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Weekday drinking thread [20-23 May 2019]



We made Tuesday a wine day for a change! Usually at most it’s an Imperial Stout day! It developed into steak night too, locally farmed rib-eye. With such good steak you require a very good wine and we went Italian on the recommendation of a new wine merchant to us - Hay wines of Ledbury. They suggested a Valtellina Superiore Grumello Riserva 2001 by Balgeraera. It was described as being a Barolo in all but name.

In the glass it has a dark ruby colour with plenty of tawny tones around the edge. It has numerous well developed legs.

On the nose there are primary flavours of hyacinth, cherry, candid lemon peel, preserved lemon and a hint of raspberry. Secondary flavours of wet clay give way to tertiary flavours of leather and sandlewood.

In the mouth there is a good overall mouth feel. It’s a thin and slightly dry wine but with a sweet acidic astringency and mild tannins. There is hardly any alcohol burn, and finishes with a pleasant long lasting aftertaste.

This wine more than complimented the food. The steak bringing out the hyacinth notes in the aftertaste. This is an exceptional wine and one that deserves a place in any collection. As it is considerably cheaper than a good Barolo, a Valtellina or more would seem a suitable style of wine for the Society to stock - even if under it’s new Bin series!


Unfortunately high end Barolo and Barbaresco are now fairly eye-wateringly expensive. The best wines of Valtellina, Ghemme, Gattinara, Lessona etc are where I tend to get my Nebbiolo fix these days. The best examples are really top rank wine at non oligarch prices.