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Weekday drinking thread [3rd-6th September 2018]


I didn’t drink anything over the weekend, No particular reason, just didn’t feel like it .
I set off this morning at 6am for my ferry at Dublin port as I received an email last telling me my “fastcraft” was cancelled due to bad weather :nauseated_face::nauseated_face::nauseated_face::nauseated_face:, so today’s journey took a few hours longer than it normally would . I got home to Newcastle just after 6pm :weary:. I’m quite tired now the kids are down but am going to sit and enjoy the sound of the rain and semi-silence with the dog and finally get around to opening this:

(Apologies on my phone so haven’t shared the link!)


Let us know how the box of Soave goes.
It was my fridge white last winter.


Not sure where I got this…but it is good(ish)


In support of my excellent local wine shop (Banstead Vintners), have opened this - absolutely great - rich, warm, lots of ripe syrah without becoming jammy, balanced off by a touch of carignan rusticity. An interesting licqourice note as well. Priorat is clearly another area to explore!


That’s a Majestic number I believe. That and the Primitivo were always good on the QPR scale.


Although it feels distinctly more autumnal out there, I’ll be holding on to summer for just a while longer… with the help of a Vermentino - which for me encapsulates summer:

I drank plenty of Vermentino di Gallura in Sardinia a few years ago, so I am really excited to see if it’ll trigger the taste buds in the same way…

We’ll be having it with Black Cod (cod marinated in sake, mirin, honey and soy), so hoping the combo will work.

Happy mid-week drinking! :grinning:


Thanks. It’s been around my racks for a while.


Enjoying a (Waitrose) Chianti Classico, from the recent sale:


It’s the first Chianti I’ve had for a long time, maybe even a very long time, and the description that comes strongly to mind is dark, tangy, cherry. Going well with a pretty hot arrabiata. Those Italians are smart!


Not having a good run, making the effort to wade through some wines that are supposedly at their peak or are highly rated only to be brought back down to earth, the phrase their are only great ‘bottles’ of wine was never more apt.
Opened this one of my last bottles purchased from the winery and renowned for longevity, and found it was as near to something unmentionable on here in looks and taste, don’t like to say the obvious but it was that bad yet appeared to be sound, I have one bottle left it has to be better.

God that was awful…


Shame to hear that, hope it was just a bad bottle and your last one is the treat it should be!


Don’t normally drink between Monday - Wednesday but thought I would make an exception so opened up

a favourite of mine that hits the spot


All previous have been great, BUT, when we visited the winery a great show was made at the winery of how well the Chenin aged,what was obvious was the great variation in the vintages, they really could have been different wines and the oldest tasted was in colour the same as this disaster though not with the taste but it was not great, though we were to polite to say anything other than it was not our favorite !
It has to be said the wines tasted were the most variable that I have tasted at any winery.


That’s interesting. We have a single bottle of 2014 that sounds like it might be a bit Russian Roulette - bought in a local shop rather than at the winery so took a bit of a punt


Oh noo @cerberus, I think I would have cried !! This is a producer which is on my MUST try list . Almost got there this summer . How disappointing, I really hope you’ve opened something exceptional as a compensation :smirk:.


What’s the abv @cerberus just out of curiosity?
Do my eyes deceive me or does that read 15%?


I think your eyesight is fine @winechief, I don’t believe that’s particularly unusual for a Loire Chenin . I tasted some Villes vignes at 14.5% , just adds to the age ability or not in this case :persevere:.


A lovely Vermentino, which has definitely awakened memories of beautiful Sardinian beaches… On the nose - lemon, white blossom and pear. On the palate - a lovely creamy texture, with a zing of lemon zest, honey and that signature bitter almonds on the finish. Summer in a glass! :ok_hand:


I have drank 3 Marlboro SB’s this summer and this is by far the best.
This one I had tonight. A lovely tense Sauvignon bursting with citrus and good depth of flavour.


I think it’s a lovely wine, but it seems to go up about £2 per bottle per year which I find a bit irritating. Will cost more than Cloudy Bay in a few years, though maybe that’s fair enough.


I agree its a great pity, boutique becomes famous and demand explodes. Kevin Judd’s wine is in high demand these days, recently in Forbes magazine, so prices will only go one way. Hopefully Sterling will improve in the markets once we are through the one subject that dominates the news.