Weekday drinking thread [28 September to 1 October 2020]

Hush your dirty mind :laughing:

Sin is the opposite of Con in Spanish.

Thus we had Chilli without (sin) meat(Carne),

And with pure thoughts :wink:


I think more like sins of the flesh :wink:

but of course @peterm 's explanation is also plausible


Enjoyed this last evening with duck breast, first of a case of 6. Perfect village Pinot, fresh raspberry fruit and a medium finish. Only 12.5% so excellent for a mid week tipple. Kicking myself for only buying 6.


Just a little postscript to add to this one. I know what the good folk at Rioja Alta et al said about decanting Riojas but this drinker begs to differ. I decanted half of the Ardanza into my eto and half into a stoppered half bottle. Last night I started the half bottle and it was smoother, rounder and altogether a more pleasurable glass. Not that it wasn’t good before, just that this double decanted glass was even better a couple of days later. An indication, I guess, that these 2010 Seleccion Especials have still got a good many years of life in them! :smiley:


Wines this week have been:


Very nice, Still very fresh, lovely mouthwatering acidity and purity of fruit. Oak well-judged, not overpowering at all. I think the drink date of 2021 is very conservative, but maybe that’s how I like it.

My first Coddington from Kumeu, I think I prefer it to Hunting Hill (but only tried the 2011 and 2012 vintages of that vineyard). I think it was on a bin end or something, £21 seems very keen.

Following a comment on the ‘he didn’t like it’ thread, I thought I’d revisit this vintage (though I only tried the 2017 before this and - 2 bottles). Lovely nose of wild strawberries with balsamic notes. Pale colour, delicate on the palate, but slightly layered and fine tannins. Perfect, uncomplicated midweek wine.


Yes @peterm , I wondered who might draw that conclusion. Domain Jones wine is however, hand picked from older vines, and there is quite a range of grape varieties available.


Domaine Jones Fitou is a blend of Carignan, Grenache & Syrah
Ch Trillol 2016 is a blend of 48% Syrah, 40% Grenache & 12% Carignan (the blend varies by vintage)

Both hand harvested

Domaine Jones Carignan is 110 years old, Grenache 80 years and Syrah 45 years
Trillol vines are ‘average 35 years old’

Jones is Fitou AOP, Trillol is Corbieres AOP

Trillol is £6.95 at TWS, Jones Fitou is £15.50

We’ll try the Trillol next week. As I said, it’s a difficult one. Do the Jones blend and old vines offer more than twice the pleasure of Trillol?

I suspect I’ll be buying both :slight_smile:

BTW - Trillol has a nice video of their vineyards


I have always found that green bottles rule over brown for acidity as far as German kabinetts etc are concerned. Mosel wines just seem to have that extra acidity I personally find lacking in Rhein wines. I know other folks may wish to differ.:slightly_smiling_face:


What does bottle colour signify? I’ve not noticed this before

Rhein wines come in brown bottles, Moselle wines come in green ones! :smiley:


Well I never. I had no idea


Ah yes, that’s right! It’s just brought back memories of going there 25+ years ago and that’s what we were told about green and brown. Lovely area.


Scurries off to check wine rack

Blow me down, it’s true. Not sure what Dr Herman are up to, looks like they can’t make their mind up.


Torture. I just want to drink them all.


Sorry, will there be a gin exception this weekend?

The Spatlese Trocken is getting drunk this weekend. The Dr Herman might last out the year if it is lucky. The others are a test of self-control and patience.

I don’t think I am going to win the test, but in many ways it’s a win-win scenario.


Having done the research, I’m sure won’t regret opening the Schloss Lieser whenever you crack. I’ve got one more bottle which I’m sure would be lovely in 2035, but why wait that long? By then we might be bartering for medicines in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, and I’m not sure its street value would be that high…


I have 2 bottles. I can wait. I CAN wait.

I can’t wait


Agreed, Mosel kabinetten can provide so much pleasure as young wines that I find them hard to resist. Your notes on the Goldtropfchen nailed those qualities beautifully.


Old faithful Thursday night before heading up north on hols.

Fruity and floral and more expressive than normal in 2016.

The carbonara was splendid. Ate around 9pm after finishing up work, scoffed without chance for photo, but had a lovely Tuscan Pecorino, a duck egg, and nearing the end of my hunk of guanciale.