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Weekday drinking thread [3rd - 6th December 2018]

A quick glass of this, four bottles of which are the makeweights on my Christmas reserves case.

This is stunning for the money. Brilliantly authentic. Could have been young Cornas on first sip, just impossibly tight, but opens up with air. It is, as exhibition wines are meant to be, very typical and in this case frankly a bit feral, with blood and olive notes alongside the blackcurrant, but huge kudos here for sourcing something that is a testament to both terroir and vintage. It won’t be to everyone’s taste.


This is great, flavours of apple skin, apricots and gentle spice. Very elegant, would go well with spicy seafood, but I’m enjoying sipping it on its own.

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Having a second try at the Fiefs Vendéens Rosé - well it was warm today - and finding it much better than the first a couple of months ago. Maybe because I was very hungry to start with, but also it went well with a tuna salad. Light and refreshing, a little sharp, just enough to shake off cobwebs. Must try again when the temperature is back in the mid-twenties!

This was the Monday night glass - versatile, soft garnacha that always hits the spot, and a little left over for when I come home from rehearsal tonight!


Tonight is Beaujolais Nouveau night - the Majestic offering, that was mentioned in another thread:

Decided to pair it with Black Cod. Slightly unusual, I grant you, but hoping that the honeyed/fruity notes of the marinade will make friends with the fruity notes expected from the Bojo. Hopefully we’ll live to tell the tale.

Happy Tuesday all! :clinking_glasses:


Still off the alcohol :innocent: until this coming Friday. I must say this beer was very good. The best alcohol free beer we have tasted

Today in Waitrose we spotted an alcohol free Riesling as part of the current £15 meal deal which we have tucked way for our next period of abstinence in 2019.

It has mixed reviews but as it was basically free given the value of the meal deal we thought we would give it a try.

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Wowzers! This is one gorgeous Bojo Nouveau! Deep magenta colour, with a distinct cherry/strawberry/banana skin/candy floss aromas (carbonic maceration, perchance??). On the palate, though, there is nothing over sweet or sickly. Just fresh strawberries, with a tart raspberry note, and maybe a bit of a cherry jam. Tannins are very much an afterthought, but the liveliness of it - aided by the fresh acidity- is just a joy.

Yes, it’s not complex or layered, and yes, finish is short to medium - but it just shouts, ‘Drink me!’, and like Alice - we can’t resist. I think it’s a gorgeous example of this style, and a real mid-week delight. Tres bon! :grinning: :wine_glass:


Okay, so I needed a good old slug of cooking wine earlier on today, which meant opening this oddly-shaped little scamp:

As ever I thought, what the hell, I’ll brace myself, have a glass and see what happens.

On the nose, some sour cherry, drumstick lolly and a bit of CarPlan Blue Star de-icer. Soft and simple on the palate, sure, but in its own context quite balanced. Nice finish, too.

Hold on a minute, this is actually okay: no hollow harshness, no sense of foreboding and, crucially, no raging three-way battle between cloying jam, oak chips and lighter fluid, which is often the case with the Aussie wine-lake supermarket big-brand equivalents.

Assuming it’s been harvested at three squillion hl/ha, they’ve done a fair job of making a drinkable wine here, and I think a big part of that is the fact that, although ripe, it isn’t full of residual sugar.

Mind you, I’m sure it also helps that my expectations were rock bottom.

Happy Tuesday! :clinking_glasses:


I too have been pleasantly surprised (from a low base) by this and the Cabernet/Syrah one when finishing off what wasn’t required for cooking.

It has a lot more balance than the Aussie equivalents, and is perfectly drinkable for a cold Tuesday night. If you don’t like it, clearly your car might if there is some de-icer in it :slight_smile:



A half of The Society’s White Burgundy last night.
Totally hit the spot, not overly acidic, nice fruit, refreshing but the best bit is the limestone/chalky taste at the end of the palate which for me; screams class. :grinning: Great value!!:wink:


I have this earmarked for tonight

Will be my last bottle of 6. A brilliant wine that has given much pleasure over the years.
Jumped at the 2015 EP offer. Around £12.50 on the table for a Bordeaux Blend that has 20 years aging potential…Yes Please! :grinning:


Just on the way to the showroom now to see if there is a bottle waiting just for me.


… and so there was this one I long wanted to try.


How much did this set you back @szaki1974 if you don’t mind me asking?

£45, slightly more expensive than the currently available two vintages.

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Back down to earth from the Bacchanalean pleasures discribed above, I had the misfortune to taste a stinker yesterday afternoon.
My neighbour over the road who lives in an old pub, nothing to do with anything but I thought I would mention it ! phoned me to say he had purchased a German Pinot Noir on the strength of a discussion we had a couple of weeks back.
So over I go to sample this find, the bottle meant nothing to me other than it had a cycling bear on it and a name to match hmmmm, anyway the wine had been opened and he poured two glasses, up to the nose and virtually nothing to speak of, so we sipped and did a bit of swirling and that was it, this was a throw back to those awful French wines we consumed for a few shillings back in the day, in this day and age this sort of fare should never appear, so down the sink it went.
Where did you get it I asked, Tescos he said and it was a bargain having realised what he had said we just laughed, around six pounds in the offer, he said I liked the look of the label, previous thread comes to mind.
What I never understand with wines as awful as this, is that a buyer presumably tasted before the purchase, two things come to mind regarding how it then ended on a supermarket shelf, one involves brown envelopes and the other a very large alcoholic lunch at the vignerons expense.
If you see a cycling bear on a label avoid really avoid.


Was that the Hans Baer Pinot Noir from Tesco?!.. If so, Decanter clearly thought it was worthy of their time…


I bought the 15 & 16 EP, got some 13 stashed somewhere.
I will be very, very interested to see how it performs.
Got a few bottles of the 09 Montlys and a bottle of the Ermitage Nicolas Perrin 10 for Christmas.
The shop seems like a great place for single bottles. :grinning:


It is a real treasure trove fo delights… it was either the 2010 Ampodium or the 2015 Sotanum… in the end common sense the desire to drink it soon prevailed.


That I can empathise with.
That is why, yesterday I arranged for my 6 bottles of 2005 Exhibition Hermitage to be shipped . I would have preferred to have just taken one or two but it is in a personally mixed case and I’ve got to take the lot. I see that the 2014 Exhibition Hermitage is selling at a glacial pace, no doubt due to it being in 12 bottle cases. It would not surprise me if in the New Year the powers that be relent and repack into 6’s!! :grinning:
I can do stubborn but they take the biscuit!!:open_mouth::open_mouth::wink: