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Weekday Drinking Thread [20 to 23 June, 2022]

This - a 2015 Familia Nin-Ortiz Terra Vermella de Nin - may seem a curious and rather extravagant choice for a midweek glass, and frankly I’d not disagree.

However, I was in the mood for comfort food this evening, so I had cooked up a chicken in tarragon & cream sauce with jersey tatties for us, with some lovely purple sprouting; a rummage through the wine fridge for something suitable didn’t turn up anything immediately obvious, and before I knew it my long-standing curiosity about this wine had got the better of me and opened she was.

It’s a 100% Parellada, a new grape for me. The blurb from Waud Wines where I got it from a while back now says “This wine is beautifully weighted with white fruit, floral notes and delicate nutty and smoky nuances from time spent in barrel. The palate has plenty of fruit concentration and weight, balanced by a crisp acidity. A very elegant white.”

While it certainly stands true to its descriptor, I’d add it has a slightly oxidative quality, not unexpected, and a very fine balance. Quite floral, a slight marzipan thing, not quite as grippy as I had expected, but very interesting & enjoyable, no doubt at all.

I used to cook this particular dish a lot back in the mid-90s when I was back in this country for a year looking after my dad - hence the comfort element for me - and used to enjoy it with a lovely dry Tokaji I used to buy a lot of from Waitrose. That was a gorgeous combination, and is probably a better bet for the creamy tarragony sauce as it was a bit more robust and spicy etc wine.

I’ll enjoy some more of the bottle over the next few nights, with something a bit more delicate tomorrow night; but on initial impressions I probably wouldn’t buy it again as it’s an expensive one for me at £35, and hasn’t really got the wow-factor for my tastes. Certainly scratched an itch to have finally tried it though. Waud do a £30 off first purchase on subscription to the mailing list etc, so in effect almost a free wine.


A beautiful day in Brighton called for outdoor swimming, which was - as always - a blissful experience :relieved:

And this white Rhône was a continuation of pleasure:

Côtes-du-Rhône Blanc ‘La Borry’, Domaine de Saint-Amant 2019

Discussed on another thread, this is the slightly cheaper sibling of the Saint Amant Tabardonne.

This one is perhaps less opulent and rich, but none the worse for it. It’s still a cracking glass of a Southern Rhône Viognier (with a touch of Roussanne too). The nose had notes of white blossom, ripe apricots, honey, and fennel fronds.

On the palate it was rounded and creamy in texture, with similar notes of fresh apricots, spicy ginger, honey and a satisfying baked apple and cinnamon note too. Good acidity kept any over-richness at bay and the finish was all citrus freshness - lively and zesty.

It worked really well with our tofu Korean stirfry - in short - I can’t fault it! Excellent value for money, if Viognier is you thing - and it certainly is ours,…! :heart_eyes: :+1:


Abadia de Gomariz 2015, Ribeiro

Delightful combination of textural elegance and surprising body, with am attractive touch of wildness. 50% Sousão, with the remainder Brancellao, Ferrol (no, me neither) and Mencía, all from South an westfacing hillside vineyards… Definitely majors on the Souson, and this wine makes me think Sousão is best in a blend. The greatest surprise though is day 2, when an unexpected inky depth emerges, really unusual in a wine of this price. Spectacular QPR. Will certainly age further.


Just out of stock at Vinissimus (discounted to £13ish for this vintage), will keep an eye out for future releases

I’m not sure if you’re a Cava drinker, but if you are, then you had a Parellada as part of the blend. Mind you, don’t think I’ve seen a varietal Parellada before! Sounds great! :+1:

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Cava just doesn’t agree with me at all, I’m afraid. I find it gives me indigestion to start with, and I just don’t enjoy it. Even the fabled Cava Sumarroca El Gran Amigo Gran Reserva 2017. I couldn’t get beyond a glass of the stuff. I was so disappointed after all the good stuff I’d read about it on here.

This is one of the various reasons I was so interested to try this wine!

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After your recommendation on thread about Rhone whites I’ve a bottle of this coming in my order on the SRV on Monday :grinning:. I also very much enjoyed the Duo des mers Sauvignon Viognier over the weekend, which was absolutely delicious fruit forward summer sipping. Fairly straightforward yes, but I could really pick up the notes from both grapes. So I may not inherently dislike Viognier after all!


The Rolly Gassman Sylvaner was lovely, aromas of spiced apple pie, not as sweet as I’d assumed which was no bad thing, just a little background sweetness, fresh acidity means its all in balance. Just over half a bottle to go, hope the WS list more from this producer.



Have just started on the Caillou - will probably finish off tomorrow night.
100% Clairette rose, 14.5%, 60% new oak for 3 months
Hmmm, well I bought it at the full price :smirk:. It’s good, don’t get me wrong but the finish just plummets off the cliff. Fat, oily, glycerol, waxy, apple, lemon, honey and stone fruit. There is just something it’s missing (I think it’s acidity!!)

