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Weekday Drinking Thread [25 to 28 July 2022]

A strange day here with warm tempt, some light rain and a good deal of warm( 30 degree) heat. So, salad of gnarled ripe marmande tomatoes,feuille de chene , red endive and white salad onions with a quiche maison using up the wild salmon of a few days ago. Dressing of lemon, Dyon mustard, grain mustard and acacia honey. The wine , a pure Cabernet Franc from Armand, a favourite here such clean red fruit, some cassis and a degree of complexity that comes from the bottle aging of 2017. Happy Monday!


Picked up from the showroom this afternoon.
I can’t describe how dark this wine is, muddy water with blood is the closest I can come up with.
This wine is an atomic bomb! More to come


Auto-correct in action, I suppose - but there’s something quite poetic about this sentence! :grinning:

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Yes, we are family of poets, ha ha.


Ah, yes, I know :wink:


Ah whoops posted in last weeks thread Weekday drinking thread 18 - 22 July 2022 - #61 by wine.arbitrageur


Another warm day in France

An aperitif of a vin de Jaune from Jura. Only 2 of 6 enjoyed their glass in the group but I was excited to try it as I’ve never had it before. Good to get my first calibration in. Very interesting and one to explore.

This up next

Tastes amazing, complex, some petrol notes developing. Still enough fruit. A serious white.

This up for later


Arbitrageur are you a Stockbroker.

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Ooo I’d like to know your opinion on the malartic how much was it in France


I do work in various financial markets but not a stock broker

Will do. Have loved the 2010. It’s probably too early to try being 2016 but it was the only vintage available in the supermarket. 50 eur

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I adore VJ, it just needs a mindset adjustment. I think of it as a mature dry amontillado but with less alcohol. What’s not to like…


as is your wonderfully poetically licenced sentence… “We don’t usually drink on Mondays”

Or perhaps poetic off-licence… :wink:


So, back on home turf from the Jura, and I’ve cooked supper for us and 2 friends - We love Jura wines but there was no space for them with this; a Moroccan-stye spiced slow cooked lamb and apricot casserole, “greek beans” and couscous. Time for something more full bodied and peppery…

A bit like the guilty secret of preferring Aglianico to Nebbiolo (but a close-run thing) I would usually go for Agiorgitiko over Xinomavro, if forced to choose by the Devil at my last supper.

There being room for pudding (Cherry and Chocolate frangipane tart) it seemed remiss not to add on a pudding wine, this a curiosity from Cyprus - a late harvest Moscato which we picked up last year at the cellar door (pic attached)


It’s about 4 years too early (for me if I wasn’t on french supermarket wine sweep!) Even now it was highly enjoyable already, abundant fruit, concentration and well balanced. Fair acidity for ageing potential but in good balance. Nose starting to open up. We have half bottle left today hopefully that will be better again. Think the wine will develop a lot further

Interestingly the supermarket had a humidity/temperature control room where the same wine was 15 eur more expensive vs the same wine outside the room. Odd things supermarkets!


I’ve seen those rooms in big Intermarchés but wasn’t aware of a mark-up in price.

Do they check the wine temperature at checkout so they can decide which price to charge??

Possibly it was just a mis labelling or different bar code. The mark up didn’t seem to be consistent

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On holiday this week and my Mum is over after nearly 4 years without seeing her in the flesh.

A fantastic Chablis with all the mineral verve and none of the ripe 2015 vintage fat. Steely. Cheers all.


Revisiting the white. Excellent wine, fresh for 2015, such a long finish. Judicious to evident oak. Present but balanced acidity. Brilliant

Finishing up the second half of the bottle with yet more Niçoise salad.