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Weekday drinking thread [20-23 May 2019]



Just recovered from a particularly nasty cold, so rather cautiously allowed myself a large glass of Kadarka. Not the ones from the recent tasting, but this 11% number from Eger, Hungary. Did not disappoint, gentle, but full of flavour… still 2 bottles of my six left, will need to pace these more (or order more of the Heimann).

Are you cracking anything open during the week?


Got back from work late, so the other half cooked us pasta with merguez sausage. To accompany the lively spice from the sausage, decided to open this 2017 South African Cinsault, recently bought from Lidl (£7.99):

It’s a really lovely, fresh and moreish red! Easy drinking, yes - but has lovely crunchy red bramble fruit, cherries and candy floss, with a touch of spice. Some notes of rosehip and black tea too on the finish. The other half, in particular, is enjoying this so much, I decided to stick a Fairview Cinsault in my (bulging) basket, as recommended by @peterm. Will be interesting to compare the two.

Chin chin! :sunglasses: :wine_glass:



Other half held up by office fire alarm “I need a drink” so this will be opened

Alma Nova Mencia Ribeira Sacra 2018 Corks of Cotham £13.99

Has been a while since I’ve had a Mencia!


Good to know @szaki1974 as I originally purchased this on your recommendation :+1:! Still have it .


Prepping to go on holiday so taking it easy this week. However I had a spare hour in town yesterday so decided to raid the enomatic at Hedonism. Highlights were a Wessels Family single vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon, which was beautifully balanced, with all the depth of characteristic Cabernet flavours without being heavy at all; and a Washington Syrah which did a creditable impression of a high end Crozes, albeit somewhat more expensively. The big disappointment was Flor de Pingus, which was entirely unremarkable for a £100 wine.


On our holiday travels. Last night a stop off at La Roche sur Yon. The local wine was Vendee and we drank a Mourat rose. I think TWS sell their wines. It was quite acidic on its own but mellowed with food. A nice wine rather than anything special. It hit the spot after a long drive. Tonight we are in Pay Basque and cider beckons.



At our cheap and cheerful BYO Moroccan with a bottle of this picked up in a German bin end case from the W/S. Good Pinot Gris richness, but a bit fresher than most Alsace examples. Lovely if not particularly complex.


Had a glass or two of this last night, my last bottle sadly. Its a great fresh lemony white with bright clean fruit. It will definitely be a summer favourite.


Aldi undercover agent here !!

Beaujolais Villages 2018…very dangerous…89/100 £5.99

Cotes du Rhone 2017…not quite as dangerous, but a refreshing change to the usual international variations on chardonnay or SB…assemblage of Rhone white grapes…clairette, roussanne,grenache et al


We have just bought a bottle of Martinez Lacuesta crianza 2015 from a supermarket near our Haro apartment to have our own Rioja tasting with dinner tonight. Tastings at wineries on the cards for tomorrow🍷


I hope you will get around to uploading your holiday snaps here when you’re back @jaykay!

Looking forward to seeing them :blush:


For a fairly important reason I need to drink lower alcohol wines at the moment so I though this would fit the bill. The estate had a mixed reputation around this time and 2003 was a tricky hot vintage in the Mosel. Last night’s glass was a bit flabby but this has tightened up after 24 hours in the bottle. It lacks that really crisp structural acidity that would make it into a very good example but it’s still a lovely drop for a warm evening.


There are some interesting 2003’s but the wines I’ve tried have lacked a bit of acidity. This wine is very nice on the W/S list


Started on Pataille’s Aligote tonight (I secretly love Aligote)… It is pure lemon and bees wax with racy acidity (never thought I would use racy as an adjective not in a risque context), right up my street.


Well it is ok but we wont be rushing to the winery on this experience. Their red vermouth on the other hand is excellent. Well worth a couple of bottles in the boot for home.


Getting in the mood for going to France tomorrow by drinking a couple of glasses of this with burgers.

Great midweek drinking, at a really good price (we paid £7.50 for this last year). Plummy, brambly, mid-weight fruity Rhône. Nothing too complex, but lots of pleasure on a Thursday night.


Ooh! Just picked up some Grignan-les-A blanc yesterday and really looking forward to trying it.


Their reserva is great, the tour of the winery is good too, it was free when my wife and I went a couple of years ago.


It was strange how the two giants of the Ruwer Valley dipped at the same time Grunhauser was hit and miss for quite a few years, eighties, nineties, the new cellar master took over in 2004 and a new cellar was also installed, things have got back to normal since, and is now probably as good as it has ever been.
Weingut Karthäuserhof had been treading water relatively speaking for many years, and this is the oldest estate and a monopole like Grunhaus, rare in Germany, but it was sold recently and big investment has gone with new management team, so hope for much better things from them as well.


This Oregon Viognier is a perfect late-spring drinker. Light colour, soft peach and tropical fruits, bright acidity. My friend imports these wines into the UK and I got this from her. RRP is around £20 I think.

Yves Cuilleron has somewhat of a cult follwoing. A pal of mine in the wine-trade rates his wines very highly.

Syrah is generally not my grape but this medium-bodied example is one I would drink again. Not overpoweingly peppery but with a definitle gentle spicy note. Liquorice/aniseed… almost medicinal. Some oak characterastics too. This was from Lay & Wheeler over a year ago. About £20 again, I think.