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Weekday drinking thread [3 to 6 January 2022]

Back in the UK and had a little craving for red Burgundy. Given home stocks have been depleted in December had to make do with a white Trevallon. It is drinking beautifully now and paired perfectly with a winter tomato and burrata salad, which it had no right to pair perfectly with… They are a delight, acidic, savoury and umami, some of the best tomatoes I have had in a while.

Definitely need more white Trevallon in my life. What are you drinking this midweek?

PS: No dry January.


Moving to more prosaic bottles, now that the Bacchanalian abandon is over. Thankfully, though, pleasure and enjoyment are still on the menu - judging by this Fronton:

A perfumed nose of violets, iris, orange peel, plums, blackberries and medicinal clove are followed on the palate with notes of blueberries, red plums, smoked bacon, spice, violets and Seville oranges. It’s light enough to be sleep-friendly (13%) and acidity is positively bright and appetising.

As one of the reviewers on TWS website commented – this is likely to be a marmite wine. It’s quite unusual in its flavour profile, but seems to us a quaffable and very much a food wine. Baharat-spiced chicken and rice for dinner, will – I think – work nicely with this wine.

Back to work tomorrow… the less said on the subject the better! :zipper_mouth_face:

Happy 2022, one and all! :clinking_glasses: :grinning:


I said I wasn’t going to open this until February, but with the countdown clock ticking, this is in the decanter for later (with Venison Haunch, beetroot, blackberries and celeriac)…

Which, on initial decanting throws a huuuge amount of sediment, smelt like wet dog (aargh), but then seems to have settled down to burnt mushrooms with dried roses, a whiff of red fruit and earth. Will report back whether it falls apart or grows in stature.

And we’re just starting on this, to accompany our scallops/crab/pink grapefruit and watercress starter…

Which, for my money, is Henri Ramonteu’s best-executed Jurançon Sec - a touch of grapefruits and other citrus, white pepper possibly some residual sugar. I find his Sève d’automne and La Canopée Cuvées just a bit too hedonistic, and have to ration my consumption of them. And really, as his major competition - Alain Brumont, Serge Dagueneau, Producteurs Plaimont - all have shied away from 100% Petit Manseng dry wines, in favour of blends. I wish he would do the same, and concentrate on making this his non-plus-ultra.

Just over 24 hours to you-know-what :smiley:


I bet the latter, even though there were no wet dogs when we tried this.


Wet dog appears that have blown off. To be replaced by above smells plus spice cupboard (my OH said it reminded her of armpits after a curry, I’m not sure if this is a compliment), but at the moment at least it seems not to be faulty. But we’re an hour away from consumption yet :smiley:


My self - imposed clamber aboard the Wagon has commenced this evening; the aim, like you, is to do 4 weeks.

I have become rather partial to this though.

But I have yet to imbibe an AF wine which I seen the point of let alone have remotely enjoyed; so I’m going to study the long - running thread AF wine recommendations and do some research.


Ooh, now then, can the jury give a verdict on whether 0.5% constitutes alcohol free? :smiley:

Under the eyes of the law, if I recall correctly, it is. But morally?

(Where can it be purchased from BTW?).


Absolutely morally acceptable. I think most AF beer is marked as 0.5%? It certainly kept me going during last year’s dry January as I discovered that many AF beers are actually drinkable, some almost enjoyable.

AF wine is another story though…


These people have an excellent range and usually lots of offers.

My all-time favourite AFB is Adnams 0.5% Ghost ship, but it comes in 500ml which is quite a serving for the evenings


l adore Negrette. Agree with your TNs; and usually I also get iodine with those parma violets and a young vintage does it best. Very distinct palette of flavours, and surprising it isn’t more mainstream - I’ve only found it in wines from Fronton (just up the road from Toulouse)

A big stock-up day out from my place just east of Tarbes is a Limoux, La Clape, Saint Sardos and Fronton round trip.


Have you seen they also do cans? They’re only 330ml.



I’ve heard good things about that one, so will give it a go. Likewise, I’m doing dry January ( slight cheat, only started today). Kombucha I like, have found fruit vinegar (raspberry) to be a good wine substitute once you have got over the vinegar smell. The Jukes bottles are also good.

My extra cunning plan this year, has been to empty the wine & spirits cupboard and put it all in a box in the garage. Less temptation.

Fortunately this year it’s a straight 4 weeks, for some unfathomable reason it was 5 weeks last year.


Interesting to read this; Sainsburys do a Negrette rose, which I pick up when I can.

Cheap & cheerful, but I would say cheap and very very cheerful! Not to everyone’s tastes, as I’ve discovered - it does seem to have a pretty strong taste, including liquorice, which I actually really don’t normally like - but certainly very much to my tastes for strong characterful roses. I will snag some of this one for sure.

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Looking forward to the spilling of the tasting-beans, @Tannatastic :~}

I almost opened one of these myself earlier this evening, following our terrific win at Old Trafford and having very nearly finished my Xmas “holiday” marking marathon today too, but held off with not having time to decant it etc. Sounds just as well, with “armpits after a curry” not being quite what I had in mind for this evening.

I opted for a St. Péray instead, and most exceedingly lovely it is too. Not an armpit to be detected.

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Ah, yes! This was the very first rose made from Negrette I tasted. I always associate it with the late community member @onlyawino, as he was very fond of it and recommended it regularly. An acquired taste, as you suggest, though I certainly enjoyed the ones I had. Haven’t seen one in Sainsbury’s for a while now, though.

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I’ve opened one of these beauties this evening - a 2015 Domaine Bernard Gripa St. Péray Les Figuiers. With some left-overs roast chook etc.

Classic blend of the usual suspects, and really very lovely indeed - rich inviting colour, delicious & enticing aromas of chamomile, honey, fruit & nuts, slightly dense & viscous, slightly oily, and tasting of similar stuff with a nice smooth oaky backdrop & just a slight end-bitterness to keep it all in line.

Curiously, it was pretty much ready to go from P&P, though it has fleshed out & improved even more with time in the decanter.

I’ve been hard at it with 12-hour marking-days since Boxing Day, so I’m not confident much of this one’s going to last for tomorrow. However, I’ve promised our boy a trip to Whipsnade tomorrow as he’s been a diamond while I’ve been working, so suitable moderation is unfortunately required :~}


Brewed in a pretty nice part of the world too I believe.


I’m really confused by the rules, but I thought one had to isolate, not go out shopping and not going out for tests but getting tests delivered .

Huge amount of sediment in the bottom of the bottle - been standing up for two weeks prior to opening in anticipation of this, but the amount still shocked - not fine sediment either, very large ‘flakes’.

I thought at first it might be a faulty bottle - a cellary funk of wet dog greeted me on first decant, though the cork was well intact and didn’t have the telltale TCA-soaked aroma.

This blew off, to initially leave aromas of burnt mushrooms, dried roses, a will o’the wisp of sour red fruits, and earthiness.

Left a further hour (and more) these initial smells became overlaid with a very strong aroma of leather and dying roses, and a hint of curry leaf - though my partner described this as ‘armpits after a curry’(!).

Interestingly, the palate was very different from the nose, particularly from an hour in the decanter onwards, being refreshing and quite bright, with obviously an emphasis on the savoury, but with a hint of watery, slightly under ripe red fruits from the acidity and a slight watercress pepperiness.

Whilst I’m confident the bottle wasn’t faulty, I have my suspicions that it hasn’t been stored under optimal conditions. I’m not sure it’s worth me rating, though I think a better-stored bottle would have been a better proposition

I just entered this TN on CT, from our reflections on last night. I’m not sure it was an ideal bottle, certainly from a possible storage issue. To offset my slight disappointment with this bottle, I have a case of the 17’s arriving soon (hopefully), along with some '13 and '19 Paliokalias and '19 Dalamara (with a stark warning from the Greek vendor that they have no idea when they’ll arrive. That’s progress for you!).

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Sorry to hear you didn’t have an ideal experience with it -
I had two last year and they were both pretty high amongst my top wine experiences of the year. I’m considering getting more but would be sorely disappointed if the next didn’t live up to the previous heights.

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