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Weekday Drinking Thread [20 to 23 June, 2022]

I’m on leave this week, and loving it! :partying_face:

This evening, a Godello from Ribeira Sacra:

Adega Alma Das Donas, Almalarga Godello, Ribeira Sacra, Galicia, Spain 2020

A beautiful wine! Classy, nimble, elegant and flavoursome. A little different from Bierzo Godello we like, in that it feels a little lighter on the palate but with incredibly precise fruit (if that makes sense!).

Pale gold in the glass, the nose starts floral – with jasmine and citrus blossom, and then reveals the fruit notes (lime, mandarin, peach, pear – the whole shebang!); there’s a touch of aniseed-like herb, honey and even something a bit crème fraiche-y.

It is absolutely lovely on the palate; delicate – but with pure fruit (similar to the palate, mainly citrus and stone fruit), a floral note hovering there and a creamy texture. It ends on a saline note, combined with citrus freshness, in a finish that is long and satisfying.

Merluza à la Gallega on the menu (Hake in a Galician style, to be less pretentious :grinning:) and I think this will sing in perfect harmony with the food.

Almost longest day of the year… :sun_with_face:


As part of my occasional ventures into trying to find white wines that I like (the two that I have absolutely loved so far are also way outside my realistic budget) I last night opened a bottle of Saint-Joseph Blanc Les Royes, Domaine Courbis 2017:

I definitely enjoyed this, despite starting off with it really rather too cold, but it somehow felt a little too lush. The TWS description says “fragrant, round and gently honeyed” and I was surprised that, if anything, I found it a little too “round,” surprised because my normal complaint about whites is that they are too sharp and acidic for me and not round enough! Also not sure I would call it gently honeyed; it seemed quite intensely so to me, enough that it gave me a distinct perception of sweetness.

So, a difficult one; I did enjoy it but would I buy again? I’m not sure (the next vintage is currently on the list), I think I’ll wait and see how it survives being drunk over several days.


I think '17 was a very hot, ripe year, with a lot of the northern whites very much at the fuller/richer end of the scale.

Might be that these need careful food matching and/or a bit longer in bottle to calm down a bit?


Thanks for that. I’ll maybe give the 2018 a go. It’s certainly not my usual reason for not being thrilled with a white wine!

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Apparently a ‘great year’ for northern rhone whites, and esp those made from marsanne & roussanne (according to JLL), so sounds like an experiment worth trying!

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The rug was pulled from under my feet today; having received delivery of the mixed Turkish wines which (understandably given the owner’s provenance) were available, bizarrely from the Cornish winery Trevibban Mill and which I mentioned on this threadhttps://community.thewinesociety.com/t/cornwall-s-vineyards/12914/7

I decided one of them looked an OK pairing with a pasta and salad lunch. Sure enough it was lovely - almost a Tavel-ness rosé in colour - and perfect, floral perfumed and herby light red with bright slightly sour cherry flavours, for the occasion. ( I didn’t crib from the back label, honest) Not a keeper.

But blow me it’s already no longer available - just phoned them to check. I must have bought the last 4 !!

Anyway here’s the pic. It’s 94% karasakiz / 6 % merlot. I’ll probably never have it again. (apart from the half bottle left for tomorrow… )


The back label says imported by Graft Wines, who distribute throughout the UK. So you should be able to find it in a few good indies.

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I guess. Not that bothered tbh. My voyage of discovery had reached its destination !

A pleasant Rose from Ciro in Calabria tonight bought from the little gem of an Italian Deli in Swindon run by Franco & Anna in Beatrice Street - https://franco-annas-deli-f-a-continental.business.site/. They come from the region and stock some lovely produce from the region. This wine is made using the local Gaglioppo grape.

Mid rose. Medium nose. Floral, raspberry and rose petal. Notes of nectarine and red currant. Light palate. Balanced acidity. Dry. Slight spritz. Strawberry and raspberry. Rose water. Medium finish. Fresh and juicy on a warm evening.


That is a cracking shop that one :~}

I try to pop in there on our way to/from Glos sometimes, but rarely manage to do so unfortunately.

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This here tonight…

…an Auxerrois Vieilles Vignes 2018 from Paul Blanck. Old in this instance equates to 40 year old vines which made me feel positively ancient. I also had to laugh, after knocking back a couple of glasses and reading the back label, aromas of peach, baked apples and vanilla. Blimey, I had the same thoughts too. Similar flavours on the rich. off dry. palate with a spicy note to boot. Surprsingly refreshing acidity cuts through the rich flavours to leave the wine tasting drier than it probably is. Although my previous experience of auxerrois is limited this is, by a fair distance, the best I’ve tried so far.

It was spot-on with some simple comfort food for dinner too. A griddled pork chop, roasted cauli cheese and roast tomatoes…

…,which also hit the spot too ( a big thumbs up for the superbly succulent Blythburgh free range pork ! )

Edit - forgot to say. Happy Summer Solstice everyone !


Found this waiting in the fridge for us after a quick bike ride round the local hills today.

Sal da Terra 2020, Rias Baixas

Really nice Albariño, not quite as piercing as the 2019, but lovely expression of fruit with a good balance to it. Great length.

Very refreshing after a ride and now it’s all gone. I should probably leave my other bottle for a few years to see how it goes, but there’s so much pleasure there now, that might not happen.


I echo your thoughts (and notes!) :grin: absolutely love this Auxerrois! :ok_hand:


Just got back from delivering a Friuli wine session, exhausted, but very happy! :grinning: A really nice bunch of people (including two Friulian ladies - someone to correct my Italian pronounciation, thankfully!), and some cracking wines.

I obviously had to use the spittoon, but still enjoyed the variety and quality, even of the cheaper wines. The line-up was a Friulao, Ribolla Gialla, Pinot Grigio ‘Ramato’ (skin-contact), Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and a Bianco/white blend.

My favourites were this absolutely delicious Ramato:

Fab texture on the palate - slightly ‘chewy’, but with a sort of creamy mouthfeel and an intrguing herb and fruit mixture. It’ll make a fantastic food wine.

The Jermann Chardonnay was excellent too - generous, but fresh and minerally:

The ‘Capo Martino’, a much admired white blend from Jermann (Friulano, Ribolla, Malvasia and Picolit) was a serious, multi-layered wine - but perhaps was a bit too young to fully appreciate. A real vino de meditazione, I thought! :ok_hand:

Now bed is beckoning… :sleeping:


I was gobsmacked to find this morning that it only cost £11.25 when bought, on a 25% off 6 offer, from Waitrose, I’ll certainly reorder the next time they do the same.

Hope you didn’t have to spit the Capo Martino BTW :wink:

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Last night with an unseasonal stew (I compromised and had a green salad on the side). Really pleased as usual with Volpaia’s straight Chianti Classico. Nice cherry and spice flavours with a touch of leather on the finish. 2019 is said to be a very good vintage across Tuscany and on this evidence I’d agree.

Tonight I’m having a vegetable Biryani with the Rolly Gassmann Sylvaner 2019 Sylvaner Réserve Millésime, Domaine Rolly-Gassmann 2019
I think the off dryness and earthiness of the wine will be good with the dish.


I don’t really get most Gevurtztraminer and I’m not quite sure how I came to possess this though I do know that it was purchased after a tasting at the domaine one-to-one with Catherine Faller so I suspect I was somewhat overwhelmed (she was pretty full-on).

It’s very good, and that talcum powder/perfume thing has faded (SHMBO though Viognier). Thankfully it does have enough acidity for the fruit. Sweet but still balanced. And very long and concentrated.


Very warm here today so wanted crisp and dry and this is that.

A very pale lemon Harslevelu. Really aromatic with jasmine and white flowers. Grapefruit and lemon on the nose but also apple, peach, apricot and some tropical notes. One of those wines that is delicate on the nose but wow on the palate. Fresh acidity with more citrus and a medium + body that the colour doesn’t hint at. Really refreshing acidity that is very welcome.

Happy Wednesday all.


Fruity, herbal finish, enough acidity to make you want to come back for more. Some of these Italian whites can be hard to beat for an everyday quaffer.



This is winning the rosé season thus far. A very small sample size as I’ve only had 3 to date.
Drank over 2 nights and no sign of fading. Bottled in a convenient screwcap too.

This Alta Yari with some barbecue (of course)
Blend of CF/Malb/CS 65/30/5
Made by the people behind Vinalba.
Gualtallary fruit.
Lovely to smell. That CF red fruit really shining through. Very complex on the nose. Maybe lacked a touch of mid-palate depth but overall a nice expression.