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Weekday drinking thread [3-6 June 2019]



Opened a bottle of Rioja to savour over the week from the eto… Rioja is a bit of uncharted territory for me. While this is nice enough, not enough to make me a convert. There is definitely a lot going on… attractive blackberry fruit, high acidity, lingering tannins… A bit rough and raw, probably having it way too young (not me, the wine). Still like the wine’s story, even if no wooden box (as still stated in the blurb).

Still not bad for a Monday night… Pataille Marsannay 2014 is two thirds the price, enough said.

What are you drinking this midweek?

Midweek Drinking Thread [3 to 6 June 2019]

Also drinking Spanish, more modest but a pleasingly rustic £7.99 Lidl Albret Navarra Garnacha 2007 . Nice full bodied unoaked Garnacha, pretty classy considering the price. Dense with spice, strawberries and bramble. Not too alcoholic either.

I’m also sipping the last drop of this bargain sweetie, the lovely Samos Anthemis:


Nice for weekdays, but for more special times I prefer the Austrian cuvee’s of Blaufrankisch, St Laurent, and Zweigelt, which are available in the £15-25 range.


Opened, decanted, tasted, loved it…then totally spoilt the experience by eating blue cheese!
This rather gorgeous wine could not stand up to a good Shropshire Blue.
So…saved for tonight.


Opened this last night:

As delicious as expected. Probably still a good few years left but the fruit and tannins are well balanced now. Leather, liquorice and spice; a lovely rich glass very much in the style of a good Bordeaux. Must get some more…


Weeks seem to fly by at the moment… or perhaps that’s what happens when you count them in drinking threads!

Strange weather today – hoping the sun will show its face tomorrow. Anyway, we’re pretending we’re in Greece, and have opened this delightful 2017 Malagouzia/Assyrtiko offering from Apostolos Thymiopoulos:

We got this in one of the sales in M&S – it’s usually a tenner, but we paid £6 or so, and boy! It’s worth every penny. The nose is peach, nectarine, honeysuckle and some lemon too. Something spicy in the background as well. On the palate it is a mixture of pear, peach, tangerine, and delicate honey notes. The acidity from the Assyrtiko is nicely complemented with the more honeyish, peachy Malagouzia. A marriage made in heaven (or in Thessaloniki, to be more exact). Strangely, it reminds me a bit of Pinot Grigio from Alto Adige or Friuli :thinking:

We’re having this with black cod- I’ve got a good feeling they’ll get on nicely.


M&S really comes into its own when they do their sporadic 1/3rd off deals! The reduced Co-op made Chablis 1er Cru is really decent too!


Had this last night with a simple spag bol

So very drinkable


Aaah nothing like the smell of wet dog to waken up the nostrils :see_no_evil:. Opened this tonight in the vague hope that summer may yet make an appearance in the North East :weary::weary:… it’s literally pouring from the heavens …! Anyway … looks like the dog approves :wink:.


Very classic Pauillac style from this second wine of Château Pichon Lalande. Found the mid-palette a bit thin on opening but settles with some air time. Young and will reward a few years in the cellar, I think. I’m on the look out for 2012 vintage of this wine. Got this one from Lay & Wheeler @ £34 or so…


I’ve recently become a covert to Rioja mainly through the wines of Muga that seem to suit my palate well (previously I’d been a Rhone fan and still am). Muga do various ranges some of which TWS sell. Their top range Prado Enea I had at Christmas and it was superb (with beef). For everyday drinking I really like the Riserva around £15


Not drinking much this week as a bit under the weather, but after some diy in the garden room which required me to remove all my wines, I set about tidying everything back up… only to knock over a bottle of Raspail-Ay 2014 in the process :frowning: Now I only have 3 bottles. The smell was wonderful, the sight of all that lovely juice spilling everywhere not so much.


Is it frowned upon to direct members to other retailers? If not, give Majestic’s Definition Rioja Reserva a try. It’s made by La Rioja Alta and there’s probably still a bit of the excellent 2010 sloshing around but the 2013 is also v. good.


There’s a few around on the internet:

:smiley: :wink:


Got a couple of bottles of this as part of one of the mixed cases on offer. Opened one with lamb kebabs and grilled peppers/onions. Excellent, particularly at the offer price, and definitely back on form after what I thought was an odd 2015 vintage. Every other vintage I’ve had has been good…and this is back to where it was before.

One rather bizarre matching suggestion for food on WS page…avocado with prawns?? No, just no…assume that is a gremlin…


No, you are free to discuss other retailers here . The community is inclusive :+1:


A potentially foolish combination of the Howard Ripley German en primeur 2018 tasting followed by the Wine Society New Zealand wine tasting yesterday actually worked out very nicely indeed.

Too many delicious wines on show to mention, but my increasingly spidery notes were deciphered this afternoon and I was able to take advantage of the 10% discount for the WS wines at the tasting to include in an order for delivery on Friday (by which time I should have recovered for another glass or two).

Particular stand-outs at Howard Ripley were wines by Zilliken from the Saar.


This evening, after a torrid day in the office, I’m tucking into the first of a case of:

Bought from Clos & Cru (now rebranded to Elicite).

A little premature perhaps, but chock full of blackcurrants in a cigarbox, a sniff of caramel, and chalky tannins. This might go gang busters in a few more years!


Well, after many months and lots of tearing our hair out, we finally exchanged on our next house move. We’ll be sad to move on from our current home but the lure of the next place was too great

Exchanged late this afternoon so hastily grabbed something from the cellar to celebrate!


Oh wow @NickP! That seems to have taken for absolutely ever !! :see_no_evil:! Well a massive congratulations to you both and a great choice ! Hope everything is smooth from here on in :slight_smile:!