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Weekday drinking thread [2 to 5 November 2020]

Going to catch it all early AM but did enjoy this Viognier from Aldi tonight with Pan fried Trout followed by a Lemon Posset. Delicious. A lighter Viognier but still hints of stone fruit and freshness…great vfm. It was referenced in the Sunday Times last weekend…might have to revisit🤔


yeah, me too… really happy I did not stay up given we are in exactly the same place as we were at 11 last night


Was hoping to open this knowing Trump was on the way out but oh well… fingers crossed he’s still getting the boot.

I find extra-brut styles very hit and miss. This one has quite a lot of body which I think would be complimented with a dosage. It’s both full yet austere and I think would be best with food. Enjoyable though and I think would improve and mellow with age. Good value too.


I’ve decided to call it for Biden and am going to ignore any coverage for the next 4 years that claims any different. Going into the bunker with this Chianti Classico Riserva 2016…



This evening to go with home made pizza.

Lovely red fruit with a spicy hit of pepper. Nice and round and soft tannins. Went well with the pizza, which was demolished before chance to include in the picture 💁


Enjoyed this tonight very late lunch of lamb rack , sauté potatoes and the last of the runner beans
Given the state of play across the pond out last CDP 2010…

Superb, rich and full bodied integrated tannins and a delight to drink after 90 minute decant.
The rest by the fire …it’s a cold night down here


1983 Hermitage La Chapelle with lamb chops tonight. We tried the 1980 with our daughter a couple of months ago and was very surprised and impressed. Ditto the 1983, fully mature colour, cork was a bit of a fight, attractive nose, smokey, tannins have mellowed, still some acidity, cherries and blackcurrants. Very attractive. An excellent wine. As you can see this came from the WSOC. Well done them.


With brined cod. spicy potatoes and roasted veg, long since demolished, this here tonight…

…now going down nicely listening to Boards Of Canada ( TV’s too depressing ). A Gruner Veltliner ‘Steinsetz’ 2018 from Schloss Gobelsburg. Bought in Costco for £12, I’m not a member but visited one of their branches recently, out of curiosity, with friends who are.

Anyway, pale yellow gold, The floral, orchard fruit and lemony citrus nose is both clean and inviting. Apple, nectarine and lemon flavours on tasting too, lovely freshness and balance, a slightly viscous texture and a tangy mineral fresh finish. I’m not getting any white pepper, so often used as descriptor for GV, but nevertheless it’s a lovely wine for the money.


Snap! Ready for the weekend :slight_smile:


We really enjoyed this. I think benefitted from an hour and a half in the decanter. Oddly the cork had a plastic cover that had to be removed before extraction. Came out in two parts. Very soft and sort of had to be levered out, was OK with a filter. Some fine deposit. Enjoy

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Couple of abstemious days, and then a couple of glasses of this tonight with a hearty ragu and penne pasta.

First time I’ve tried it and I was impressed. Lots of black cherries and even a whiff of red fruit on the nose, with some mocha notes too I thought. Structured, bit of tannin good follow through, will age a bit. More substance that TWS Sicilian Red, which is in no way a criticism of it, different wine, different grape. Very good value. Will see how it does on day 2.


Pre lockdown meet-up with a friend. Steak and good red wine. My first try of the Crasto Douro and it is going down very easy. The Malbec is my best bottle yet, cherry and raspberry fruit just gorgeous from the true home of the grape.


Bought some of these after seeing a mention in this community of the Aldi autumn wine list and have to agree it’s a good vfm bottle for midweek supper, although your food sounds better than our “what’s left in the 'fridge” round up!

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Ahh, a bag of liquorice, my partner of choice for any full-bodied red :yum:

Opened this last night which kind of coincides with the Waitrose 25% off thread as this was purchased on their last offer.

Wow, I could drink a lot of this. So more-ish and mineral driven with the fruit well in the background. Just beautifully balanced and loads more to give. My 1st bottle of 3 and paid £18.74 so an absolute bargain for something of this quality/vintage/age.
PS, it was advertised as 2015 and that was what was actually delivered :scream:


My wife was in our local Tesco last Friday just after the fish counter closed at noon and the surplus counter was awash with seafood.
Our freezer is now rather full of various bits and varieties …well timed for lockdownV2.

Tonight we’re hoovering up the fridge…


Me for one. I don’t have a vote and there’s nothing I can do about it. I need only to know who wins, not 18 pages two days running in my newspaper about it.
I didn’t expect a result the following day – there were too many postal votes that had to be counted.

Anyway, back to the subject in hand. Two disappointing wines this week, with one to go.

