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Weekday drinking thread 25 to 28 January 2021

What lovely news! :partying_face:

Congratulations and I hope you find a good moment to celebrate together and forget about work for a while.


Drop of rancio tonight. Intense in colour, aroma and taste. Insanely long finish. Hints of zinsser shellac primer on the nose. I’ll report back on the second sitting. Bonne nuit.


Had that Spatburgunder from Lidl last week and agree it was great. It was the last bottle unfortunately. :sob:

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Congratulations on your daughter’s achievement and wise plans on a gap year. Personally I think a gap year should be almost compulsory!


I totally agree. I think so many students start a course with minimal life experience and skills, and it really shows. I started mine at 21, after 2 years in the (Israeli) army, and I definitely felt much better equipped to deal with the challenges of the course. At least I think I did… :thinking:


Hah! I too spent some time in the army before I went to university!

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Hi Inbar, congrats to your daughter, which college will she attend? Reminds me when my younger son was there (Trinity Hall) I gave him Wine Society membership. He used to get deliveries to his student house; unlike the members of this community, he bought at the lower priced end, favourites included Society Montepulciano d’Abruzzo. He’s in the US now and buys fine wine, so I’m not sure I did him a favour.


Well done the daughter! And of course the rest of you for encouragement and support.

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I had one of these a couple weeks ago and found it to be very disappointing Vs what others had Said on here (their views matched yours). in fact we found it dissapointing full stop. At the time I blamed it on my taste buds but with yet another great review maybe I had a bad bottle.

Also brilliant news Inbar!

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Now that’s a fab idea…! :thinking:

She’s actually agonising over things at the moment, hence a bottle of fizz still awaiting its moment :slight_smile: Firstly, because she’s also got an offer from Manchester, which has a fine music department, but more so because she didn’t get the College she originally opted for (St Catherine’s), but got into Murray Edwards instead. For us, it’s a celebration, whatever - considering all her hard work and dedication. But she’s a 21st Century girl from Brighton, and a Women’s only college feels archaic to her - which I totally get. Having said that, every u/g music student gets a piano in their room… this on its own would sway me! :smiley:

Wow! A dream job… :star_struck:

Edit: mysteries of the English language… @PaulM - now I wonder if you meant he just enjoys buying fine wine rather than he’s a Fine Wine buyer :thinking:. I need a rest…


Wow, that is impressive!


Hi @Inbar. That’s right, he just enjoys much better wine now than when he was a student.
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Also I agree. Did a couple of years lecturing a few years ago - the students who had taken a year or two out before starting the course were SO much more focussed. They knew WHY they were there, and worked (and partied) with a real sense of purpose - typically finishing a grade higher than their younger colleagues.


I’ve only ever done commercial lecturing in programming and one of the things I loved about it was that everyone really really wanted to learn what I was teaching! :heart_eyes:

Though I do have an odd story: one time whilst I was teaching at a customer’s site (so everyone worked for the same outfit) they were informed (by email for heaven’s sake) that they were all being made redundant. Following that half the class became more focussed than ever and totally squeezed me dry and the other half just gave up. Very interesting comparison!


Straying into Italy for some new experiences.


Congratulations big achievement - hopefully the UNiversity experience returns for all students before to long.

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Enjoyed this last night with a venison and pheasant stew…normally a dryish night but the food drove us to the Languedoc.

Bought this from a local producer close by Beaulieu where some friend of ours reside. Last of a mixed case Syrah Grenache blend lots of oomph for damp cold night and a game stew.


Opened this tonight @Brentw1.

The Aldi CNDP Blanc. Not a lot on the nose, possibly some lemon and something floral and that’s about all. The palate has something “waxy”, perhaps beeswax?, again some floral but no sign of hazelnut to me. Decent enough for a midweek tipple but not something I would buy again. Although I am open to try other white CNDP :grinning:


@qualitybristol I’m leaving mine in the hope that they will develop a bit more substance.

I often find with Aldi wines that they are simply too young and that the buyers have done a deal with a producer who needs the cash.

I bought 2008 Sociando Mallet from an Aldi in 2012 which was supposed to be good to go as a Christmas Claret! I think not and just finished the last of the four that I got my hands on this year.

Anyway, we will see.


Thanks - I’ve had this on my wish list for a while and hadn’t pulled the trigger, but will be going in my next order now.

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