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Weekday drinking thread ( 30th May-1st June 2022 )

After suffering from a head cold for the last few days, so drinking wine was pointless as a result, I’m more than happy to start this week’s thread.

Must say, it’s good to be back in the saddle again with some delayed pleasures tonight. Wine-wise…

…a Bandol Blanc 2017 from Domaine Tempier. 60% clairette, 30% ugni blanc + rolle. bourboulenc and marsanne, matured in oak for 10 months.

A lustrous golden yellow colour. Citrus, blossom, lees and a touch of oak spice on the fragrant nose. Similar, and broad, flavours on the palate, some chewy lees-y texture with a saline quality too, all brought into focus by its fresh acidity. A thoroughly moreish wine that’s going down far too easily.

Food-wise, more yellow rice here tonight but this time…

…a crab and saffron risotto. The tarragon in it clashed with the wine TBH but that’s a minor aside all things considered.

Oh, the drink dates for the thread only go up to Wednesday as I’m guessing a jubbly thread will be started on Thursday.

All the best everyone.


I’ve been out of circulation for the best part of two weeks with covid (remember that?). My tasting notes for some of those days would have talked about a “pronounced metallic note” which may not have been terribly helpful.

Thankfully all clear now but still feeling at least 30 years older than my biological age.

On the basis that this is another lesson to seize the day I’ve gone straight back on the good white burgundy with this one:

Nice and apply, quite restrained and less “broad” than many white burgundies and a fairly muted oak background. Not outstanding but very pleasant and definitely good to be “back in the game”….


After the Macon thread I said to Mrs Matthews that we needed to have a terrific Macon to celebrate the sub regions ability to make top notch white wine

“Good idea” she said

I opened a bottle and we both tasted it.

“Superb” I said “this is gorgeous. Rich perfumed lemon zest, long finish, beautiful balance.”

Hmm…yes, said Mrs M. Which one is it?

Ah, it is this magnificent Montagny. I replied. I shall post it on TWS community page, with an enthusiastic tasting note to extol Macon’s quality.

“Oh”, she replied. “I would be careful about that”

Why? I enquired

I think you will find that Montagny is in the cote Chalonnais…she replied…



We’re road-testing a glass or two of one of these tonight as a potential summer BBQ wine - academic now as it’s OOS - the 2020 Touraine Cuvée Albert Denis, Domaine de la Renaudie.

A good quality wine for under a tenner no doubt, and wife certainly likes it. Not quite sure why, but I’m myself neither here nor there about it. Maybe it’s the weather today, but I’m finding it just a wee bit in your face with the strong alcohol content. Nice & fleshy & fruity, and a nice dryness to it at the end too. But somehow for some reason just not quite my thing, or maybe just not tonight Josephine. To my surprise really, as I like the Loire style generally and usually enjoy Malbec. I’ll return to it tomorrow night and see how it goes.

Time now for the penultimate glass of the Boekenhoutskloof Semillon from Friday night, and the last glass saved for tomorrow night; still holding up beautifully, as you’d expect. More joined up now and still incredibly tasty 3 days on. A bit less noisy etc now, but I shall leave the other bottles a while yet though to do their thing at the back of the wine fridge.


A yummy Cahors Malbec this evening:

Pigmentum Malbec, Georges Vigouroux, Cahors, France 2019

The bottle was brought over by friends for a dinner party a couple months’ back - but we never got round to opening it. Was pleased to spot it in the rack when I was looking for a nice match to a confit duck.

Well, a good match it’ll be, I’m sure - it’s lovely, juicy and approachable but with a nice grip on the palate. Very pretty deep magenta colour in the glass, the nose hits with floral perfume of violets and peonies, followed by notes of plums, blackcurrant jam, baking spice and a whiff of kirsch. The floral theme continues on the palate, and marries really well with the deep black fruit notes of plums, blackberries and blackcurrants. There’s something of the orange peel note mid-palate and a kick of spice too.

Medium acidity with quite punchy tannins, the finish is medium and leaves a medicinal tanginess and an urgent need for another glass. Good stuff, this! :+1: :wine_glass:


Well, I noted the other day that the Society’s website was indicating that I should probably think about drinking this up. It’s the 2017, and of course when I had some this evening it was obvious that it could go on for some time yet. Big and bold, plenty of tannin, dark berry fruit, very enjoyable, and (if I had any more) would probably be great in two years’ time.


My Covid experience in early April meant that no wine tasted anything like it should for a couple of weeks. Yes, that metallic flavour with harsh tannins and a burning sensation. Marvellous. (But that problem passed.)


Sounds exactly the same…….thankfully seems to have gone back to normal now!


I’m sure I used to drink the same stuff at university parties.


(Photo: Producteurs Plaimont Le Faite Saint Mont blanc)

Going down far too easily, with a first course of piri-piri squid and roast peppers, and a main course of garlic roast chicken. The blend is usually made up of (ISTR) equalish parts Gros/Petit Manseng and Courbu and I think in certain years there’s a touch of Arrufiac.

Naturally high, lemony acidity, with a fat pineapple-with-a-touch-of-aniseed middle, which I’m not sure whether it gives the impression of some residual sugar, or it actually has some, but it effortlessly achieves both concentration and refreshment in equal measure. Still youthful at 6, I think it could probably go the distance. :yum:


With a porcini and pancetta risotto came a star turn which was the prefect foil.


Glorioso by name and nature! Lots of oak and a good balance of fruit. Everything you want from a reserva Rioja. A steal at £12.



My first ever contribution to one of these drinking threads so please excuse what I’m sure are very clumsy tasting notes, but here goes…

Bottle of Bin #011 very kindly given away by TWS be as part of a competition a few weeks back. Finally got around to opening while we’re away for a week in Northumberland.
As suggested drank it chilled (about half an hour out of the fridge so it wasn’t completely dumb). Nose fairly muted, notes of red fruit and lightly cooked plum, something slightly confected and reminiscent (to me at least) of basic beaujolais! In the mouth it’s all light, juicy, refreshing fruit, more cooked plums, a touch of tannin and nice balancing acidity stops it being too jammy.

Very nicely accompanied a slightly spicy lamb tagine and I can well imagine it going well with a bbq. Very buvable but probably not a rebuy as not quite my thing. Definitely something a little out of the ordinary though


An excellent Chardonnay. Great purity of fruit and well judged oak

Cheers all!


Opened my last Chianti Rúfina Riserva, Villa di Vetrice 2015 last night

Sadly it was a little disappointing. TWS had 2022 as the end of its drinking window and this time they do not appear to have been too conservative. I had a bottle about 5 months ago that was still lovely but it is now really feeling a bit tired. Very much brick red in colour and altogether a bit lacklustre on the palate.

Oh well there’s always a risk of keeping wines too long and sometimes you’ll get caught out!


Ooops, thank you @Inbar :blush:

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A rare tuesday night tipple for me. We opened a bottle of Vouvray Sec, Domaine Tania & Vincent Carême 2019 which is a favourite of mine.

This bottle was a bit… off? maybe. On opening it wasn’t as aromatic as it usually is and had something that in retrospect was probably a bit bretty and VA. Either way it wasn’t the “precise” (to use the TWS description) Chenin Blanc I am used to. Thankfully it blew off to leave a decent amount of stone fruited joy, but not the stunner that I’ve experienced with previous vintages. Hopefully a bad bottle rather than extreme vintage variation. I have a case in reserves so I’ll find out one way or another at some point.


Hellish day at work – thank god everything has an end! :exploding_head:

Started the evening with this German Sekt from the Rheingau:

Riesling Brut, Künstler 2018

Well… this is a little disappointing, if I’m honest. The nose is fresh (lemons, elderflower, a touch of lees-y breadiness) the palate is quite vivacious with citrus and lemon biscuit, but the finish is short. It goes down and… that’s pretty much it. There are better Crémants out there for half the price. Perhaps I’m having an odd day – who knows :woman_shrugging:

This, on the other hand, is heavenly! :heart_eyes:

Sylvaner, Réserve Millésime, Domaine Rolly-Gassmann, Alsace 2019

Bought following recommendations on the forum, after being smitten by Trimbach’s old vines Sylvaner we purchased cellar door last year. This wine shows just how fab Sylvaner can be when done well.

Beautiful twinkling (medium) gold, the nose is a joyous melange of baked apples, wet stones, delicate acacia honey and floral notes (jasmine, apple blossom). Rich and bold on the palate, with similar notes of baked apples, ripe pears and honey, but there is also a touch of fresh apricot, mandarin zestiness and crystallised Ginger.

Off dry and plush – this is nectar to combat Weltschmerz! :ok_hand: :hearts:


First of the summer. Thanks to my good friend Geoff for the pastis, direct from Leclerc in Beaune.


Thought I would pop one of the Barbarescos on the list recently (Produttori del Barbaresco 2018).

I have to say I am a total novice with Barbaresco but I think I will be trying a bit more after this bottle. Beautiful fragrant nose, tannins definitely there but very much in check. The tasting note says rose, black tea and orange bitters. I would agree with that.

Very enjoyable.