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Weekday drinking thread [2 to 5 November 2020]

Felt like drinking some Pinot Noir so picked this 2014 Pommard up from my local. Drinking very nicely now, light entertainment with attractive cherry pith flavour. Good start to the week.


Very good grower.


A Pinot Noir here this evening too, but from Alsace - a 2018 Réserve from Trimbach:

We loved the 2017, having tried it first last November at the Alsace growers walk around. This, the 2018, is a little fuller on the palate, and is just beginning to develop some of the savouriness that we liked in the 2017.

But mostly this is a youthful wine, with a charmingly perfumed nose of rose petals, strawberries, cherries and bramble fruit. There is something of the damp earth/early autumn air about it too. On the palate it is exuberant, full of ripe cherries, strawberries and hedgerow berries, but then develops a more savoury mid palate note (almost botanical, we both thought), and ends on a lovely tang with a twist of wood smoke. Incredibly autumnal in feel and - as one of the reviewers said - poised. Highly recommended! :ok_hand: :wine_glass:

Feet up now, and the other half is frying up some calf’s liver with bacon and mushrooms. Not a bad way to end yet another stressful day on planet higher education… :crazy_face:


Been a very $$%% day cancelling holidays. Being out of my comfort zone (or just angry) tried this tonight! Current plan is to try new things, new vineyards, new adventures… I have been to hung up on the South African reds for years

PS: I have only been a member for a few weeks but can I just say its been a blast so far. Loving this community. So much I still need to learn!

PPS: I found this 2001 Musar disjointed somehow… hard to describe really… hmmmmm.


Dream dinner!

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The 2019 just came in stock a few days ago.


Stick it in the decanter and come back tomorrow…


@Brocklehurstj in decanter for 2 hours prior… I shall leave and try again tomorrow… My first try at the Musar


We had the 2001 Musar a couple of years ago, after a point-of-sale upsell from the lady at Majestic (as if she even needed to try the drawn-out sales pitch, she had me at ‘would you like a bottle of Musar’ :grinning:) and we too found it a bit meh to be perfectly honest.


Easy drinking SB this evening in sunny South Wales.
Zesty grapefruit, pineapple and just the right balance of acidity.
Oddly a very fleeting after taste of effervescent Eno salts. Which was a surprise :grinning:
Very nice and would buy again


I’m finishing off a TWS champagne opened on Sunday and feel I need to give a mention to my “Champagne Plugs”, about £5 for three I think (from Amazon - sorry!). I’ve only ever needed to use 1, but it works extremely well. Maybe not quite as fizzy as on Sunday, but I wouldn’t know if I didn’t know. It just does what it’s supposed to do, very efficiently. Highly recommended (again?)!


Nice. I seem to recall thinking ‘chirpy’ when we had that recently!


I’m annoyed, the bloodymice are back, little shits!!
Caught one in the kitchen last night and had a very stern conversation over the phone with Mr. Leah about sealing all entrances up from the cellar. :rage: I’ve had enough mice for one year. I’m also a bit on edge about the US election, but i guess who isnt!
So, i opened this:

It’s a perfectly ok midweek wine, bit of citrus, apricot, stone fruits, not very definable.
Would satisfy a crowd, not really my cup of tea tbh but nothing wrong with it, I just tend to like my chenin’s bigger and bolder.
Off to cheer myself up in front of the fire :smirk:

With the “house” chardonnay (Morrisons on reduction to £6.50) was a linguine pasta coated with seafood in a cream sauce spiced with chilli flakes. Mmmmmm…


Opening a Prum Kabinett with the footie :smiley:

Picked up at BBR for £100 IB last year - haven’t been able to resist drinking them. Glorious sting of acid; perfectly balanced; tang of citrus; long finish; 4-0.

[EDIT 5-0 :rofl:]


Two pretty decent wines tonight. Pre lockdown dinner with my sister and brother in law. Actually better than decent. 2002 Montrose was given a couple of hours decant and then improved further in the glass. Quite inky at first, not exactly tough though, improved as the fruit came through. I think this came from Tesco some years ago. The Riesling was well balanced, quite intense and dry. Really very good


Agree they are excellent. We’ve had a couple for years. Rarely need to use them but when we do, they get the job done.

All nighter planned for the US election! I do like Waitrose claret and handy in a half bottle!


I’m gonna stay up as long as I can bear…

The other half thinks I’m a jinx because ever since we’ve been together she’s seen me stay up for elections that have gone disastrously, but hopefully this one will break the curse.


Ha! Same here!