Weekday drinking thread [3rd - 6th December 2018]

That’s the one, and I don’t care what Decanter said, it was awful and I don’t mean faulty, faulty would have been an improvement.
We are back to that old onion, are the wines tasted the same as those for sale !


Sounds pretty dire, @Cerberus!! :grimacing:

On a lighter note for all bargain hunters I discovered after having to drive No 1 to Waitrose for a few “essentials” that they have a ten wines for ten pounds offer on, it was very difficult for me to go browsing as I am on the naughty step for having to much wine and “You will have to drink what you have before buying any more” so there , told.
But I did sneak off whilst No 1 made notes of Christmas items to get, and saw the ten wines on offer, three stood out as real bargains the Luigi Bosca single vineyard Malbec £10 from £17.99, Ch Lalande d’Auvion Cru Bourgeois 2015 down from 15.99 and El Piadoso, GR Rioja 2008 down from 16.99 oh and Villa Antinori 2015 down from 15.99, all available till the 12th of Dec when they go back to original price.
Having seen them I had a problem, how to purchase a few without giving the game away, a box and the pretence it was mineral water did the trick until we reached the check out, but then it was to late, back on the naughty stool I go…


I got the Rustenberg last week, after seeing this promotion, and planning to go back for the Rioja and the Villa Antinori tomorrow… and maybe the Bird in Hand sparkling pinot and… and… and… Ad infinitum :woozy_face:

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Ah but this is a good thing! It means I have a fighting chance of buying a few next time I can afford to, which I guess is January now.

I do have a single bottle, which - along with my wallet - will help me decide how many I should add to a mixed case for reserves…

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It’s me and a bottle of this tonight. My kids have embraced the full moon today…(I’ve not checked! I’m just making wild assumptions based on their irrational behaviour.) the weather can only be described as pisch! And it’s my birthday . My twin brother has informed me of what a lovely day he’s been having in the Australian sunshine to make me feel even better :thinking::thinking:.! Cheers to mid week drinking :clinking_glasses::clinking_glasses:


Many happy returns.

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Happy birthday, @Leah! :grinning::tada::birthday: A Cremant de Loire is a lovely way to celebrate. Ignore the shite weather, and enjoy…

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Yes, happy birthday, Leah - miserable weather here in Newcastle today, I concur - but that bottle looks excellent. Dry night here - so I’m just dreaming of wine (which I seem to do rather a lot these days).

@Leah happy birthday :clinking_glasses:
@cerberus shout-out for the reference to spending a few shillings on French plonk back in the day (indeed)! :pound:
@Herbster that wine tastes distinctly of French train travel to me
@Inbar might pick up a bottle for myself when I pick up my Lay & Wheeler withdrawal

As for my contribution, dry for the last few days, work Xmas do at a Pitcher and Piano tomorrow so could well be on bottles of lager to be safe :roll_eyes:

Happy hump day all


Happy Birthday Leah! If you’d said it was coming, I’d have baked a cake…

Hey, Spain does Chateauneuf. Needs more air than I’ve given it so far. Meaty nose, roasted fruit edge to a fairly tannic core. Nice texture of supple suede (hope that doesn’t consign me to pseud’s corner!). A slight feeling of infanticide, but this is very good. Hopefully some left for tomorrow!


I’ll never forget a xmas do at the above, where a vegan colleague was offered ‘cabbage on toast’ - as they had nothing vegan on the menu. I hope yours is slightly more nutritious :wink:


A very Happy Birthday to you!! :sunny: :smiley:

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Happy birthday!

Its stir fry night here, so we have shared this rather good riesling, a bit of maturity and good mineral intensity, alas it has already sold out:



Cheers Leah! Enjoy that bottle :champagne:

Many happy returns!

Saving ourselves for tomorrow’s TWStaste - looking forward to it as always!

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Happy Birthday Leah! Would have postponed a “dry day” if I’d known earlier but it seems a bit late to start now.

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Happy birthday Leah.

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It was Day 2 of the J P Chenet Malbec last night and the de-icer had receded. The drumstick lolly note had sharpened into a different Swizzles product, perhaps a refreshers bar.

But all in all, holding up nicely, its soft, strawberry element almost reminding me of a young, simple, unoaked tempranillo.

I reckon there’s a small glass left in the bottle, so that can be a kind of liquid amuse-bouche before this evening’s tasting fun kicks off.