Monday, with roast chicken &etc we had the final of three wines that came with our ticket (or logon link) for a Zoom with owner/winemaker at Domaine Tourelles in Lebanon

2014 Domaine des Tourelles Marquis des Beys (Lebanon, Bekaa Valley)
This was the most expensive wine and I had high hopes. Mrs M didn’t like it, but when I tasted it I detected some spiciness on the finish so we persevered. Owner/winemaker Faouzi Issa says when he worked in France he found that clean cellars weren’t necessary for good wine. Give it a go, Faouzi say I; you’re not in France…

Tuesday I made ratatouille we scooped up with an oven hot French stick, and we had it with
2018 M. Chapoutier Costières-de-Nîmes La Ciboise (France, Rhône, Southern Rhône, Costières-de-Nîmes)
Second bottle we’d had of this keenly priced (£8.50 from TWS) Syrah/Grenache blend. Lovely jubbly!

Wednesday I gave the OO flour a good thrashing and made pizzas. With it was a wine I’d got after reading nice things about it on this very forum

2019 The Wine Society Chenin Blanc The Society’s Exhibition (South Africa, Western Cape)
Unsettling gold colour of a wine older than 2019. Lanolin on the nose and initial taste, but after that nothing much. Not enough acidity. Mrs M said it could be a Chardonnay and she didn’t mean it as a compliment. Uninteresting. This is nowhere as good as Delheim Wild Ferment Chenin we two weeks ago, which was racy and exciting and which I had been recommending in this forum . Unfortunately I got only one bottle of that and when I tried to order more found it had sold out. Fortunately I got only one bottle of this.

Thursday our U3A Wine Group Zoom tasting subject is Argentinian Malbec so I’ll be having a couple glasses with a steak pie dinner first of this

2018 Bodega Catena Zapata The Wine Society’s Exhibition Mendoza Malbec (Argentina, Mendoza)


No longer available Mais naturellement which is how it should be. £8.95. I also opened a supermarket Barolo 2015… which at twice the price failed to reach the standard of the Beaujolais Villages, 'nuff said.

With a BIG steak-burger, Stilton, garlic butter, japanese-ish cabbage salad thing on the side.

USA elections on the screen: Panto has started early in Trumpland - Oh yes I did - oh no you didn’t.

Windows open for fresh air - whole load of socially distanced 2M apart explosions goin on.


A day of reading and enjoying autumn colours and birds on a long walk, was followed by this yumptious sparkling Vouvray from Maison Bougrier, alas! already sold out:

Well, this is delicious! I really think the Society should have more sparkling Vouvray on the list. A lovely nose of peaches, freshly baked lemon biscuits and white blossom was followed by pears, peach, honey and a touch of that fresh biscuit on the palate. Quite rich, but with a good backbone of acidity - this is joy in a glass! I hope more will be stocked in due course…

To accompany our beef cheeks stew, we opened this 2017 Exhibition Pinotage, recommended by @peterm:

The last time I had a Pinotage was about a year and a half ago, on my WSET 3 - it was from The Winery of Good Hope, and it was their 2018 whole bunch Pinotage - it was pleasurable, but didn’t make the heart sing. The other half had a real aversion to the grape (bitter coffee notes, which he dislikes), but this one is definitely the wine to change minds…! It’s got a lovely nose of plums, baking spice, bramble and tar. On the palate it has notes of ripe plums and hedgerow berries, which is underscored by clove and nutmeg, and a touch of cedar, and ends on a smoky note (very apt for today!). There’s definitely still a tannic bite to it, but it envelopes the palate with a very smooth and rich mouthfeel and feels robust and unabashed. I think it’ll work wonderfully with the stew! :+1:

It’s not a grape I will necessarily buy regularly - but it certainly dispelled a certain sense of apprehension, and I still can’t believe we only paid £11.95 for something SO enjoyable, quite complex and flavoursome.

Watching the fireworks now - some pretence of normality… :fireworks: :sparkler:

Happy bonfire night, one and all! :clinking_glasses:


Watching the fireworks now - some pretence of normality… :fireworks: :sparkler:

The fireworks here in Salford have been doing their best impression of downtown Khandahar c.2009 for the last hour or so! Luckily the baby seems to be a deep sleeper…

A suitably autumnal meal of Venison sausages with a lentil, shallot and carrot casserole, cooked down with some chicken stock made from the bones of election-night buffalo wings and enriched with a glass of

from a mystery case earlier in the summer. The rest of the bottle has gone down very well with it and is cementing the Society’s cheaper Portuguese offerings as my go-to mid-week drinkers.