Weekday Drinking Thread 26th - 29th June 2023

I realise that this entry should have been in the Weekend chat, but I was a bit slow in posting this. We were fortunate to host a dinner party with friends, this weekend. Here’s the food and wine pairings:

The Society’s Celebration Crémant de Loire 2019
Velouté of Smoked Bacon
Chorizo, Black Pudding and Goats Cheese Salad
The Society’s Exhibition Pouilly-Fumé 2019
Slow-Cooked Fillet of Beef Hungarian Goulash Parmentier Potatoes
Contino 936 Rioja Reserva 2016
Cheese Course
Accompanied by a selection of biscuits and
The Society’s Full Rich Madeira, 3 years old
Austrian Smoked, Roquefort, Roulé, Scottish Mild Cheddar
Royal Tokaji 6 Puttonyons Aszú 2016

The Contino 936 was phenomenal. I decided not to decant, and was glad I hadn’t, as this has become a more delicate oak infused wine, over the last two years. Delicious! Sadly, only two bottles left!

I hope everyone has some wonderful wines to enjoy, this week!


Beautiful, non-aromatic, lime, salty sea breeze, concentration, presence.

It’s my opinion now that this ready to rock - better slightly chilled I felt, but that’s as much a function of the weather (probably). It will comfortably age - and I’ll be keeping a bottle to do just that - but really, don’t deny yourself the pleasure. This is an excellent wine.

(And, I’ll add, I’m watching the simultaneously bizarre and incredible Rick Astley and Blossoms perform Smith’s songs at Glastonbury. Bizarre, and yet essential, viewing. Can they do it every year? :astonished: ).


I also thought they were fantastic! I scoffed at first, but man! I was singing along and swinging gladioli within 5 minutes… An exuberant performance! :ok_hand:


Channelling your inner Dame Edna?

(Sorry the Glastonbury reference is lost on me)

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Ah, good old Dame Edna… But no, I was channelling my inner Morrissey :grin:
Not sure why they both homed-in on Gladioli!


A friend told me it was good. I put it on to see the ridiculous spectacle. Now I’m converted.


Best thing at Glastonbury for me was The Gabriels . A Noilly-Prat and tonic to chill out on!


2014 Larose Trintaudon

First of these for a while. Medium garnet with some signs of maturity at the rim.

Really strong nose of cedar, earth and dark fruit. Juicy in the mouth, fairly high acidity, moderate tannins.
This is really good, better than other cru bourgeois 2014s I have had recently, such as Sénéjac. If you have any grab your corkscrew.


Hugel Classic Pinot Gris. This is turning out to be a lovely midweek half bottle. I think the trick is to let it open in the glass: pour chilled, let warm for a bit. Pear, honeysuckle, honeycomb, just a hint of lime leaf, some graininess and alcohol warmth. Mid + body, low acidity. Went well with some pork in a creamy sauce.


Really good. Nuff said.

Glasto - I liked Foos, always think they are a great “festival” band.
Rick Astley solo and with the Blossoms was great. Never gonna give you up was my favourite song as a young lad. That and Poison by Alice Cooper :metal:
GnR were awful! Band sound were good but his voice :-1:
Thought Blondie were very solid. As was Cat Stevens.
Felt sorry for Lewis Capaldi.
Liked Fred Again. Great atmosphere.
Fell asleep to Elton.


Agree, they should have got Rick Astley for the vocals

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Enjoyed some of the Haro haul ……opened about 75 minutes and although good the last glass was the best, rough edges disappear, oak recedes ever so slightly so it’s not front and centre….delicious with some lamb……


Just going through the full sweep of Glastonbury with a bottle of this…


Courteeners and Editors had real energy - I love the indoor stages, they seem to have better atmosphere (I remember The Killers absolutely killing it a few years ago inside on one of the surprise spots).

Lightning Seeds were also a nice blast from the past…

…but I think I’m going to give Rick/Stephen Astley/Morrissey another spin in a minute :grinning:

Wine is very nice by the way, better with food - Mozzarella and Bruschetta - with clean acidity and a nice mid weight for warmer evenings).


With regard to Glastonbury, the set from Queens Of The Stone Age blew me away and a masterclass in how to put on a show !

At the other end of my listening spectrum, Weyes Blood ( Natalie Mering ) provided something similar, albeit in a far more soothing way :slightly_smiling_face:


My friend has also made this recommendation - I’ve never really been a fan, but may give them a whirl now after two such reco’s :grinning:


With an albacore tuna bean salad came one out and then one back in…


Ah Ch Bauduc ! I had a couple of mixed cases from them in lockdown, and then a re-order. The rosé was to my mind the best of the bunch, and indeed sold out by the time I went back.

Great wine, and an interesting website. Unusually for a French vineyard they have their own distribution set-up in the UK so ordering is dead easy.

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A rare excursion into midweek drinking, but at the end of a long day I fancied something to go with our butternut squash risotto, so opened a Ruppertsberger Grauer Burgunder.


Bought as part of a mixed case a couple of years ago, and did the job of Tuesday quaffing very well. A little bit of spritz, some yellow fruit, light and uncomplicated. And TWS even suggests risotto as a pairing :-). (though that covers a multitude of dishes!)


Owned by an English family which provides the house Bordeaux wines to some well-known restaurants here - no connection with me.


Did you have a go at Royal Blood? I’ve not seen two musicians rip like that in a long time. Redefining “drums and bass”. All the vocals on point as well, and the pace is impressive.