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Weekday drinking thread [30 Sep to 3 Oct 2019]


Started this bottle from the Tokara mixed case… what can I say, it is soft, beautifully drinking now, still plenty of fruit. Best Cab Franc I have had in a while. Also great with a quick midweek supper of pan fried chipolata, Charlotte potatoes and courgettes.

What are you drinking this midweek.


Just to say that so far this case feels like a steal for £125, both the white and the CabFranc are great, still to try the red Director’s Reserve. South Africa does it again… I know some people are reluctant, I am a firm convert now. Will be keeping my eye peeled for more Mokes Mossop wines in the future. There will actually be a dinner with him in York for those North of Stevenage… :wink:


A glass of 10 year old malt to fight a rather early winter cold…though the temperature here today is very autumnal!


The husband is making some Chicken Chasseur tonight, so I decided to open a Romanian 2018 Fetească Neagră, from ASDA Wine Atlas range (£5.25!) We recently really enjoyed the white counterpart, and this is even more enjoyable!

We give it 10/10 on the value for money criterion; medium ruby, the nose has bramble, red plum and ripe cherries, alongside distinct peppery, earthy notes.

The palate bursts with floral notes (violets), ripe cherries and blackcurrants all balanced by good amount of acidity and mellow tannins. Quite a long finish, too. Eminently quaffable, but also interesting and unique – what a find! If you like Cab Franc, Beaujolais, Zweigelt, even Schiava (guilty as charged!) give it a go!

I think it was @NeilS who piqued my curiosity about this one – so thank you! And thank you @winechief, of course! :wink:


You and me both, @szaki1974! I really cannot think of a SA bottle that disappointed me. Some positively wowed me!


Really cannot think of one I have liked. Just received a bottle of Fairview Bushvine Cinsault after reading your review, so this may be the one. :+1:


I’m still on the Mendoza Semillon from last Thursday :rofl:




Or methuseleah?

I’ll get my coat…again!


I know what you mean Gordon, but I’ve had a few decent ones too.


Just noticed what you did there.


No pressure, then…! :flushed:



Day 2 of this ripe and punchy Beaujolais:

I can understand people not liking the 2015 Bojos for being too big and ripe, not classic etc, but this is tasty juice. Still primary with prominent tannins, lots of cherry cola and menthol, but quite elegant and fresh with it. Softer today than yesterday. I’ve got a couple more and look forward to drinking them in a few years (or more likely, months).


Two Weeks ago i suffered an attack of gastric flue and lost 10 ibs in three days , I managed to keep it off .This week i have been dieting and have lost another 4lbs i hope to loose another half stone.
I have been drinking in moderation half a bottle of the Portuguese Old Vines in Young hands and half a bottle of Exhibition Fleurie. We share two bottles a week between us.


Ridiculous wine for the money. One I keep returning to. Came last in a wine tasting I ran for some friends but, you know, pearls before… etc. In their defence, they chose a Baron de Ley Reserva 2010 as their favourite, just ahead of a John X Merriman Rustenberg. Perhaps it was a testament to the opposition but I still think the Romanian is the pick of the bunch.

For me, last night I finished off a 2008 Vina Ardanza Reserva which is coming along nicely. Lots of evolution, complex and savoury.

Tonight I’m enjoying a Sagemoor Farms Cab Sauv, 2013, part of a VCP New World allocation. I’m very pleased with it. Not at all green but lush, ripe and just right for the weather. Cheers all.


I don’t usually drink during the week but things have been so hectic recently that I succumbed. I didn’t want anything too challenging and find that, for such occasions, Californian Pinot Noirs are just perfect. So, tonight, a La Crema Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir 2015, a winemaker, whose wines I drank regularly, when I lived in New York, in the 1990s and when they were considerably cheaper.

This was lovely, ripe cherries, smooth but with a hint of spice and a longer finish than I recalled. Less sweet than many Californian pinots but none the worse for it. I purchased this from Amazon for £23.99 and think that this is good value for what is a delicious wine. I would definitely purchase again.


On the VFM theme I’m drinking a Tesco Finest Saint Mont which I’ve been maturing for several weeks. About a fiver I think. I thought it might be a bit like a Cauhapé and it is really, in a sort of de-tuned version. Light and fresh, lemon and peach. Not very cerebral, but quite enjoyable. Well worth the cost!



Funnily enough, my other half said as much. He absolutely loved and enjoyed this one, but said “I bet some would struggle to like it”… But maybe it’s because we know too many people who prefer full bodied, high in RS fruit bombs… Or perhaps I’m a bit unkind.


If it’s the 2013 reserve red it is cracking.