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Weekday Drinking Thread [22 to 25 March 2021]

Opened two bottles this evening so seemed like a good enough reason to kick off this thread! Haven’t got onto the Lirac yet, but the Baudana is very enjoyable. Mostly orchard fruit and citrus, slightly more rounded body than expected. It’s a blend of Chardonnay, Sauvignon blanc, Nascetta and Riesling - safe to say I would be quite confused if served it blind!


Lockdown Birthday number II. Not what the world needed, but stiil.

Most notable comment is that a Wright Brothers seafood platter is for SUBSTANTIALLY MORE THAN TWO PEOPLE. 12 large prawns and the crab are back into the fridge for tomorrow (and we still ate far more than half the prawns that were there). Everything was insanely good quality, but I have actually now become a prawn.

Wine wise we started with a Sainsbury’s TTD Blanc de Noir. It was pretty good, briochy, with red fruits and other noms. It didn’t quite tie together as nicely as it could have but definitely did the job. Main event was an Haut De Smith Blanc 2016.

It’s the second (or third?) white wine of Smith Haut Laffite, we picked this up at the vineyard a couple of years ago (remember when you could visit vineyards?) and rated it more highly than the Grand Vin. Probably not as age worthy, but insanely good! Barrel aged Sauvignon Blanc. Each time I smelled it it was a different tropical fruit, with occasional coconut thrown in for good measure. Would you like some tropical fruit with your butter? It was SO creamy, but also with the acid and tropical fruit to back it up. I’m not selling it particularly well as a dry white given current tastes, but this is a really classy wine despite all these descriptors. Probably not the right wine for the seafood platter (other than the lobster, which was an amazing pairing!) but I really enjoyed it none the less.

Evening rounded off with a present (heavily hinted at!) of the Society’s Exhibition XO Cognac. Another one where each sniff was a different aroma. Dried Apricots, Creme Brulee, Prunes, Cherry Bakewell, Lemon and Honey Strepsils, Christmas Cake… It kept going. It didn’t deliver so well flavour wise where the level of spice (particularly fresh ground black pepper) overpowered a lot of the things. I’m pretty new to brandy (see related thread) but I’ve discovered that bottles that have been open a little while chill out a bit, so I am interested to see if it delivers better in a few weeks!


That’s a lot of shells! Proper Birthday supper,

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Because I am a stereotype, we’re now at the making stock part of the evening.


What a fantastic selection of seafood!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
Happy (classy!) Birthday, Patrick :grin::tada:

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Happy Birthday, and that’s a heck of a Monday evening :champagne: :lobster: :shrimp: :oyster: :yum:

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Wow ! Many happy returns for yesterday. Apologies for the repetition, classy ! :yum:

Oh, I’d have made stock too. Maybe, on the next day though.

Great notes, and by the sounds of it, a compelling wine. You sold it to me.

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Thanks everyone! All this talk of classy, I may have to have Fosters and a kebab this evening!


Opened last night:

Quite impressed by this, my first Rosso de Montalcino and my first from Canalicchio di Sopra, though at just short of £20 in 2019 I’d say it was fair rather than great VFM. But don’t get me wrong I’m very happy to pay a very fair price for a very good wine and this wine is very good and very approachable. Still some cherry there, despite being within a year of the TWS closing date, and lots of lovely smoky, herby earthy notes. Very rich and concentrated with smooth easy tannins. I think it will happily go a few years past the TWS dates.

I really ought to pay more attention to Montalcino, in the last few years I’ve only had this and one Brunello (Gianni Brunelli). Must do better as my old teacher always used to say.

Edited to add: Pretty mixed bunch of TWS reviews with the bad ones having a fair emphasis on price. Makes me wonder how much people seem to expect all Italian wines (outside of Barolo maybe!) to be fantastic cheap bargains. This might often be the case but is, I feel, somewhat presumptuous, and I do think this stands up well in value compared to £20 Rhone or Bordeaux though maybe not so much so compared to £20 new world wines. But nothing new there!


Happy Birthday @strawpig! And what an incredible lockdown birthday dinner. :clap:

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I’m 3 or 4 bottles into a case of this and think it’s lovely. I agree with you that it will go several years past the TWS drinking window. I’m not sure there are any ‘bargains’ in Montalcino anymore!

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I think I’m quite sure you’re right (I blame the Americans)! But still I agree with you, it’s a lovely wine, and still a fair deal!

Another wine bought in 2019 that seems ever so cheap now. Very subtle mineral Riesling, not the most intense of styles but very clean and pleasant. Charming rather than exciting wine, but something you may want to hold on to a while if you have stocks.


Happy Birthday @strawpig. Also sharing a birthday that will be forever synonymous with the anniversary of lockdown.

Plenty to be thankful for having put this year behind us with nearest and dearest all well.

Enjoying an early tipple this afternoon with this 2007 Donnhoff Oberhäuser Brücke Riesling Spätlese. Gorgeous wine with more than a hint of pineapple cubes. Not the structure or quite the class of the 2003s that I have been working through but still a life affirming glass of wine.

I’m not one for lighting candles but will be raising a glass to all NHS workers and the amazing scientists who are delivering us from this bad dream. Also a moments reflection for those lost to Covid over the last year and more. Sorry if any of you have suffered any bereavements. Hoping for better times for all.


Happy birthday, @GWills! :tada: :clinking_glasses:
I agree with every sentiment you expressed… here’s for a more hopeful year ahead for us all!
And my, what a wine! :star_struck:


Our second attempt at home smoking,local trout fillets, and a made up Mayo of mustard with sea vegetables , maille fine mayonnaise and chives mixed with petits pois and sweet white potato. Accompanied by a glass of Pecorino bought from the Torri Co-operative. Worked a treat!


Happy day…belated, sorry!

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Tomorrow is my last day of work before a 2 week break – yippee! :partying_face: So mood is rather high… even impish, according to hubby.

Anyway… on the menu this evening is risotto with peas, smoked mackerel and lemon – a favourite combo, and we opened this Etna Bianco to accompany it:

We thoroughly enjoyed the Etna Rosso from this producer, and the white is just as good. I keep forgetting how lovely and rather enticing Etna Bianco can be; herbal, minerally and vivacious. This one is no different.

Pale straw in the glass, the nose has notes of orchard fruit, white peach, fresh herbs (dill?) broom blossom and dusty gravel after the rain. Lively on the palate, it delivers notes of yellow apples, peach and very faint honey, but also has a distinct herbal zing mixed with chamomile. It ends – as so many Italian whites do – on a very pleasant bitter note. Good length too! A steal at the current reduced price of £10.99 in Waitrose, and - dare I say it - a bit more interesting than the Fondo Filare Etna Bianco sold by TWS.

Happy Tuesday, all! :smile:


I will copy your meal, sounds delicious!


Bit of an extravagence for a Tuesday. Not showing its full potential. Rather understated. Lots of fruit and touch of toast.7 out of 10. Could have had more complexity and length. Perhaps too young.