Weekday drinking thread [28 September to 1 October 2020]

Well now.

Having thought I wasn’t that into kabinett rieslings, I opened this to test the theory.

It turns out I just hadn’t been drinking the right ones! The acidity is brilliant and offsets the sweetness perfectly, so it ends up as a complete whole with a long tingly sweet/sour taste along the lines of a lemon sherbet crossed with a lime sorbet, leaving you refreshed and ready for more. Delightful.

Unfortunately this has made me look again at the Germany EP offer, having requested two of the mixed cases so far (Dönnhoff dry and Prüm)…


Lay&Wheeler claim a drinking window from 2020 - 2045! I have 6 tucked away in the cellar.


If anyone has yet to avail themselves, I see that Majestic presently have this wine on offer alongside some other Spanish wines at £20 as part of their mix 6 offering.

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Yes I’ve ordered some. 4 of the Ardanza and a couple of others to make up the 6.

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Zoom whisky tasting tonight and no mixing the grape and the grain tonight


A seriously delicious WS Teroldego this evening:

We enjoyed the Nerofino Rosso Lagrein/Teroldego several times before, but this is a slightly more exuberant wine, I think.

Fruity, without feeling confected, spicy and with a savoury edge, and it certainly has the tell-tale freshness of red wines from Trentino. Only just showing a hint of brick on the rim, the colour is deep ruby and opaque. On the nose it is a mix of bramble, plums, tobacco, mocha and dried herbs. On the palate it is dense but fresh (not sure how, but there you go!), with blackberries - but also prunes, a touch of mocha, cloves and myrtle savouriness. Acidity is still quite pronounced, and tannins are firm and chalky in texture, but all feel in balance. There’s a lovely tanginess to the finish, which is very appetising!

All of this for under a tenner, and I suspect it could definitely go on for a few more years, and develop further… popped a couple more in my basket, so I can test this theory.

Well done TWS! :clap: :smile:


This went down well with a spicy pan-Asian chow mein…

…still in stock ( £8.50 ), a Roter Veltliner from Mantler. The strapline on the back label sums it up ‘honest-down to earth-good’. Uncomplicated but fruity nose, peach, apple and a squrt of citrus. The same notes are mirrored on tasting with notable freshness and drinkability. A wine for simple enjoyment that stands out from the crowd at its price point. 11.5% ABV is another plus. Lovely stuff !


Half bottle of Vinsobres Altitude 420 Domaine Jaume 2015 today, with kale and almond pesto fusillli and French beans. Need to look out for Jaume wines coming up in the list. Very satisfying.


Glass of this with some wonderful Indian snacks from Bristol Sweetmart (destination for South Asian food in the South West). Nice clean and not too strong lager.

Then a potato and chickpea curry with a glass of:

Decent P/G, not too heavy or with too much residual sugar, rich enough with good character. Lacks the intensity of some others I have tried but a good food wine that coped well with a mild curry.


This wine is amazing for the money.

Edit. It’s intense, fruity, new world and lovely to drink.


Thoroughly enjoying this:


Some might recall that I opened another Chenin from this mixed case a fortnight ago, and learned my lesson to give it some air. Duly done with this bottle as well! Very elegant and clean, but with honey and wax notes. Also plums and quince, I think. A slightly short finish, but overall a thoroughly scrumptious mouthful.


We had a bottle the other night, and I can only agree, very good value for money, and perfect for a midweek bottle at 11.5%. I felt it had a Loire-like sparseness or minerality angle to it.


Finished off last glass of the Soc NZ Chard and then, because it’s been another slightly difficult day, decided to open a bottle of J P Delaurier Saint Joseph 2005, which was, well, waiting to be opened.
I thought it might be shot, but in fact it’s very good. Lush very deep red colour, lots of raspberry and darker berry flavours. Smooth, soft, enjoyable. Medium finish. It’s only 12.5% alcohol, which seems a bit ridiculous now but I’m surprised it has kept so well for so long. Maybe lost a bit of power but highly drinkable. No idea where I got it.



Well, I opened another bottle of the Bohórquez 2010 yesterday and after last weekend’s horrific let-down I’m delighted to report that this one is fabulous. A deep, dark-fruited, generously-oaked expression of tempranillo; a complex cockle-warmer, just as lovely on day two :wine_glass:


Phew…! :sweat_smile:
Pleased for you :+1::wine_glass:


Result :yum::clap::clap::clap:


I also opened one last night - a great bottle.


Phew. Planning a pre-Christmas Bohórquez withdrawal and was watching your experiences with interest!


Seems we are having pasta with aubergine/tomato sauce and salad with garden tomatoes (while they last) every week, and of course with the no-brainer wine. So on Monday it was
2019 Casa Vinicola Roxan The Wine Society’s Montepulciano d’Abruzzo (Italy, Montepulciano d’Abruzzo)

Tuesday I opened
2017 Domaine Jones Fitou Vieilles Vignes (France, Fitou)
I bought this at a discount from Flagship Wines (TWS lists the same wine) which had organised a most informative and interested Zoom with Katie Jones. She walked down through her vineyards stopping and showing us the old vines that she uses.

@Jithotw - interesting your comment that Domaine Jones and Ch Trillol are within 15K of each other. After the unanimous praise here for Ch Trillol I collected a couple of bottles from Stevenage this week to see for myself. The Domaine Jones was very pleasant and Mrs M instructed me to buy more, but I can get two Trillol’s for the price of one Jones, so it’s a difficult one.

Wednesday I made a pizza, OO flour really does make a difference in the base, and we had one of Mrs M’s favourite white varieties
2018 Bruwer Vineyards Colombard Closilo Sandland (South Africa, Robertson)

Colombar(d) was widely planted in the Cape but most used for brandy and nowadays there are regrettably few varietal examples. This was lovely and shows yet again that these neglected varieties can make excellent wine when treated seriously.

Thursday was a Zoom tasting with my U3A wine group. The host had chosen wines from Franschhoek and Stellenbosch as the subject. I have a lot of Stellenbosch wines, but I decided to buy more :slight_smile: .

TWS has just released the 2018 vintage of Kanonkop’s Kadette Pinotage under the Exhibition label so I trolled up the A1 to Stevenage to pick up a six-pack.

Decanted and enjoyed before the Zoom with Chilli sin Carne and pitta and finished over Zoom this was very forward. lots of dense berry fruits. One other person had the 2017 vintage of this and another had a M&S Houdamond Pinotage 2017 (rebadged Bellevue Estate) and the Pinotages were scored highest.

2018 Kanonkop Pinotage The Society’s Exhibition (South Africa, Stellenbosch)

@inbar - I had that very same Teroldego earlier this month and enjoyed it. There’s a lot going on in it.

Welcome to this forum @JohnBarleycorn , hope you enjoy the community as much as I do.


Sinful meat? The mind boggles​:wink::grin: