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Weekday drinking thread 25 to 28 January 2021

Not quite mid-week but a generous gift from a friend could not be opened too soon. This 2005 Barolo from Boglietti comes from the La Morra commune and Fossati cru. 30% of vines are over 60 years old. Usually about 40% new oak. 4 week fermentation.
Magnificent structure. Still has fine ripe tannins backing up fresh acidity (vineyard sits around 350mtrs.)and massive depth of concentrated red and black dried and ripe fruit, smoke and liquorice, absolutely delicious.


A very stressful start to the week so far, on too many fronts. But at least the working day has finished now, and a bottle of Godello had been opened to accompany Nigella’s squid and orzo bake:

This Godello had been discussed briefly in the Spanish thread; unlike its Sobre Lias cousin (or, indeed, anything made by Rafael Palacios), it’s not the most complex - but it is oh so delicious, and is true to the varietal. On the nose it has notes of stone fruit, white blossom, citrus and honey. On the palate – similar notes, framed by a rounded mouthfeel, and a fantastic length which leaves a trace of honey with a squeeze of orange zest. Beautiful, especially considering the price! :+1:

Going to de-stress on the sofa now, possibly by just staring at the wall.

Happy Tuesday one and all!

PS- on a happier note - my daughter got herself into Cambridge, so not all is lost… :grin:


OK, I’m doing dry January (not long to go now) and had a sip of this 2015 Muscadet - purely for quality control purposes you understand. Its superb… read some of the reviews of previous vintages, and add a few more points on top because this is a good year.

In style, somewhere between a 1 cru Chablis & good Mersault - with a distinctive Muscadet salinity.

I shall get a case or two for drinking now and over the next couple of years… and give the next white Burgundy EP offer a miss.


What excellent news! Congratulations to her :tada:


Well done to your daughter Inbar. A great achievement. What is she going to read?


Something close to your heart - classical music :slight_smile:


Wonderful, make sure she listens carefully to the interviews and teachings of the great Sergiu Celibidache.


And of course your daughter should read Professor David Wulstan’s great book “Tudor church music” he was my wife’s tutor at Oxford. His performances of Tallis, Gibbons and Byrd are fab. His “Spem in Alium” recording is unsurpassed.


Congratulations! That’s fantastic news!


Very well done. Congratulations to her.


Congratulations to her, hopefully teaching will be closer to normal next year and she has a fantastic experience.


She’s actually going to do a gap year… So hopefully better chances of more normality :pray:


Very good decision. A gap year means she can at least find time to listen to the Ring Cycle and Bruckner 8.

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Ha ha! At the moment it’s mostly Boulanger, Bartok and Shostakovich :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Sorry to her about your crappy day @Inbar. One I used to know all too well. I used to lie down on the bed, with no external stimuli, and just shut my eyes. Great to hear your daughters news so well done her ! It must run in the veins, a smart cookie like her mum !

Er, I wasn’t going to post tonight but have just demolished this £10 beauty from Lidl with teriyaki salmon, stir fried veg and noodles dusted with dried seaweed…

…I blame the salty nature of the food 'cos it lasted all of two hours. Yum !

If I readback and don’t have to edit for grammar I’ll be astonished :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Great choices. Bartok and Shostakovich were composers that understood the hearts of the people. I adore them both. Their rhythmic richness and sheer originality is emotional power beyond belief. Boulanger was a great lady composer and pianist. A joy in all her individuality of interpretation and expression


Congratulations to her and vicariously to you too! Thanks also for the godello review; I have a couple of bottles waiting for attention and I’m looking forward to them.

I’ve recently been enjoying a daily (nightly?) nightcap of a small glass of the Rustenberg straw wine I opened the other day. Every night it seems better than the night before and it’s certainly a very enjoyable finish to the evening. I think it’s because it has such lovely fruitiness, and the sweetness just comes across as natural fruit sweetness rather than any sort of sugariness. Excellent.


Purely medicinal tonight… Eye inflammation


Sadly a bit of over indulgence tonight but there are many top notch women winemakers in Bugundy and Ghislaine Barthod is one of them.


This tonight with tacos. I could not recommend it more than saying I’ve just ordered another 12