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Weekday Drinking Thread [26-29 November 2018]



So, back in dear old Blighty, which is always lovely after being away. As they say in Swedish, ‘Borta bra men hemma bäst’.

We’ll be making some chicken with thyme and creamed leeks tonight, so will be opening this bottle (and a gorgeous bottle shape it is too! might save it as a vase!):

Monday is not a usual drinking day, but as didn’t drink Sunday (can’t do wine and flights) - I shall make up for it this evening!

Anyone else drinking this evening…? :blush::clinking_glasses:


Looks great @inbar! I’ve been to that part of France a few times and had no idea they made much wine! Do let us know what it’s like.

Sausage and veg casserole tonight, along with my final bottle of this - I will miss it dearly :sweat:


Well, nothing to write home about. Perfectly adequate for mid-week drinking, and certainly worked nicely with the food, but it was very understated.
The nose was pleasant and delicate (apple, a touch of honey and citrus), the fruit (pear, lemon, Granny Smith apple) was fresh on the palate, but the finish was short and left no real impression of the fruit, bar a sort of lemon pith bitterness. All in all we were both a tad underwhelmed.


Reminds me of my opinion of the Fiefs Vendéens Rosé. Really liked the bottle and label design, and the colour too in fact. The wine itself was okay but didn’t match my expectations and I was mildly disappointed.


Just having a glass of last Thursday’s Manzanilla. There’s a curious element of rice cracker on the palate that I’m sure wasn’t there before.


I don’t normally participate in the weekday drinking but the weather is dreadful and transportation issues has caused me to miss yoga. Also I needed space for my delivery so …

Outstanding. Burrier’s Beaujolais have yet to fail me. This is ripe and fruity and full of wild strawberry goodness. Can’t wait to tuck into the 2009 Moulin-á- Vent … !


Best excuse ever for Tuesday drinking :grinning:

A glass of the society’s Grüner Veltliner for me tonight :+1:


Enjoying a glass of what might be the bargain of the autumn:

Raspberries, cherries, plum (possibly slightly stewed), blackberries and a little toffee/caramel.
It’s really lovely :ok_hand:


Last night we decided to open this English Bacchus:

We bought it in the vinery, after a visit last summer - what a delightful wine! The nose was all spring hedgerow, with distinct notes of nettles and elderflower; lemon sherbet, and our friend the cat’s pee featured too. On the palate it was a symphony of citrus, kiwis and the other half also detected something lees-y. Medium to long finish, with a pleasant tingle of lime which lasted for ages.

It certainly exceeded expectations, though would have scored full marks if consumed in the garden with the sun as company. It did match our scallops dinner perfectly, though.

All hail English wines! :vulcan_salute::clinking_glasses:


Your starting to go all “Albert Hall” with these descriptions Inbar :rofl:


Got to use that Literature degree somehow…! :stuck_out_tongue:


Sounds Bacchus-ey. I always (= usually) think Bacchus sits somewhere between Sauvignon Blanc and Riesling, with an added slightly bitter twist at the end, and your note makes it sound that way too, with a bit of extra lees ageing.

The only midweek wine I’m likely to have this week (due to evening commitments) is this one -

We’ll see. Actually, come to think of it, I’m also out on Saturday and Sunday evenings as I’ve also got singing commitments then. I might not get any food let alone wine!


Have been off booze recently for various reasons, so did a raid on my local indie today. Starting with this:

Totally new blend to me, but it turns out Syrah and PN are a great combination. Plums, maybe even some black olives on the nose, but red fruits too, and some lively acidity which really lifts everything.

Also picked up some white Musar (2009), which is a total unknown to me. Any tips on food pairings much appreciated.


Parents evening this evening, after which we are planning to promptly open this wine:

It will accompany venison steak with mash (veggie alternative for the girl, of course!). Haven’t tried this particular one, but can’t remember the last time I was disappointed by a Costières de Nîmes - such an agreeable wine, so fingers crossed this will continue the trend.

Nearly the weekend… :clinking_glasses:


Currently in the midst of the second of our bi-annual alcohol free fortnights, so getting my vicarious hit by reading what folks are drinking. Back in the game at a port tasting (I can feel the hangover already !) on the 7th Dec. Until then


Evening all {think that was Dixon of Dock Green].

Opened this tonight:-

Even though it’s a little cold, on the nose blackcurrant, green pepper, coats the mouth well, with tastes of blackberries, cherry, touch of vanilla and a little spice. Straight out of the bottle excellent.

Enjoy whatever you are drinking tonight.


It’s a gorgeous cabernet for the money, and does really well with a bit of bottle age too.


Needed some Pinot Noir, so opened this bottle…

50cl transferred into a smaller bottle for the weekend, I am getting fresh strawberries, slightly under ripe, moreish. Very very young, the rest will need a long decant. A lot of promise.


Opened this in anticipation of a good Pizza, lots of ripe dusty damson fruit, good value will buy again.


Another old Oz red dragged from the depths after my 2 dry days


Still surprisingly dark coloured, almost black with no sign of rust even at the edges. On the nose dark cherry and black currant, with a sort of slightly medicinal eucalyptus aroma somewhere. In the mouth it’s very smooth and slightly sweetish, with more fresh raspberry coming through. Nice stuff.

Must say the old Oz corner of the cellar is proving much more rewarding than I expected. In this case impatience has led to rather poor decanting so it’s not quite as clear as it could have been. “Sedimentary my dear Watson”.