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Weekday Drinking Thread [25 to 28 July 2022]

Revisiting the white. Excellent wine, fresh for 2015, such a long finish. Judicious to evident oak. Present but balanced acidity. Brilliant

Finishing up the second half of the bottle with yet more Niçoise salad.


What happened to the sun? :thinking: I had to switch to long trousers…

Thankfully the wine is all sunshine and zest:

Aldi, Aspri Petra Assyrtiko, Florina, Macedonia, Greece, 2021

I bought this after a few very positive noises from forum members, and then this month’s Decanter also had an enthusiastic review from Olly Smith - so it seemed the right time to give it a go. And my! this is a stunner for the price! :star_struck:

The husband said he’s going back to buy a case. And we rarely ever buy anything by the case, so he’s clearly smitten :grin:

On the whole this is a rounder, richer, more peachy and honeyed example of Assyrtiko than a Santorini one. It delivers so much on the nose (lime, peaches, chamomile, citrus blossom, something a touch aniseed-y) and on the palate (ripe peaches, oranges and limes, honey, fennel and honeysuckle floral notes in the background).

There’s lively acidity - but nothing searing or sharp, and a tingling mineral note on the finish, with a twist of orange zest. Absolutely delicious! :ok_hand:

We’ll be drinking this with some pork souvlaki, side salads and flat breads. Perhaps our way to tempt the sun back… :grinning: :sun_with_face:


‘Gooseberry cider’ was my wife’s comment, which is a bit harsh, however we did have a glass of Fortnum’s Rose* last night, and although all comparisons are odious (I remember there was a character in Asterix called Odious Comparison) I take her point. Not so bad, but rather lumpy.

*See current wine offers thread.


Asterix - brilliant in any language!


I bought a bottle of that Aldi Assyrtiko last month (also on the back of praise on this community and elsewhere) and found that it actually exceeded the hype. Excellent stuff for a bargain price.


First night in new house, sitting on top of a pile of boxes. A 2017 Chasselas from Ziereisen to accompany. This is almost perfect, save for the boxes.


Congratulations! :tada::grinning:
And what a lovely wine too! :ok_hand:

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Awesome mate have a great time :australia::australia::australia::australia:


Enjoyed this tonight ….with the last game birds from winter. Lightly cooled on a warm night and delivered the right amount of soft red fruits - very enjoyable Pinot for the price.

What do we buy next to match this?


Well we are an hour ahead!
So after a busy day, and sliding into my birthday celebration( although at my age that should be commiserations, save for the fact that I’m still here) we go for tapas! La Gitana Manzanilla with , not Spanish unfortunately but Madagascan prawns and breadsticks. Having said that they tasted delicious. It’s a minute both sides tuna grill to follow with a
Rias Baixas but not for a while.



Fully approve the prawn:breadstick ratio! Happy birthday.


Thank you.

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Happy Birthday! The prawns look lovely and I really like your sherry glasses.


Thanks. The glasses are Dartington, Sharon range, some of the five survivers of my wife’s single days many moons ago. I believe they still do them today?

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Oh, the ‘sliding into my birthday’ is for Friday, we just needed an excuse!!


Oh, how I wanted to love this wine… it’s the closest I get to patriotic feelings:

Bolney Estate Pinot Noir, West Sussex, England 2020

… and though it is a very good effort, it is too ephemeral to leave a lasting impression- a May Fly of a wine, if you like. The nose, certainly delivers pleasure with notes of cherries, hedgerow berries, dark chocolate and earth, as well as floral aromas of rose petals and violets.

The palate starts well, with fruity sour cherries, strawberries and bramble, a twist of dark chocolate and pleasant earthy tones, but it lacks substance and nuance. No mid palate sensation of which to speak, so it sort of tantalises and then collapses onto itself like some black hole.

I’ve tasted worse, I guess, but not for £17… still, onwards and upwards for our English winemakers. And this one is a well-established winery, so I’m very hopeful! :slightly_smiling_face:

By the way, I should add that I haven’t yet drank half the bottle as the photo might suggest…! It’s in the decanter doing its thing.

Happy Hump Day! :clinking_glasses: :grinning:


Lightly grilled tuna, turmeric basmati rice and a green dressed salad. An Albariño , Mar de ons, from Rias Baixas, has plenty of agrum on the nose but with a beautiful balance of fruit and acidity in the mouth we really enjoyed this straw yellow friendly food wine. Bodega Aquincho is on the up!!


Happy birthday, @Luccasman! :partying_face:

Have a fab evening! :clinking_glasses:


Can’t do these pics like others do, but am finishing off TWS Portuguese basic red from last night- their cheapest wine I think and while not complex, it’s a cracking simple vino. Also still very drinkable after 2 nights under vacuvin- not all are. Might find some more castelau to try…

Then later, an Argadens 2016 in those silly Burgundy bottles which don’t appear to have harmed the wine inside.

Scouting on posts above, I think inflationary cost cutting has come early to this household…


I’d say this is good to know, but I’ve never had it last long enough to find out. It somehow disappears.