though not, thinking about it, from TWS. I think all the other Moulis I have had from TWS are probably more expensive.

Wow Jos, that was some line-up! And good to get your review of the wines. Thanks.


My goodness ! What a fabulous evening to be invited to . Very envious .

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I was also lucky to have bagged some at the time from M&S deal. It is a special wine and am desperately trying to keep my hands off the last 2.

Daughter unexpectedly arrived (partner on a golf jolly in Scotland) so needed something extravagant for fish and chip dinner.

And yes, it was fantastic!


Hi @SteveF, do you have an idea of when the Tissot showcase will launch? Thanks.