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Weekday drinking thread [29th Oct - 1st Nov]


Bit gutted this has sold out since ordering as should have laid down a case. Very dense, lovely citrus flavours - food wine though, weighty and serious.


Austerity is over delivery from TWS on Friday…mix of Southern Rhone and Languedoc Roussillon…


Oh, I’ve had the red Marsannay from this producer but never tried their white wine! Will look out for future vintages.

We had a bottle of this:

I wasn’t expecting much for claret at that price but it did impress me! Not exactly super complex but loooovely balance and very pleasant to drink.

Let us know what you think of your upcoming selection, @onlyawino! :smiley:


Steady, don’t believe everything Spreadsheet Phil tells you :wink: Have you had confirmation from Mrs Onlyawino…


Drank this over Monday and Tuesday:

After enjoying a thoroughly friendly and decent 2012 a year or two ago, I thought this would be a dead cert. I suspect it will be in time, but it definitely wasn’t coming out to play at this stage in its life. Quite woody, a bit closed and grumpy, a hefty tannic pow - even on day two - but there was something in among it all that gave me hope that my second bottle will be more fun, as long as I leave it for a few years.

I suppose I was a little taken aback because it’s a £9 right-bank claret, so my assumption was that it would be ready for action. I mean, if this price point is unyielding, what must my other 2015s be like right now…??


I’ll come clean, I’ve declared UDI on MrsO…I think,I’ll be ok coz she loves red and hasn’t past a derogatory comment regarding my choice previously.
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Half bottle of Gigondas Domaine Raspail Ay 2015
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Ollieux Romanis Capucines Pays de l’Aude Blanc 2017

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Worth knowing; I have one of those, so I guess I’ll hold onto it for a year or two. For the price TWS have a pretty long drinking window for it - up to '24 - so I guess it shouldn’t be too surprising.


More so! (That’s been my experience of a couple of reliably accessible minor clarets of this vintage).


Yeah, to be honest I didn’t even look at the drinking window until I did that little write-up just now. I’ve just moved my remaining bottle from the Drink Now rack to the Not Just Yet rack.

Looks like my case of Cantemerle is going to be pushed back from mid-life-crisis-tipple to retirement-party-nightcap.


One of our favourites at last night’s tasting was a 2009 Cantemerle. Savoury, well structured with spice and menthol notes… such a lovely wine! :ok_hand:


Ah yes, I’ve been eyeing that up for a while now! Which means that it’ll sell out just before I finally decide to treat myself to a couple of bottles…


Exactly my method of purchase. Saves me a fortune!


Ooh, I’d love to know what you think of this one in particular - I had the 2013 earlier this year and it was diviiiiiiiiiine! :smiley:

Tonight we’re going to my Portuguese friend’s house - she’s not a huge wine geek but she does like a bit of red so I’m taking her a bottle of this to try:


You might be taking a risk there… there seems to be significant bottle variation and even if it is a particularly good bottle it is a bit of a wine lover’s wine…


Thanks for the tip! Got to be honest, my family and I have drunk about two cases of the stuff in the last year or so since we started stocking it (all bought in odd bottles from the Showroom here and there over a long period of time) and they’ve all been magnificent! :slight_smile: But I have a back-up bottle in case :wink:


A bit late to the virtual wine tasting (and the wrong vintage) but tonight I’m having a couple of glasses of

which should go pretty well with a chicken thigh, leek, courgette, and white bean assemblage I’ve made in the instant pot. First booze for 10 days because of a nasty stomach bug last week then a set of night shifts, and it is tasting delicious!

Happy Wednesday, all!


This for us tonight

Lovely licorish, spicy mouthful. Uncomplicated delight for midweek drinking.


Trying a glass of this, please excuse the fuzzy photo:


It’s a Collines Rhodaniennes from Cave de Tain, bought elsewhere - thought it was worth a punt for a tenner. Reliable co-operative plus ding-dong vintage…

But hrrhmm first impressions aren’t great. Slightly sludgy nose at first, and I’m not sure what they’re trying to do here. It doesn’t smell of much, to be honest, but if I try hard, it’s like spiced barbecued blackberries avec un peu de merde. Bit cleaner on the palate, with enough acidity to sweep out the stables, but no tannic frame to speak of here and almost no finish. Unless it improves with air, it’s a D minus.


Am I being harsh? Am I expecting too much of this wine? I’ve never encountered it before, but Cave de Tain are usually alright; those bottles of Crozes they churn out by the zillion tend to be pretty decent everyday examples of their appellation anyway.

I’ll give it a few more swirls and see…


It’s half-term and I think I’ve done quite well to last until Wednesday. Opened this after the evenings high excitement “trick or treat”-ing:

…it really is very satisfying!


Good work. This half term, I decided not to even try :grimacing::tired_face::wine_glass::wine_glass::sleeping: