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Weekday drinking thread [30 Jul- 2 Aug 2018]



I know it’s only 10.30, but surely we need a weekday drinking thread? :blush:
So… what will you be drinking this evening (or lunch time)? And did you have anything nice yesterday?

We will be having a Bordeaux Blanc this evening, with some mackerel on the ‘BBQ for 2’. The sun is out, so why not. We’ll be having a Dourthe ‘Terroirs d’Exception’ Roqueblanche:


I bought it in Waitrose a few weeks back, but strangely can’t find any info about it - they are showing another Dourthe on their website. The only websites which come up with info about this specific one are Japanese. A bit baffling! But anyway… I love Dourthe - they are always fresh and citrusy and floral, and go so nicely with fish. Looking forward to it very much!
Now to hear what you’ll be drinking… :clinking_glasses:


I had half of this yesterday… there is some discrepancy between the Jancis Robinson and TWS tasting notes. I am on the side of TWS on this one. There is a peach burst and lingering oak, but do not find it heavy at all. I am not sure about seared scallops as noted in the TWS description, but was a wonderful sipping wine while watching tv.


I had this last night:

To celebrate a year in our house. Also used my new champagne glasses which made a world of difference! Tasted delightfully fresh and lemony.


Tiring day yesterday as a volunteer with the 3Choirs Festival in Hereford. Rewarded during the day with a heavenly choral concert from Tenebrae…then home to a ready chilled…


@szaki1974 It was tasting Condrieu for the first time some 15 years ago at a Jereboams “wine tasting for beginners” that made me realise there was more to white wine than supermarket Sauvignon Blanc, and the first time I was really thrilled by a white. Not looked back since!


@tom Can I ask what make your new champagne glasses are? I’m on the hunt for some new ones too!


Yes, I second @Benlarpent’s interest in the Champagne glasses, Tom!

Think Mr Laura and I will be having a glass of this to help finish it up after we opened it at the weekend:

Sooooooooo gooooooooooooooooood. :heart_eyes: As an aperitif, but also lovely to chuck in the dinner, depending on what you’re having - it really adds a gorgeous extra level of savoury flavour.


I absolutely LOVE this Palo Cortado, @laura! It’s easily the best one I’ve had. I can’t think of a better aperitif, either. Need to get some urgently!! :star_struck:


No wine this weekend as working but Monday was a day off so opened up a bottle!

Rare choice for us but went for a Rose! We opted for the Miraval Rose 2017 which has a surprising level of complexity. Only popped it in the fridge for around 30 minutes just to lightly chill it then into a decanter. Seemed to release quite a bit of flavour - mainly gooseberry, rose and a hint of cabbage (Cabernet Sauvignon style) on the nose; with mature ripe gooseberry, wild strawberry and an acidic dry crispness on the tongue; before a slight warming at the back of the throat.

Not what we expected from a rose - I suppose the aisles and aisles of cheap nasty rose have tainted our ideas of rose. This bottle was from M&S as a trial to see if worth buying more from TWS. Trial passed, our next order will include some and thankfully it will be cheaper too.


The sooner that realisation comes the better… for me it must have been a Bourgogne Blanc by Anne Parent… much more recent vintage.


It was a good day, though my bank balance has suffered ever since.


Lovely ripe fruit and tannins. This apparently is a new wine and I’m very impressed with the structure,balance and plenty of flavour.


I’ve been using Riedel Vinum glasses for years and I like them, but getting a bit fed up with having so many different glasses and wanted to do some experiments to see if I can find a range that will be good enough for all wines so I can manage my shelf space better. First stop is the Spiegelau Authentis range which was on offer recently on Amazon and included their Bordeaux, White and Champagne glasses. My previous flutes were all found on the side of the road so it’s about time I upgraded. There may be better champagne glasses, but these ones are such an improvement and it’s not a style I drink a lot of anyway so I’m happy with the upgrade - the shape reveals a lot more of the aromas. They are also pretty sturdy and I get the impression will survive a few knocks.

Incidentally there seems to be two shapes on Amazon but they are the ones in this set:


Needing something crisp and zesty to stimulate the salivary glands on an increasingly sweaty day. A bit of rain has given my once proud sward a tinge of green to its browness but it seems Australian weather is headed back again. At least that means more wine tasting instead of grass cutting.


The Dourthe was great! And a perfect match to the fish: zingy, floral, citrusy and with a flinty minerality on the medium to long finish. My other half reckoned it was his favourite recent Sauvignon Blanc. Bordeaux Blanc seems to offer such value for money, yet seems to fly under the radar. Great stuff! :+1:


Picked up a half bottle of this after popping in to M&S for some veg to have a cheers to myself for passing the WSET Level 3 with Merit!:champagne: It was on offer for £7.50 (presumably as they’re no longer stocking it) and pre-chilled so however it tastes - although hopefully nice - I’d call it a win!




Well done! Level 3 with merit sounds like you’ve worked hard and deserve a whole bottle to me!


Level 3 with merit definitely deserves a whole bottle!
I, on the other hand, am opening a bottle of this just because I survived a Wednesday…


I’m pacing myself this week as it’s my Dad’s 60th on Friday so the weekend’s going to be a big one!