Maybe I’ve just come to the conclusion that these wines (CNDP blanc that is - I know this isn’t technically, but, you know…) aren’t really for me.
I think perhaps it’s missing 2 key ingredients. Either Viognier or elevation. Admittedly no one has ever offered me a glass of Beaucastel VV Roussanne but for me, the Cazaux Vacq Blanc offers more joy and excitement than this at a cheaper entry.

The red will be my first taste with some flat iron steaks on the BBQ. Comes highly recommended from this community.


This here tonight with sockeye salmon, Puy lentils and a green salad…

…a Chiroubles 2019 from Dominique Piron.

A translucent and relatively pale cherry red colour. Floral red cherry and raspberry fruit on the nose to begin which, with air, is becoming increasingly savoury with wet soil and graphite notes too. Medium bodied red fruits. plenty of savoury depth to add complexity of flavour, with fresh acidity and gentle tannins to structure on tasting. An excellent match to the food and very good VFM at £12.50. All things considered, I couldn’t wish for more really !

Oh, and chilled for 30 minutes in the fridge prior to opening.


2018 Kooyong Meres PN here tonight. Saliva inducing PN character on the nose. Lot of brick in the colour. Very pretty, slightly evolved on the palate. Vegetal, more structure than fruit. Open for business. More of this, please. Serve slightly chilled.


Exhibition Santorini Assyrtiko, 2020

Maximin Grunhauser Abtsberg Riesling Kabinett, 2020

The Assyrtiko was last night paired with some sea bass fillets, roasted aubergines / tomato, chips. First time trying this wine, and it’s a lovely accompaniment to seafood. Acidity also worked well with oily roasted dish. A little slice of Greece on a hot night in London.

The Grunhauser tonight was also a first and it’s a great wine. Really racy, lots of juicy crisp fruit flavours. 7.5% may make you think this will be a gentle wine, but this has real grip. Super now, and regretting I’ve only one other bottle. Drinking well now, but will obviously age and could get very interesting.

(My mistake though was to pair this with root veg curry / dahl. The curry had an earthier flavour, whereas the Kabinett is bright fruits. I hoped the sweetness would make it work, but it turns out that’s not enough… oh well, kept the glass to one side and thoroughly enjoyed drinking it by itself after…)


How long before drinking did you open the Chianti please? I tried same last week but didn’t experience any fruit or spice. I did open and pour. Am keen to find something in a half to replace the Corvina Montepulciano which I thought the 2017’ & 2018’s of was terrific but the 2019’s and 2020’s have not been to my taste.


Some lovely wines on the go this week, and here’s another

Holden Manz Proprietor’s Blend 2019 (Viognier, Chardonnay and Chenin B). As you’d expect from that mix it’s no shrinking violet. A rounded, very full-bodied white with lots of complexity and a very long finish.


A fantastic view from the winery overlooking the mountain. Mr. Holden is from Bolton and says that the view from his office each day justifies his relocation.


Very preoccupied with gardening over the last few days and really struggled to understand why your Kooyong PN might be salvia inducing! :wink:


I poured half the half into a large glass 45 mins before drinking…

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Have you tried the Society’s own label Montepulciano? I always used to prefer the Corvina, but I think the last couple of vintages the Society’s has been better.


It’s been a rough week at Casa @strawpig (the sty?!), but also one with some real vinous treats!

Monday evening saw a trip to Hawksmoor for their £5 corkage night. 2004 Barolo Massara Castello di Verduno.

This was a bit (well, a lot!) of a treat, especially for a Monday. I’d say it was barely showing it’s 18 years, but that isn’t true. The tannins were smooth and well integrated. That lovely velvety drinking experience you get from good Barolo of a certain again that is one of the things I love about it. Barely any tertiary development though, it was all flowers and cherries still. No complaints here as it was GORGEOUS. So aromatic with roses, violets, cherries and menthol on the nose, being joined by lovely brambley fruit on the palate. Bags of lovely acidity and as I’ve said smooth smooth tannins and a finish that I am probably still experiencing now.

Later on in the week (Wednesday), post an absolute nightmare of a day for still-not-called-mrs-Pig and I, resulted in Cava in the sun. A bottle of Rigol Brut Nature, bought from Vinissimus for about £6 a bottle. Surprisingly complete Cava for the price. Bubbles weren’t too aggressive and it wasn’t too heavy either booze or flavour wise (despite being very Xarelo led). Crisp, light and refreshing, apples and citrus, with just enough leesy character to keep it interesting. Perfect warm evening in the garden fizz.

11% so between the two of us and a friend we had no problem getting through two bottles (and a glass of Bin #10) without any ill effects the next morning.

The Bin #10 has improved a lot since my last bottle, and I am now sad that this is my last bottle. Same tasting notes as before but it felt a lot more integrated and complete as a wine this time.


The famed no brainer. I tried the last vintage and found it a little sweet. I should probably try another given it’s popularity. Shame it doesn’t come in halves but at that price there would be no complaint if we didn’t get through it. Thanks for the reminder.

The 2004 Barolo Massara Castello di Verduno sounds delicious.

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