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Weekday drinking thread 31st Jan-3rd Feb

This is just wonderful. No WSET SAT nonsense tonight. This sparkling Montluis sur Loire is delicious. Elegance galore…knocks all that overrated Dom Perignon into a cocked hat.


I should have set out some technical info about this wine.

100% Chenin blanc
Sparkling but only one long fermentation in old barrels with natural yeasts
No dosage

It could be the perfect example of what pet nat
Should be, no sediment in the bottle, no cider flavours. Tastes fresh, bit like lemon zest in a toasted brioche bun…


Not quite able to give up the WSET approach to information yet though!


Sadly it has infiltrated my brain…

Very happy to have a bottle of that awaiting my pleasure now

Could you suggest an online stockist? it sounds rather good.

I will check. It was a gift from my brother in law

Justerini and Brooks £15.83 Ex vat.

I had a glass of pub wine. In a pub.

No idea what it was, beyond Cabernet Sauvignon. To my surprise it wasn’t so bad. Very very smooth, a bit of dark fruit and a bit of menthol. Nothing to write home about but entirely drinkable.


May thanks Andrew. A small order placed with J&B including their last (only!) bottle of the Montlouis fizz, and I’m always interested in older BJL. That £18 delivery charge puts TWS effectively free delivery in perspective. Cheers !



Usually in stock at Vin Cognito but sold out.

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Joining @peterm in appreciating this stonkingly good Monastrell/Girò wine this evening:

Pepe Mendoza Mares de Luz Monastrell Giro, Alicante 2019

Deep, but not opaque ruby in the glass, the nose starts a little feral (we decanted for a couple hours, mind), but with each swirl releases wonderful notes of ripe fruit (blackberries, blueberries, black cherries), minty coolness and dried herbs. There’s something ‘dusty’ about it - or maybe it’s thinking about Alicante that does that.

On the palate it is juicy - but doesn’t hit you on the head with unnecessary RS, and much fresher on the palate than expected. There is ripe but not cooked fruit (cherries, blueberries, hedgerow berries), dried Mediterranean herbs and a faint taste of orange peel. Well-made, well-balanced, with good acidity and smooth but not without a grip tannins - this will be a fitting accompaniment to our steak.

For under a tenner - this is simply delicious, and will be a repeat buy :star_struck:


RS? If I may.

Oh sorry! :flushed: Residual Sugar…

I’m not so good at eulogies, or (in my personal opinion) dour silences for remembrance. I really like the modern affectation of a minutes applause - a silence may be appropriate for a disaster, or a life given in service but to celebrate a life that gave pleasure? Cheering, applause, a thankyou for existing and making the mundane just that little bit less mundane. A celebration…

And it seemed only fitting after this week’s news that I broke my January fast with one of only 12 Rhone bottles that I own. With a braised shin of beef, tonight …

Too early to open? Definitely. It’s like a liquid brick wall, and I think I’m still pulling the splinters out of my teeth. But life is short, so it’s open :smiley:

I hope you’re enjoying that great tasting room in the sky Taffy, and thankyou for existing and making life a little less dull :wine_glass:


Not at all. Long day, grey matter not playing ball. Thank you, sounds lovely from your TN. Interesting distinction between ripe and cooked fruit, helps the imagination.

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No tasting note, but I shall buy a case of this red, …


SA red tonight. Having it with food from Lea which is absolutely delicious and traces back to the wonderful Maison Bleue
We had dinner the the hotel where we are staying 2 night but the food from Lea is 10x better.
If you live in Suffolk make sure you try.
The wine is very gluglable and although I don’t have a proper wine glass it is going down very easy after another stressful day with the children and the mrs. They drained all my energy today :smile:


If you are in Bury st Edmunds make sure you go to the cathedral. Huge length…over 140 mts. Maison bleue is top restaurant.

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Cheers @Taffy-on-Tour :dragon:
Pretty sure he would approve. I think I got the tip on the Racines for the 2016 EP campaign from him. And then having missed out on the 2015, when it was offered on the list last year I grabbed a case (as he would have advised).
Superb wine. And now has me mentally rejigging my 2020 EP purchases.