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Weekday drinking thread [22-25th July 2019]


I’m currently shaving the dog, she’s panting more than usual and whilst it is warm in the north east, I am heading to Dorset on Wednesday so I though I should relieve her of some of the fluff :wink:.
Opened this Sparkling Baga from Beira Alantico IG . Strawberries but mainly a diluted cassis flavour, pleasant enough for easy quaffing.

Weekend drinking thread [26 to 28 July 2019]

I thought that was a euphemism at first :speak_no_evil:


I don’t like to overshare :see_no_evil::sweat_smile:


Japanese gin and tonic tonight. This is lovely, floral with asian pear.


We’re on Alnwick Gin tonight (would be rude not to as we’re up here on holiday) but yes I have to agree, the Roku gin is lovely.


For some reason that Specsavers advert came to mind…mind you there wasn’t a sparkling rose in that…


I’m off to a WS tasting in Lewes this evening - a Walkaround exploring the similarities and differences between wines from the Rhone and Australia. The list is looking very promising!..

I’m particularly looking forward to trying the Society Exhibition Tasmanian Chardonnay (which has been sitting in my wish list for long - I need to actually purchase it if I like it!), a Peter Lehmann 2012 Semillon, and these two alluring ones:

There are a number of white Rhone ones that I’m very much looking forward to trying, so will report on favourites! :smile:


Opened one of the bottles of Terre Natale Jongieux Mondeuse 2015 that I brought back from last winter in Chamonix.

I’m pleased it seems to be just as good, if not better, than when I was drinking it in France. Lighter than most of the Mondeuse I tried whilst out there, it’s fresh, fruity, easy and uncomplicated with a different, but not unpleasant, slightly sweet finish.


After general approval from this community (!) I decided to open a bottle of Fess Parker Chardonnay to go with salmon, asparagus, and fried egg. Well, it’s not one of the old chardonnays you could consume with a fork, but it’s certainly not a “wimpy wine” either. Rich, buttery, ripe peach; for me it’s just on the right side of nearly too much on its own. Fine with the food but not a wine I’d drink a lot of without food.

It’s this, but from the 2016 vintage.


The weather demanded I open this once the kids’ supper was on the table (was a struggle to delay THAT long, I admit).

Completely agree with comments from @tom and @Cormski at the press tasting about the vile label and the lovely taste. Beautiful pale pink appearance, delicate floral bouquet but quite an intense savoury hit. There might even be a glass or two left for tomorrow evening, which promises to be even hotter!


Just back from a fun WS tasting event in Lewes! Thanks to @Tim_S and the team for another well-organised and yet informal evening. Despite the humidity and slightly oppressive heat, people seemed in good cheer. Ran into @AdrianH and his wife too, so got to chat about our nascent Brighton and Hove tasting group whilst slurping and spitting.

There were 28 wines to taste (plus mystery ones), and an opportunity to compare the Rhone and Australia in terms of grapes and wine styles.

These were my favourites of the evening:

This won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but I’m all for a sparkling red from time to time. This was lovely - chocolate and jalapenos (or was I just craving some chillies?), smoke, blackcurrent and something a touch medicinal. A lovely summer drink!

Cracking value for money! This shows what a more mature Semillon can taste like. Rich, honeyed with lanolin and waxy texture, full of lime zest and fragrant citrus blossom. Delicious wine!

The Society Exhibition Tasmanian Chardonnay (2017) - not on the website for some reason, but a beautiful Chablis-like expression of the grape. Lean, citrusy, smoky and stony with leesy creaminess and wonderful texture. This will go in the basket with the next order (if it comes back on the website!).

I think this was probably my favourite of the evening (and there were quite a few contenders!)… just awesome. Very pale ruby, with an immediate hit of strawberries, cherries, undergrowth, autumn leaves and a faint whiff of vanilla. The nose was beautiful, it took me a while before I remembered it would be useful to actually sip it. Similar notes on the palate, with a long tingly and acidic finish, all in place, all in harmony :heart_eyes:.

Oh mama! This was up there with the best I’ve ever tasted. Intense nose of cedar, sweet pipe tobacco and bramble lead to smoothly texture palate, with blackberry, cedar, something a tad herbaceous and a fine smokiness. Tres bien!

Loved this one! Peppery, floral, spicy and smooth with a long finish.

Another beauty. Vanilla, stewed plums, blackcurrant, black pepper… so smooth and almost chocolaty, which - despite its opulence, is showing fine balance and a long finish. Having said that, would I pay £90 for it…? Probably not.

Had this Lirac Blanc a while ago, and this reminded me why we liked it so much. Incredible value for money - you get so much aroma, flavour and texture for the money. Must order some more!

Wowzers! What a fabulous wine this is. Definitely competed with the Pinot Noir as my favourite of the evening. It is an elegant and well-balanced wine. Farmyard funkiness is mingled with blackcurrant, plum, black olives and bay leaf notes. On the palate it has a lively acidity but also a rich mouthfeel, which brings well developed fruit notes together with leather, tapenade and herbs notes. It’s not a wine I could afford regularly, but as a special occasion it’s an absolute treat.

Although the 12 year old Rutherglen Muscat was excellent, I’m really a Beaumes de Venise girl at heart, and this ticked all the boxes (sorry about the clichés… it’s late!)… floral and seductive, with white blossom perfume and a great balance between sweetness and acidity. Moreish!

OK, methinks it’s time for a final coffee, and then shut eye. :sleeping: :sleeping:


Prunier-Damy Meursault 1999
Lots of sherry notes, with lots of fruit underneath. Nutty dry finish. Really very good for its age.
Just a glass using coravin, I hope the rest keeps to the weekend.


Thanks for the notes @Inbar, noticed a case offer on the semillon so snapped some up!

Looks like a great tasting!!


What do people think of the drinking window on this one? Asking for a friend…


Notes suggest “easily another 5” which is in line with what I’d have thought but wouldn’t expect a rush after that. We tried an earlier vintage at about 5 years old and it was very fresh

The case I put away is planned half now, half in about 5 years


I mean it is practically free if you spread over 5-7 years…



Lustau Manzanilla En Rama. Served this with some tomato and pomegranate fattoush. Loving the En Rama style, would like to taste it at the same time as the Tio Pepe by way of comparison.


I agree! I’m no expert, but based on the tasting last night this would go on way beyond 2023. It still had plenty of zing and freshness, but the texture was different to the 2018 one we tried side by side. More waxy and honeyed. Incredible value for money, for sure!

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Thanks for taking the time and trouble to post your notes on what sounded like a fabulous tasting. Much appreciated.

I’ve had that wonderful Semillon before ( 2010 vintage ), after reading your comments, I couldn’t resist adding a case to my forthcoming delivery. As well as a bottle of the Kooyong Pinot.

TWS should offer you a discount on your next order !