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Weekday Drinking Thread [28th Aug - 30th Aug 2018]


Have not drank very much over the weekend, so tonight I’m sharing this with my Dad. He has been eyeing it inquisitively since I arrived last Wednesday :wink:

My Dad is a GREAT cook and he’s made a stuffed porksteak to go along with it.
It was light and full of fresh berry fruit. Very nice.

:star: Win a Community fine-wine favourite: 200-word writing competition

Clearing up from the weekend - finishing off.


Last day of my Mum’s visit today so cooked up a venison stroganoff and found something nice to match

It’s a good one. Heather, berry and menthol nose. Blackberry and blackcurrant palate with a herby end. Nicely aged and glad we opened it now


Tonight in my quest to find the best wines at bargain basement prices, I am mainly drinking


this wine gets a silver medal and 96 points in the latest Decanter wine awards.
Firstly I have to say I have been averse to buying any Austrian wines since the anti freeze scandal

it at the time was more widespread than came initially to light and hardly encouraged the purchase of Austrian wines especially as the ones affected the noble rot variety were the ones I had previously purchased, only two or three bottles in total.
Still bygones be bygones and on the strength of the Decanter and other critics reports I took the plunge and purchased a couple of bottles.
It is so long since I have drunk this wine/grape I had no idea what to expect outside of the tasting notes, yes it has a distinctive nose quiet floral though I have to say not that attractive, and yes there are stone fruits in the mouth and a strange sort of spice/ acidity aftertaste, some may well like and think this is something special, for me no, it is another relatively obscure grape that doesn’t match the hype, 96pts ? they must be joking and that is allowing for subjectivety.
And that sadly leads to the way that these giant awards events mark their wines, the ever upward thrust in points, is it really justified, not in my book.


Tonight we are really enjoying this

Uncomplicated McLaren Vale GSM. Very tasty :yum:


I think I’ll leave an instruction in my will that this phrase should be carved onto my gravestone.


I’m not quite sure how it’s happened, but I’m finding myself on an Aussie Shiraz kick at the moment. I really enjoyed a bottle of Peter Lehman Portrait from Waitrose last week, and will try the Hill & Valley in my next TWS order. Tonight I’m trying the budget option:
Pretty fantastic for the money I’ve got to say. It’s not got as much going on as the Lehman, and is maybe a touch sweet. That’s nitpicking though really at under £6. Blueberries, plums, blackberries, hint of liquorice, maybe some dark chocolate and pepper. Crying out for barbecued T-bone. Juicy and fun!


Red ocre is a perennial favourite. Need to buy some soon. I agree a great uncomplicated red.


My dad would have been 70 today; alas, he didn’t even reach 60 - he died from a sudden heart attack at the age of 58. I have no plans to follow in his footsteps any time soon, I can assure you.

I thought I ought to open a bottle of sparkling to celebrate what would have been a milestone for a complex, hilarious but also deeply serious and emotionally tuned man. But as he was a non-drinker, he wouldn’t have cared less about what I would open tonight. So instead, sticking with an uncomplicated - but hopefully fun, red:

Here’s to the most generous human being I’ve ever known! :clinking_glasses:


I dread to think what will be carved on mine !


Last day before flying back from holidays. In the balcony in my parents’ Budapest flat, drinking a fantastic 2015 Juhfark from Kreinbacher. It is light as a feather, but it has a lot going on. Perfect in this summer heat. It has citrus fruit, slate (yes I hate this word, too), nice backbone of acidity and a hint of oak. Reminds me a bit of an aged dry Riesling. I think I like this style better than the Kolonics and definitely better than colonics…


4 year wedding anniversary last night so had barbecued thick cut sirloin, chips, peppercorn sauce and asparagus with this Cab Shiraz blend (2005) - liquid silk with a long, long finish.


This is mine over last night and tonight. I couldn’t decide what to drink, and i just thought ‘well, I bought it to drink it. So why not now’.

It’s lovely and rich and so very good PN. Just showing some bottle age.


Congratulations, @winechief! :tada:


The courier had finally arrived! A very small order, but really excited about the 2014 Swiss Cornalin and the Vermentino di Gallura!!


A small but perfectly formed selection. Do let us know how the Mac Forbes is. I need to 1) get my head around the nomenclature of the range (I get the principal, just haven’t got my head around how low I have to go for “dry”) and 2) buy some!!


Had these last night as eldest daughter had cooked a lovely Lebanese lamb with meze- the Musar was fab and complemented the food well. The Rioja was velvety but could probably done with more time in the decanter as it still has a long life span. I will leave the others a few years longer, but needs must when you get back late from work and fancy something just a bit more than decent.


+1 on the mac forbes


Just trying this, which I think came from a recent supermarket sale


Very light colour, in fact almost colourless, with a light refreshing and slightly flowery taste, just off dry. Thoroughly enjoyable Kiwi SB with no hint of aggression. Looking forward to cod and baked courgettes shortly.


Surely that’s the thread on cars…?
Nice sounding wine though :wink: