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Weekday drinking thread [24-27 September]



I thought I’d kick this one off, because last night we had a real autumnal treat! A big hearty bowl of liver and bacon with mustard mash (my sister-in-law makes the BEST recipe). We drank it with this:

It was the PERFECT match, and the ultimate comfort-food for an autumnal Monday to set us up for a week of being sensible until Friday. :slight_smile:


So it was liquidised first then? :rofl::rofl:

I must post my garlic mash recipe one of these days (I assume you mean mash tatties!).


HA! Good spot. :see_no_evil:

Would VERY much like to see your garlic mash recipe, too.


I’ll pop it into the recipes for wine lovers but it’s really loose on the ingredients!


Working late this evening, and the other half is going out - so will be indulging in that ‘once every blue moon’ curry takeaway. Will open this to accompany it:

Austrian and Riesling are two words I like - especially when put together. I hope it will be a good one, as this is already proving a looooooong day… :woozy_face:

Dönnhoff Offer

Ooooh - that looks a very interesting bottle! Let us know how it is? Think a trip to Lidl might be in order…

(And hope your long day isn’t too awful!)


Poking my head above the waterline for a moment … and possibly reneging on my commitment of no EP for the rest of the year … I am tempted a bit by the Donnhoff offer

I’m posting here because I’m interested in @cerberus opinion on the wines and I somehow doubt he’s opted into the EP group :wink:

I love his wines and considering whether I skip (as I probably should…) or go for the off-dry mixed case or go straight in for a half dozen auslese goldcap. mmmmm


This is another cracker of a wine from Pfaffl. Their St Laurent (also in Lidl) was such good value for money, delicious, fragrant and fruity, and this one doesn’t disappoint either!
It might not be the most sophisticated Riesling in the world, but boy I could drink the whole bottle in one sitting (which I won’t, I promise!)… Nice lemon colour, and a lovely nose (stone fruit, citrus). The palate was alive with peaches and lemon, and it felt a bit effervescent on my tongue too… very zesty and fresh.
A perfect match for a (fairly mild) curry. A pleasant finish for a hectic and stressful working day! :clinking_glasses:


Right, that’s it - I’m demanding Mr Laura takes me to Lidl at the weekend! :heart_eyes: I’m slowly but surely falling in love with riesling…


Well, last night in Bol before heading south to Dubrovnik. Only one Stina wine left to try and it was a good-un. Their 2014 sparkling wine is made in the traditional method with 30 months on lees and it’s a beautifully creamy treat. 100% Posip which works very well with this treatment

As an added bonus, there were no seats at the bar so we were invited to sit in the boardroom instead. Best seat in the place and a window into the winery which is currently in full operation pressing this years harvest. I think I managed to maintain a suitably business like demeanour…


It’s Mrs Bargainbob’s birthday today. I offered her the culinary delight of her choice so naturally we got a takeaway from Domino’s Pizza. The wine choice is nobody’s idea of a good match, but she’s enjoying Chardonnay at the moment and I’ve been keeping this for a while waiting for the right occasion - Norman Hardie 2013 Unfiltered Chardonnay
This is the polar opposite of the pale, crisp, young chardonnays we’ve been drinking lately. There’s still a trace of the slightly tangy tropical fruits that would have been upfront a couple of years ago. It’s been superseded by mellow honey notes now. Very smooth, quite rich, silky texture. Very nice indeed.


Sometimes, just sometimes when you have tiny small little dictators in your life, nothing but a pizza will do. Happy Birthday to Mrs Bargain Bob, I hope you got 2 for 1 :grinning:.
That Chardonnay looks excellent!


Also @Bargainbob, I think you may have the same tablecloth as @Inbar :rofl:, But I could have made that up…


And @bargainbob could you give us our remote controls back - they’ve been missing for ages…


I think the big selling point for Domino’s was that it meant I was around to help with the girls rather than being in the kitchen for an hour!


Absolutely not. What on earth would we do if we ever lost our main set? It’s just common sense to acquire backups…


Ha I noticed that too about @Inbar’s tablecloth. Because…


OMG!! We have NO lives…:rofl::rofl:, but that’s hilarious…


Haha I know! I seem to have used up an awful lot of my memory space on the details of random posts here- at the expense of, well, everything else. But it is lovely to feel part of a community!


My other half also noticed it when I showed him @Bargainbob’s post. He wondered why I didn’t tell him that Bob popped over for a drink! :thinking: